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Player name: darkphoenix

Character number: 1

Faction: EA




Full name: Alexei Woroschzow

Nickname: Dark Phoenix,Phoen'ka (by friends)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: MS Pilot

Birthplace: North Eurasian Federation,former Russia,Severodvinsk

Citizenship: Eurasian Federation


Cold-minded almost all time, but sometimes was seen in rage. Don't like stupid questions and argues. Self-confident and arrogant, but for those, who close to him, he will help without question. Smart and talented, but have a problem with laziness. Decisive and sometimes too cold-minded in his decisions. Very loyal as to his homeland,so and to his friends.Kind by the nature, he don't want to be abused, so can be rude and aggressive with unknown people.Conservative with womens. As citizen of Eurasian Federation, he naturally talk on Russian, but can talk on German and English, but with some mistakes.




Height: 184 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Hair Colour and Style: Black shoulder-long with some yellow strains

Eye Colour: Grey,sometimes changing to black or blue-grey - maybe, because a little Dalton's anomaly in red zone

Identifying Marks: Violet tattoo on shoulder in form of phoenix,that flying out of flame, and words below:"For those,who have fallen"

Skin Tone: Pale Caucasian

Build: Skinny,but very agile

Clothing: Aside from his new military uniform,likes to wear red sweater with black jeans and any sport shoes

Handiness: Ambidextrous





Mother: Natalia Woroschzowa(deceased)

Father: Pyotr Woroschzow(deceased)

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History:

Alexei was born in family of military consultant(father) and military engineer(mother). First 6 years of Alexei was most happy in his life - his father was kind man and after work always played with his little son. He grew in family, where good manners and well-education was worth more, than any other things.


First Bloody Valentine War. To 7 years old Alexei it was one of most strange and scary (as he thought) things in world. Only one event he can recall clearly about this time. It was funeral of his uncle. His uncle was almost unknown to Alexei – he served on far east border of Eurasian Federation. He died in explosion of JOSH-A. All, that little Alexei can remember - tears on eyes of his father. Alexei was always educated, that men must not cry, so he questioned:"Father, why are you cry?" Father answer:"He died for us, so that we can live little longer. Son, remember what I say to you - men must always,always ready to do even scariest and dangerous things, if it is only way to save those, who he loves and cares for." Little boy, he just nodded. Only after 2 years he understand, what did his father says.


It was Second Bloody Valentine War. After First Bloody Valentine War Alexei thought, that peace returned back and all will be as it was in past. He was wrong. Altough his hometown wasn't damaged as bad, as towns in West Eurasian Federation, Great Fall was one of most destructive cataclysm, that he ever saw. After that his father, who was most great man in Alexei's life, left for battlefront. It was like yesterday. Late night and parent's quarrel: "Why,why are you must do this?" - that was mother's voice."I don't want death of my beloved wife and son" - father's voice was as always calm and warm. "But you yourself can be killed...Don't left us" - mother almost cried."Don't worry, I'll be back. Remember - "Wait for me,and I'll return,only wait me long..."? It was our song". Mother's voice calmed down and became very quiet:"I don't know, how I will be live without you...And I don't want to know! Please,Pyotr..."."I can't. Kiss him, when he wakes" - again father."May the God be with you. We will be wait". And he left. About after two months pass, when they received strange mail. From O.M.N.I. Enforcer:"Your husband, Pyotr Woroschzow, has fallen by death of brave. We grief with you." Such short phrases - and all. His mother cried. But Alexei knew, that he can't cry. He couldn't believe, that his father - most strong men in the world - will never be back. When his mother by evening calmed down, she say:"Swear me, that while I'm alive, you will never enroll in army. You only one, who remained in this world for me". And he swore.


After Second Bloody Valentine War pass 7 years. He was in 10 class of school, when he encountered next big tragedy of his life - death of his mother. After death of her husband she become only shadow of her former herself - she rarely was seen not home, became silent and pale. In these conditions Alexei grown decisive and responsible, because he was only one, who could care about self and his sick mother. But even trying his hard, he couldn't save her mother, when she was streaked by heart attack. Now he was one versus whole world. 


After graduation from school, he thought about his future. He has only two choices - first, to remain in town and became an worker on restored MS-factory. But he choices second - to left for Moscow, former Russian capital and main Eurasian Federation's military base, where he could receive best education and make an career. Before graves of his parents he say:"I will never forgot about you. But I'm must go. Father, now I'm fully understand, what did you say. And I think, that my homeland must never ever again face another Great Fall. Mother, you will never forgive me for that, but I hope that you can understand me. Before another date, my beloved parents." Best education, that Alexei could receive, was in Moscow's Military Academy.


Learning in Moscow's Military Academy was most hard and most calm time in Alexei's life. He even make a few friends, who too tried to become an Mobile Suit's pilots. His good genes, home education and life in town, where built MS, did their job - he graduated with good grades. He make himself tattoo with image of dark phoenix, who, as he always thought, was symbol of readiness to sacrifice himself for something more, than human life. And now, as part of army, he could pilot Mobile Suit - a dream of childhood, when he with father go to his work and saw these big machines, so strong and so beautiful.


He never hated Coordinators - he knew, what means to be a "white crow", but he too knew - if they attack his homeland, he ready to shoot them all.



((Well, as you can see I'm not that good in grammar as I'm want, but i hope to improve. As for talk inside Personal History - well, they talk on Russian,that have some differences from English,so...

Upd: some minor changes. "Dialogue to prose" - I'm rightly understand (see above)? ))

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