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You create characters like me. This one is for the King of Fighters


[align=center]Sora Hikaru



Opening Battles

Sora, ikamasu! (Sora's ready to go!)

Ikuze! (Let’s go!)

Ora, Ora! (Hey, hey!)

Ganbare masu! (Good luck to you!)


Victorious Battles

Chou yoyutachi! Kaikan! (Super win! Ecstasy!)

Oh-shaaaa! (Alriiiight!)

Tanoshi katta wa, mattaoi de! (That was fun, let’s do it again sometime!)

Mattaku sugoi! O da ze? (I'm great! Ain't I?)

Gokuro jata na! (You're pretty good!)



U-waaa! Na, Nagutta ne anta! (U-waaa! Y, You hit me!)


Striker Call

Yo ja nai! (It’s not over!)



Chain: Hyaku Kamu (Wicked Chew) – Kono Kizu (Nine Wounds) OR Yano Sabi

(Eight Rust)

Spins and throws a ball of fire before following up with a flaming punch up then flaming elbow down OR following up with flaming punch up then slams enemy down on floor, crouches and slams flaming fist into opponent


Chain: Hikigane Shi (Four Trigger) – Yano Sabi (Eight Rust)

Punches up with fire before following up by slamming enemy down on floor, crouches and slams flaming fist into opponent


Fenikkusu Isshi (Phoenix Arrow)

Leaps up from the ground, into the air and is engulfed by a ball of fire before spinning down upon opponent


Burakkuauto (Blackout)

Fades from location and appears in front or behind enemy


Fenikkusu Ittou (Phoenix Sword)

Leaps into the air with flaming fist in an uppercut


Shingo Kikku Shiki: Sora (Shingo Kick Formula: Sora)

Turns around then does a flying kick at enemy


Super: Shiki (Four Seasons)

Quickly spin-steps towards enemy and hits them with a fist of fireball OR charges up before spin-stepping towards enemy and hitting them with a fist of fire and electricity


Super: Atsusa Zenshin (Heat Drive)

Slide charges down low towards enemy with both hands on fire before slamming them into enemy

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