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BATTLE: DrakenBlade Challenge


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The DrakenBlade have a challenge for you:


Number of Competitors: A team of four.

Battlefield: To be decided.

Restrictions on MS: CE 71, non-Gundam mobile weapons

Battle Mode: Free Battle

Referee: To be requested once we have our RoE up.

Remarks: All four members of each team will fight on the battlefield at the same time.



Are you game?

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So our first challenge is an all-out team battle, lol? Sounds exciting.


With the MW restriction, I guess the first MS I'll use for a team match would be the GuAIZ Standard Firearms Type I posted back on our TEAM thread. (GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type but no PS, and a standard GuAIZ beam rifle will be used instead of the Lupus). Unless, of course, we restrict ourselves to stock units?

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Uhmmm, since you guys started the challenge then we would kindly acknowledge and respect your decision, Sir Valiant. We hope another opportune time will come when we would be able to engage DrakenBlade in battle.



...but on the other hand you might be hoping another team challenges you guys before us because....hehehe, I leave the completion of that sentence to you guys, hehe...


We hope to see you in battle some time, DrakenBlade. 

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