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Seiji Kenta


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I know it's a lot to read, but I really couldn't describe Seiji's complex background in just a couple of lines.

NOTE : I'm European, so I'm only used to put height and weight in meters and kilograms. Sorry if this is a bit of an inconvenience.




Full name: Seiji Kenta

Nickname: 'Taily'

Age: 20

Gender: male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Mobile Suit trainee

Birthplace: Onogoro Island

Citizenship: Orb citizen (now)

Personality: Seiji is a man with a very versatile personality, due to his difficult childhood. You might find him having fun with his friends, but you might as good find him being a loner since he sometimes feels misplaced in this world. Despite his versatile personality, he is a very kind person and has no prejudices about other people. Although he is a Natural, he has never had a bad opinion about Coordinators. He is always prepared to help and is willing to sacrifice his own life to save that of others. He also deeply cares about his friends and beloved ones. He has always been a special person with a certain sense to be that little bit different than those around him. That is why he has his hair tied up in a long tail and wears a small earring. But, what a lot of people don’t know, mainly because he always has a friendly look and a soft smile on his face, is that Seiji can be very dangerous when being angry. Years of being bullied at school has left behind a huge psychological scar. Now, when Seiji is pushed into a corner, teased or when he gets upset, something deep inside of him snaps, making him more lethal than you would have ever guessed at first sight.





(I made this image myself ! )


Height: 1.87 meter

Weight: 69 kilograms

Hair Colour and Style: Seiji likes his long soft dark brown hair to look wild (but in a distinguished way). At the front, it nearly completely covers his eyes. At the back, it is tied up into a long tail, almost reaching his waist.

Eye Colour: Bright green eyes with a small hazel circle around the pupils

Identifying Marks: He has a small silver earring in his right ear and always wears a white band to tie up his hair in a tail.

Skin Tone: Softly tanned

Build: Athletic. Seiji spends a lot of time working out, making him have a nicely muscular body.

Clothing: When not required wearing a uniform, Seiji mostly puts on an ochre, sleeveless t-shirt, blue jeans and has a black, long-sleeved sweater tied around his waist. He also has a black choker, but wears it rarely.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Anabel Kenta (original name: Anabel Winders) - (deceased)

Father: Vincent Kenta (original name: Vincent Maxell) - (Disappeared during a mission and is still stated as 'missing')

Siblings: None. Seiji is single child.

Wife/Girlfriend: Has a relationship with a girl named Samantha


Personal History:


Although his name sounds Japanese, Seiji was born in Orb. Before Seiji’s birth, his parents used to live on Onogoro Island. His father, Vincent Maxell, was a technician working for Orb’s Defence Forces. He was very skilled in repairing the most difficult and sometimes oddest mechanical failures, making him have a very good reputation among his crew. Seiji’s mother, Anabel Winders, worked as a detective for the Onogoro 15th Crime Department. Anabel had been working over more than 12 years as a detective and was put in charge of the hardest crime cases. However, her last mission turned out to be a scenario for disaster. Being pregnant, Anabel was dismissed from the case she was working on and was sent home. This made her lose sight of the case’s development. Shortly after she had given birth to her first son, Anabel accidentally became the target of some of Orb’s most lethal crime groups, the FFIO. Vincent, fearing for the life of his wife and new-born son, decided to leave Orb and start a new life somewhere else. He took his family to Japan, at that time being the safest place for them to be. Vincent and Anabel both changed their name into Kenta so they would get more easily accepted and to deceive the FFIO. They also decided to give their son a fully Japanese name, in order to protect the child from the FFIO’s threat. They named the boy Seiji Kenta.


It didn’t take the FFIO much time to find Anabel and kill her in a gruesomely way. Seiji was 10 months old when Anabel died, so he never really got the chance to know his mother. Since that day, Vincent decided to raise Seiji by his own. He cared much for his only child. Vincent got himself a new job, earning quite some money, so he could be able to give his son a carefree life. But it was far from a carefree life Seiji had. Not having a Japanese look, Seiji always got bullied severely at school. Not able to talk about it to his father, who kind of lost sight of his son due to his hard work, Seiji slowly became an embittered child. Little by little he stopped caring about life as the bullying took on, making his personality turn ice cold and closed. The teasing became too much, until he finally ended up in the hospital with a severe depression. Since his stay in the hospital, Seiji never laughed anymore, never had fun anymore and his relationship with his father turned for the worse. As the two by figure of speech almost lived separately, Vincent decided that this couldn’t go on any longer, or that he would lose his son.


After the war, Vincent decided to return to Orb, taking Seiji back to the country where he was born. Seiji started a new life in Orb, and although this new life seemed so much better than the one he had in Japan, he stayed cold and uncaring. The scar left in his mind was just too big.

Vincent decided to join Orb’s Defence Forces again, this time not as a mechanic, but as a Mobile Suit pilot. Vincent soon became a skilled pilot and was sent on smaller surveillance missions. Oddly, Seiji admired Mobile Suit and slowly started admiring his father again. Just when their relationship seemed to become stronger again, Vincent mysteriously disappeared during a routine surveillance mission, the reason why never being known. After several months, searching for Vincent stopped, turning Seiji’s world upside down again. Once again, the young man got mentally broken. However, he had made a new friend after he came to live in Orb; a girl named Samantha. It was Samantha who kept Seiji from collapsing when his father had disappeared. Her strong will and wise words gave Seiji strength an made him keep carrying on with his life.


The past two years, Seiji became a vivid person again. He now knows how to enjoy life again, thanks to the help of his girlfriend Samantha and his other friends. He still is a bit of a loner and sometimes has some troubles controlling his emotions. Nevertheless, he is a very determined and strong person who cares so much for his beloved ones. Sometimes it’s really hard to think he used to have such a closed personality when you now see him laughing and having fun. His difficult childhood made Seiji very mature for his age, although some people doubt about that when they see his long hair, long ponytail and the small silver earring he is wearing. But to quote his own words, he does this to show people that he is somebody unique, that he is no longer the insignificant dot he used to be. And strangely, his quite special look makes him feel much more confident about himself. But, sometimes he gets a bit too confident and ends up having to save himself out of some troublesome situations.


Seiji has always been good in sports, but never wanted to play in a team. So he found a great hobby in going to the gym to work out. His strong will made him able to train on a higher level than others, making him now have a pretty strong muscular body. One of his other passions is techniques. Just like his father, he is highly skilled at fixing all sorts of technical stuff. He once managed to fix Samantha’s laptop after she made it drop in the water. Although he knows very well what their purpose is, Seiji is passionate by Mobile Suit. One of the reasons also probably being the fact his father was a pilot. He remembered his father once telling him that he fought to protect the people he deeply cared about and for those depending on his help. It was the memory of these words who made Seiji decide to start a military career, wanting to become a Mobile Suit pilot. He still is a trainee, but has already proven to be highly skilled and is determined to pass the exam and become a pilot. Seiji is definitely somebody to not lose out of sight !

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First off, Anabel Winders!


If his mother was dismissed from the case and sent home, how was she made a target?


This may seem small but if you drop a laptop in water it's impossible to fix.


The profile is pretty good actually, I'm going to wait and get some opinions on your profile before I make a decision; I'm just a little iffy on the big crime thing.

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I know the whole crime situation might sound a bit strange.

Like I said, Anabel was working on the FFIO case before she was sent home. She had made a lot of progress and already had managed to catch some of the group's members. Of course in the crime world, it doesn't take much time to discover what detective is working on the case. With Anabel at home, the FFIO had some time to regroup. During the time she was abscent, they were able to find out it was Anabel who was in charge of the FFIO case. They also managed to hack the Crime Department's database and found out where she lived. That's how she became the FFIO's target. She had to be eliminated. A collegue of hers found out about the hacking and quickly contected Anabel, who had just given birth to Seiji, to tell her she was in great danger.


Yes, the laptop in the water sounds indeed a bit unreal now that you mention it. Maybe it should be better if Samantha had just let him fall on the ground ?!


I'm glad you seem to like my profile so far. If there's any other thing you're having a problem with, just let me know.

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Personally, I'm against introducing any seemingly major sub-faction of Orb. I'll discuss it with Qrioser, however, and we'll get back to you on this particular issue.


Besides, a criminal organization that had people skilled enough to hack secure police databases wouldn't find it hard to discover that Seiji is Anabel's son. A vengeful crime boss would probably have ordered the entire family killed all at once just to show everyone who's top dog.


Also, while 'Orb Defense Forces' would be an acceptable title for Orb's wartime military, it has since been replaced by another military, the name of which you should know if you read through Advent's background information.

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KCT try reading the bio properly next time mate.

Vincent and Anabel both changed their name into Kenta so they would get more easily accepted and to deceive the FFIO. They also decided to give their son a fully Japanese name, in order to protect the child from the FFIO’s threat. They named the boy Seiji Kenta.
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After deliberations, your introduction of the FFIO has been deemed acceptable.


However, Valiant's suggestion is now being upgraded to a requirement. Please elaborate more on this criminal organization, especially the issue of whether or not it still exists.

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