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Asagi waved to her father who only nodded from the crowd that were the soldier’s relatives. Off for re-assignment, what a drag. she thought as she hefted her luggage with one muscled arm, thankfully all those years under the dojo had built her body strength more than the average female soldier. A new squad, a temporary life; trust the Republic to send its people to the other nations of the Earth Alliance.


She saluted to the officer who kept watch on the boarding ramp of the ship, “Ensign Asagi Kyoto.” She said, withdrawing her salute and handing over her papers and ID, “assigned to the 13th Black Squadron.”


The man read the papers for a moment before returning the salute, “Schatten Dolch, eh?” he said with an approving nod, “That Lune Zoldark is really something-” he abruptly stopped talking with a nervous look at Asagi, “Good luck on your assignment, Ensign!” he said, waving her pass.


As she entered the ship she muttered, “Blockhead” as soon as she was out of ear-shot. Despite the irony of being described as dense herself, Asagi didn’t like thick-headed men.

The piece of paper with her squadron listing was now drawn from her inner pocket and was unfurled in front of her, this Lune Zoldark, better be someone awfully good looking or else Asagi might have to break a few hearts and bones.


Other than that, the only real name that looked odd in the assignment was this Kyle Ashford; he was listed down as a Republic of East Asia soldier but his name was certainly not Asian, she’d have to make it a point to poke her nose into that business.

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"Oi Oi Oi!  Out of the way!  Lieutenant coming through!"


Yells of surprise and general calamity could be heard from the ship's corridors as a young woman made her way past the boarding soldiers by way of a skateboard.  Those who were more alert got out of the way earlier, while others, too surprised by the woman's actions, could only stand still as she swerved her way around them as if they weren't even there.  Despite her hectic antics, it was obvious that she was at least a talented individual, as she was in the middle of changing into her uniform as she rode onwards.  Shoulder length blonde locks of hair were held back by a simple blue headband, and a white sleeveless t-shirt could be seen through the half-buttoned up officer's uniform she wore.  She was wearing the male version of the uniform, as the woman never felt right wearing skirts, but it hugged her curves all the same, if not accentuating them.


Blue eyes looked upon a brown haired girl as the skateboarding girl sped past.  This moment of distraction was all that was needed for the girl to collide with another officer; sending the pair sprawling to the ground, the skateboard lost forever within the crowd that had formed.  The blonde haired girl rubbed the back of her head as she looked at the black-haired, average looking man in front of her, who had gotten back onto his feet and had started to reprimand her for her actions,


"Improper uniform, failure to arrive at the designated time, reckless endangerment, just who do you think you are soldier!"


The blonde picked herself back onto her feet and finished buttoning up her uniform; completely unphased by the officer's words.  After dusting herself off she looked around for her skateboard, but gave up on it a moment later and turned to look at the officer who had yelled at her.  The stripes on his uniform told her that this man was only a chief petty officer, a member of the ship's engineering crew to be exact, and a smirk came across her face as she started to reprimand him in turn,


"Watch who you're talking to soldier!  Where were you when I was looking into the status of the ship's cargo hold, huh!?  Engineering is supposed to look over everything that was brought onboard, but you seemed to be absent at the time!  I'm Lune Zoldark of Schatten Dolch, so you don't have the authority to boss me around, now get to work!"


The black haired man was completely taken awry by the girl's response, and it only took a quick glance at her uniform to confirm that she was a lieutenant, and thus by far her superior officer.  He bowed his head slightly before making his way back through the crowds, his face red in embarrasement; leaving Lune alone with her thoughts as she looked around her once more,


"Now where'd I put my skateboard?"  She asked outloud as she scratched the back of her head.

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"Oi Oi Oi!  Out of the way!  Lieutenant coming through!"


Sylia looked up from her checklist and traced the sound to its source, a young woman with shoulder length blonde hair, a blue headband and a ramshackle uniform.  Who was speeding through the loading bay zipping around box's fork lifts and people a like.  Showing a great deal of recklessness but also skill.


Sylia winced visibly as she noticed a non descript petty officer with his head in a clip board walked into her path, as the sprawled over each other.  Tumbling quit spectacularly through the air then coming to a stop.  The skateboard clattered to a stop by Sylia's feet.


Gathering up the skateboard, Sylia corrected her brand new officers uniform, it was somewhat more for fitting than she would like but it was a good thing to have.  Her waist length brown hair swaying behind her as she approached the petty officer and the "lunatic".


She could see the petty officer lean in and although she could not here what was being sad a "telling off" was in progress.  then something happened that truly entertained Sylia.


After administering his telling off the shear look of shock on the mans face as the young girl exploded into angry body language and loud words which sent him scurrying for his life.


Sylia approached the girl who's back was now to her skateboard in hand and tapped her on the shoulder.

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Turning around swiftly, Lune expected to get another telling off, only to see an older woman with Lune's skateboard in tow.  The annoyed expression on her face faded away and was swiftly replaced with a smile as she took back her skateboard and started to poke at the wheels of it; speaking to the brown haired girl as she did,


"Hmm... the wheels seem a little loose, gotta tighten them soon or they'll fall off....  Thanks for pickin' up my skateboard, I thought it'd gotten stuck under one of the fork lifts or something for a minute there."  Lune's cheerful tone was far different from what it had been a minute ago, and the fact that she never stayed angry for too long was just part of how she was.  Getting angry, getting depressed, and all those other negative emotions were just too bothersome and boring to deal with, so Lune constantly tried to be cheerful and energetic; if only so she could have more fun in life.


"So, you're an officer too?"  Lune asked bluntly as she noticed the uniform that Sylia wore, "Its good to see more gals wearing the officer uniforms; Whats your name then?  I'm Lune, as you probably heard by now.  Lieutenant in charge of the 13th Black Squadron."

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“Itami!” Asagi muttered loudly as the edge of the skateboard rebounded off the side of her head and into the path of another officer, who didn’t seem to notice the injury the Ensign had just sustained. Rubbing her head sorely she shook it to clear it of any pain before her eyes became pinpricks looking for the source of her misery. Though it seemed the board hate done more damage to her head that she realized, a moment later they returned to their normal size and she was quite visibly stumped.


Blinking for a minute or two she paused as she surveyed the scene before her; that was right, she had been wanting to ask an officer about where this ‘Lune Zoldark’ was, hopefully the woman wasn’t as clumsy as the girl she had just seen crash with another soldier. She neatly arrayed her hair in the reflection of a conveniently placed piece of shiny metal before approaching the clumsy officer and another officer who held the skateboard.


Checking their ranks, it was apparent that they were both of higher rank than herself; thus making her the subordinate. “Ma’am.” She said, with a salute. A pause as the name-tag on the clumsy woman’s chest revealed her identity. Lune Zoldark. A mental sigh inside her mind reverberated for several moments as she locked eyes with her superior officer, “Ensign Asagi Kyoto, reporting for duty.”

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The boarding officer's wrinkled face contorted into a look of pure bewilderment as he gazed upon the papers thrusted into his hands.


"You've got to be joking! This has to be a mistake!" The officer said incredulously, eyebrows raised. In front of the bewildered officer stood a new recruit notorious for decking his commanding officer on the very day he joined the military. The papers he held in his hand clearly stated that the delinquent was being inducted into the 13th Black Squadron, but the very thought seemed to go against the flow of logical reasoning. Kyle Ashford ruffled his jet-black hair, uninterested in this latest re-assignment. Ever since he was recruited, he was reassigned to a new unit every three weeks. In fact, he was so used to it, he didn't bother to read the papers anymore. "Just give me my pass."


The officer cleared his throat, and handed back the papers to Kyle with a pass. "In you go. And fix up that uniform of yours; it's a disgrace to the unit you're being reassigned to." He said, eyeing Kyle's unkempt uniform. He'd have to accept the fact that this runt was being inducted to the prestigious Schlatten Dolch, but that doesn't mean he could get away with anything he wanted. With a smirk, Kyle Ashford snatched the papers from the man's hand and strode off into the ship. He expected this unit to be just like the others; another group of saps headed by a cranky lieutenant. With a bored sigh, Kyle struggled to remember why he joined the military in the first place. Unable to remember where he was supposed to go, he meandered around the hallways.

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"Its good to see more gals wearing the officer uniforms; Whats your name then?  I'm Lune, as you probably heard by now.  Lieutenant in charge of the 13th Black Squadron." came the reply


"Well Lieutenant my name is Captain Sylia Rose, your in charge of the the infamous Black Squadron?" She struggled to keep the surprise out her voice, she continued as she adressed the shorter woman


"Now Lieutenant while im all for abit of fun I do not believe that skateboarding in a busy loading bay is appropriate behaviour, nor is your attire befitting one of your rank"  She smiled slightly "Please dont let it happen again"


Sylia watched as a another young girl approached, this one lithe and muscular assumably some form of fitness entuisiast. She looked straight into Lune's eyes then stated


“Ensign Asagi Kyoto, reporting for duty.” 


Sylia struggled to stop a look of bemused shock spreading to her face and failing miserabley,  another young girl in the 13th? what sort of joke is this? oh my I think I need to lie down...


"Ensign, Lieutenant its been a pleasure meeting you both and I look forward to doing so again"  keeping her voice jovial


with this she turned on her heel and starting walking away, only then did she notice on her check list that these two were assigned to her ship...Its gonna be one of those days


Sylia then walked through the busy loading area and headed to the canteen..

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Lune paused for a moment and let Sylia's words sink in.  Besides learning her name, Lune had just found out that she had been speaking with her new captain, Sylia Rose; meaning that she had completely forgotten to salute her, not that she felt it was a nescessary gesture.  Then it turned out that she was being lectured again for her actions and attire, only this time, she wasn't allowed to use her rank to snap back at the person.  It was lucky that an interruption came in the form of a young brown haired girl, who, if her size was any indication, was around the same age as Lune herself was.  Not bothering to salute to Sylia as she left, as she wouldn't see the gesture anyway, Lune turned to Asagi and saluted her so that she wouldn't have to keep her hand in that position forever,


"Ugh, I can't believe these people, what do they want me to do, eat, sleep and bathe in my uniform?"  She said with a sigh as she vented her frustrations on Asagi, her eyes looking back at Sylia for a moment and noticing a black haired man wandering around close to her; though thinking nothing of it, as it was probably just another run of the mill soldier, and not worthy of notice.


"I mean, I wasn't wearing my uniform so that I wouldn't get it dirty, but do they understand that? Of course not!  Its days like these that I wish I was old enough to drink....."  She added before realizing that she had yet to acknowledge Asagi's presence in any way save for returning her salute,


"Oh, and its nice to meet'cha Asagi, welcome to the 13th Black Squadron, Schatten Dolch."

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“Yes ma’am” Asagi gave a salute as the older woman walked off, perhaps disgusted at the skateboarding superior. This was the thing about non-Japanese personnel, they had no humour and when they did it was clumsy humour. She mentally fleshed out new profiles for each of the two people she had met, the first; the younger skateboarding girl would be marked down as a ditz, someone to prove that she was better than. The older woman however, seemed to have a commanding position; Asagi hadn’t had a look at her rank bars but she had her pegged down for a tight officer, someone not to cross.


It was obvious now that the older woman had left that the younger one was a maverick soldier, one who played by her own rules and didn’t care much for listening to her superiors. Asagi knew these kind of people always burned bright but also that light died out quickly when time came to pass. She had learnt that lesson from waitressing in a bar where the females had to dress in maid uniforms. “Thank you for the welcome, ma’am” Asagi said automatically, before sending her first question away, “If you don’t mind me asking ma’am, but why was I transferred from my corps in Japan to this unit?”

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"Why?"  Lune asked before quickly replacing her aloof face with a grin of false confidence.  To tell the truth, she had no idea why most of her members were picked out, though most of them did turn out to be fairly decent pilots.  Schatten Dolch was renowned for its pilots' abilities, so it was safe to assume that Asagi was a somewhat decent pilot.  Aside from that, Lune couldn't figure out how the higher ups set up their squads.  Not wanting to look like a complete idiot in front of her newest recruit, Lune thought of the first excuse she could think of,


"Thats classified information, aka; for me to know and for you to never find out."  She said with a wink, hoping for a brief moment that this 'Asagi' would be one of those run-of-the-mill grunts who followed orders and listened to their superiors without question.  Of course, she truly hoped that she was far from average, as run-of-the-mill grunts and anyone that sucked up to their superiors were boring to be around, if not generally annoying.  If she wanted to be around such people, she'd be hanging out with her father, and not skateboarding down the corridors of the ship to get a glance at her newest squad members.


"So, have you been assigned a room yet?  These corridors are too crowded to have a proper conversation in."

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Asagi mentally rolled her eyes, Great, a total military stiff that’s clumsy, she thought as she listened to Lune’s ramblings, Why do I get all the luck? Letting herself give a stiff smile she nodded, “Very well ma’am, I hope we’ll get better posting than my last job. Goodness knows moving crates around is dull work for a mobile suit pilot.” Despite her lack of loyalty to Lune, she still wanted to make a good impression; the better her reputation the more pay she got to buy merchandise or even… a neo geo system, then she wouldn’t need to worry about piracy on her computer.


She gave a neat salute, “Yes I have ma’am, I was just on the way there when I was involved in a neat accident involving a superior and her skateboard.” Asagi said, allowing herself a grin; “I wanted to take the opportunity to meet you so that we could ‘gage a good relationship together when on duty.” She said, keeping her voice as friendly and jovial as possible. “I best be off ma’am. I’ll report on time as my card says.” She said, giving a neat salute and backing off down the narrow corridors.


Kyra walked down the halls silently, attracting looks of disbelief; a few times she caught the look in several female officer’s eyes as they melted at the sight of her. The pink uniform she had been given contrasted against her blue hair, something that made her… odd amidst a crowd of military stiffs and idiots. Forcing herself to look forward while mentally calling each one of them a ‘baka’, she looked for this ‘Lune’.


The Vice Admira-no, her father; might have made a wrong decision, assigning her to the mobile suit division, Kyra didn’t even know if her feet reached the acceleration pedals. She sighed mentally as she remembered that CIC that she had been, the pilots back on her father’s flagship had treated her like a teddy bear rather than a human; one of the cons of being so young in the military.


She was so distracted by her thoughts that she did not realize the sudden bulk of taut muscles disguised by pink in front of her at the corner before she was on the floor; her clip-board flew several meters into the woman’s head. “Gomen.” She said silently, moving off to retrieve her clipboard.


“Itami…” the woman whispered, “Twice in one day, just my luck” she said, more to herself than to Kyra; a pause as the woman’s eyes met her own, brown met gold. Before it was too late Kyra closed her eyes, as her opposition’s melted and a loud comment issued, “How kawaii!” in seconds she was taken into an embrace, “You’re just like Kula! Only much cuter!”


At least a minute passed as other officers passed the unlikely duo, when Kyra was finally put down the other woman retrieved her notepad and handed it to her. “Arigato.” She said quietly, looking down.


“It’s no problem, imoto!” she said brightly. A pause as Kyra strove to think, had her father already told Lune of her arrival.


Uneasily, Kyra asked her, “Are you Lune Zoldark?”

A uneasy silence as the older woman visibly sagged, “No, my name is Asagi… Lune is down the corridor.” She said, pointing down there; “Good luck with Lune. You’ll need it.”


Unaware of what that meant, Kyra thanked Asagi before moving down the corridor where the older woman had indicated; there another young officer with blonde hair stood in ragged men’s uniform. Timidly, Kyra approached her; “Excuse me… are you, Lune Zoldark?”

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"I'm sure you'll do great Asagi, I'll see you around!"  Lune said cheerfully as Asagi left, having missed Asagi's off-hand comment about her skateboarding incident entirely.  It was true that Lune spaced out and didn't always catch the finer details of things, but her combat abilities and loyalty to the Earth Alliance, though not its officers, more than made up for it.  Having been interrupted from her original duties, Lune took a moment to try and remember just where she had been going; completely ignoring the loud cries of 'cute', 'kawaii', 'mignon' and the like.  If only she had known what troubles those cries were foretelling,


"Lets see...." Lune began, listing retracing her day as she counted off each event on her fingers, "I woke up, got breakfast, had a shower, checked the cargo hold, yelled at someone for not having our new mobile suits transferred yet; what was his name again? Jen something or other?"


As the cries of many female soldiers grew louder, Lune found herself distracted from her one-sided dictation and turned towards the source of the sound, only to notice a young girl standing next to her; a short young girl.  Accustomed to being the token 'shorty' in many military circles, Lune was surprised that there was someone shorter than her onboard.  Sure, this blue haired girl was younger than her by a few years at least, but that still didn't stop Lune from feeling somewhat taller than normal.


"Hiyas,"  Lune said with a cheerful grin, "What are you doing around here?  You're a little young for a military uniform, aren'tcha?"  She added as she ruffled the child's hair in a playful manner.  Oh, if only she knew what terrors this girl would bring...

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Kyra shut her eyes as the expected hair-ruffling occurred for the fifth time today; that was the disadvantage of being forteen, people treated you like a little kid. As the ruffling stopped, the young girl looked up to the tomboy officer, that was what she could discern by just looking at the woman. “My father put me in uniform.” She said quietly, her big gold eyes staring up at the officer, “I’m looking for Lune Zoldark…”


A pause as she offered the woman her clipboard, on it was her letter of assignment and a sealed letter from her father, the Vice Admiral. “I’m assigned under her for duty.” She said quietly. Avoiding the eyes of the officer now as she brooded over the past events. That Asagi lady would definitely be trouble in the future, with those hugs and ‘kawaii’ calls, what a baka. Kyra now knew that this… Kula was someone to watch out for, someone who was similar enough to herself to warrant a huggle.


Huggles were odd, why another person would want to press their body against Kyra’s was beyond her comprehension.

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"Well you're in luck kiddo, I just happen to be Lune Zoldark; but just call me Lune, okay?"  Lune said with a wink as her eyes roved over the letter of assignment.  Lune couldn't help but adore 'Kyra's' , having learnt her name by skimming over the assignment letter, quiet and reserved additude; such a small girl shouldn't act quiet, or no one would ever notice her.  Lune acted in very much the opposite manner, being loud and vibrant to the extent that it was impossible to ignore her.


"Don't worry there kiddo, I'll show you the ropes."  She added as her eyes now looked towards the sealed letter that accompanied the standard assignment papers.  The handwriting that graced its envellope was unmistakably that of her father's, and Kyra's comment about being forced into uniform reminded Lune of her own experiences with the 'honorable Vice-Admiral'.


"Yeah, I know how you feel, my dad did the same thing with me; but at least when you're older you can trade in the skirt for something less revealing..."  Lune shuddered as she said that, remembering a fairly embarrasing moment from her cadet years, where she had broken a tennis racket overtop of a fellow cadet.  Needless to say that the cadet had gotten what he had deserved, and Lune wouldn't have bothered about the incident much if it wasn't for the fact that it was the first time that someone not in her family had called her 'cute'.


"You have any idea who this letter's for?  The honorable Vice Admiral doesn't send sealed letters to people just for kicks and giggles, so I wonder what its about."  Lune said to Kyra, holding the letter up higher in an attempt to see through the white envellope and get a glimpse of the letter contained inside.

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Kyra’s eye visibly twitched, Great, I have a tomboy as a sister she thought, handing the sealed letter over to Lune. This assignment had better not be any crate moving she was accustomed to despite being a CIC once. She would have smiled as Lune rambled on about their father, not knowing Kyra’s identity but decided against it; such an emotion was cause for another of those dreaded huggles.


“The letter contains specific instructions from the Vice-Admiral about my post, it is not a military document so you do not need to take heed to what it says.” She said listlessly, her gold eyes staring beyond Lune, her ‘sister’ was very… outgoing, to put it optimistically, something which Kyra was not most of the time.


“What can I trade a skirt in…?” she began to ask out loud, before realizing the answer by looking at Lune just once. Another shudder, Kyra did not prefer military pants and judging from the model in front of her; she definitely knew she did not like them. Right there and then Kyra vowed to wear her military skirt over pants for the rest of her career, which she hoped to make as short as possible.

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"Well if dad sent it to me, then it must be important."  Lune said in an off-hand manner as she opened the evellope with a swift swipe of her fingernail.  While she didn't understand or agree with many of the things her father did, she knew that he wasn't the kind of person to send a letter just to check up on her.  If he sent her anything by letter, it was usually a pretty serious matter, and meant to be left beind closed doors, so to speak.  Her eyes peered over the top of the letter, sweeping down the page somewhat slowly as she interpreted her father's illegible handwriting.


Dear Lune,


I know this letter may come as a surprise, but I have a favor to ask of you.  With this letter are no doubt the assignment papers for one Kyra Relm.  As I'm sure you are aware, she is still quite young, but her potential is great, and she has been assigned to Schatten Dolch in an attempt to fully realize that potential.  She will need to look to someone strong for guidance, and as I am far too busy and far too old to deal with yet another young girl, I am handing her off to you.  Do your best to raise Kyra and to teach her all that you can; perhaps your.... eccentric personality will prove to be a catalyst and bring Kyra into her own.


Once again, I'm sure you are aware that she is quite young, and that I would not take an interest in her without any reason.  While the reasons behind it are too difficult to explain at this time, it will suffice to say that Kyra Relm is your younger sister.  This will come as a shock to you, I am sure, but it is the truth.  I am sorry that I did not tell you this sooner Lune, but I could never find the proper time to tell you.  In addition to raising Kyra, I can only pray that you do your best to protect her.  She still has alot to learn, and while we live in an era of peace, I cannot be entirely confident that this peace will be an indefinite one; so I ask that you give your all to taking care of Kyra.  I know that you will do this for me, because you are not the kind of person to leave someone behind, and that you always give your everything to whatever you try. 



Keep your pride and spirit with you always,



Bian Zoldark


Lune looked over the letter a few times, her eyes growing wider each time; as if she was trying to find some flaw with the letter, or to check that she had read it properly.  Eventually she folded up the letter and tucked it back into the envellope, before turning to look at Kyra Relm, no, Kyra Zoldark, no once again, her sister.  Just what had her father been up to that would have landed Lune with this girl as a sister?  And why send her here?  Of course, her father was right, now that Kyra was here, Lune couldn't just ignore her; though she'd be sure to give her father a piece of her mind when they next met.


"Okay then Kiddo, I guess its time we get you settled in; Big sister Lune will make sure to show you the ropes!"  She said with a grin.  At the very least, she wouldn't be anywhere near as bored anymore...

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Kyra continued to stand there silently, brooding as she always did; her gold eyes stared forward in some kind of daze. She remembered some words she had heard from her new father before leaving, “Lune’ll be taking care of you from now on, Kyra; be sure to watch her every action and… try to act the opposite to what she’s doing.” To an extent that advice would come in handy, dressing up like a man did not sit well with her and neither did acting like one. She knew that this piece of advice was important, everything the Vice Admiral did was important; even drafting a fourteen year old child into the military.


Still, there was something odd about this Lune that Kyra just couldn’t place her finger on so to speak; perhaps she was an example her father had set to not follow, because if she was then it was already working quite well. “Onei-Chan, where is my allotted quarters?” she asked, continuing to stand there before she took out a black beret from within her uniform and fitted it smartly on the top of her head. Thankfully it was part of the uniform, albeit not compulsory; Kyra thought it looked funny.


Another sentence from the Vice-Admiral came to her head, “Try to impress some values upon your elder sister, goodness knows that she needs some of those.” Kyra nodded, “Onei-Chan, I think I saw some of those cargo personnel struggling with their loads… perhaps you should help them.” She suggested innocently.

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"Onei-chan?  I think I could get used to that." Lune thought as she looked down at Kyra.  Sure, Kyra was very much the opposite of herself, but there was nothing wrong with being different, was there?  Kyra seemed to be quiet where Lune was loud, and their hair and eye colors seemed to be reversed, so it was hard to tell that they were really sisters.  Lune was still half-expecting someone to pop out from behind a crate and say that she was caught on some kind of cadid camera TV show, but the more time went past, the more she began to accept that it was the truth.


"Allotted quarters... well..." Lune began as she tapped her chin in what she believed to be a thoughtful manner, "Since we're sisters you could probably share a room with me; I mean its better to live with someone you know and not some stranger, right?"  She replied, not even noticing that her sister was now wearing a black beret along with her uniform.  She then looked towards the cargo personnel, noticing as Kyra did that they seemed to be taking far too long to get everything settled in and accounted for.  Just how long did it take to stock and supply a ship?  She could understand the part about their mobile weapons being delayed, but if anything, that should have made things move even smoother today.


"Shall we go see whats taking so long then?"  Lune suggested as she uncerimoniously passed her skateboard to Kyra, "Hold on to that for me will ya?  Its easier to carry that then it is to carry ammunition and supplies after all."  She added with a wink and a wolfish grin that made it hard to tell if she was taunting Kyra or simply being nice to her.

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Kyra inwardly frowned, having to share a room with a sister that she perceived to be sloppy and wild wasn’t a very good prospective. Pushing these thoughts from her mind, she contented herself with the prospect of work; she liked work. It gave her something to do, it was a good thing to do when she didn’t want to brood. Brooding was bad for her, thoughts that didn’t sit well with her would come and engulf for periods on end; something she didn’t like to do.


Her linear thoughts were interrupted as Lune passed her the skateboard rather roughly. For several moments Kyra merely stood there, holding the toy. She didn’t respond to Lune’s words but nodded silently; the younger girl had never laid so much as a finger on a crate and had little to no intention of doing so.


Kyra made a mental note to ask her father whether or not Lune was really her sister; it seemed quite odd to the younger girl that her father would entrust her upbringing to such a ravenous woman. She shifted uncomfortably, her tattooed hand showing for a brief moment before it was hidden beneath her pink sleeve once again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Come on, don't tell me I gotta do all the work around here!?  Start lifting more on your end or its gonna fall on your feet!"


Lune could be heard calling out orders by all those around her now that she was hard at work carrying in whatever crates could be carried by hand to speed up the loading of the ship.  Her officer's vest was now wrapped around her waist, exposing the white sleeveless t-shirt she wore underneath it as she worked, and despite the fact that she was yelling, a smile was evident on her face.  Her orders, while harsh sounding and crude, were less argumentative then before, and seemed to aim to aid the other soldiers; often warning them of things that may be underfoot, or showing the others how to lift with their legs so as to lessen the strain on their bodies.


After she and 3 other soldiers had finished laying down a case of CIWS ammunition rounds, Lune readjusted her blue headband before leaning against the heavy case and looking towards Kyra.  Her new sister seemed to be lost in her own thoughts, and Lune wondered if she was like that all the time; as it would make it harder to look after her if she wasn't even able to look after herself.


"Oi!  You hungry yet Kiddo?"  She asked, thinking that a change of scenery might bring more life to the quiet, emotionless girl.  Even if it didn't, it would at least let Lune sate her own hunger, and possibly even let them get a break for a while.  There was supposed to be some big event going on at Orb, and Lune had wanted to see if she could watch it on TV somewhere.


"Eating's an important duty for us; an army marches on its stomach dont'cha know." she added as her stomach gave a loud growl.  If what she had stated was true, then Lune wouldn't be marching for a long while.

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As Kyra watched her sister strip down to a shirt in order to shed more heat as she worked; thoughts raced through her mind; most of them relating to ‘baka’ and ‘oxen’. Her sister was not so much a sister but a brother, she had the muscles and personality of a man but the charisma of a female. This confused the younger girl, something that happened often when it was not work related. Her father had told her to be patient and accepting of Lune, a task that was quite… challenging.


While she waited patiently, holding the skateboard that had been the cause of some commotion she had heard on her way down to the cargo area; Kyra let her thoughts wander, an event that was rare in itself. Within moments she felt a tug at her arm, as if she were moving it; looking down, she found nothing tugging at her arm. Must have been my imagination she thought, hopefully it was her imagination and not that thing again.


As Lune returned from lifting crates like an ox, Kyra handed the skateboard to her sister; “You forgot this, Onei-chan” she said, wrinkling her nose at the sudden odor that emanated from the older girl.


She nodded as the topic of food was brought up; she was no fool when it came to nutrition, once she had gone a day without food due to her ‘images’ and had regretted it the next day. Her sister’s stomach grumbled viciously, causing Kyra’s opinion of Lune to be further enhanced. Thankfully her father had surrounded her with the best of the military’s women and as a result had found it necessary to suppress some of her bodily functions at times, in this case it was the groaning the stomach made.


OOC: Sorry for slow post Nick, you know I find it hard to do social RPs

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OOC: And you call yourself slow?  It took me a month to make a reply 


"All right then, lets see how good they feed people after a hard day of work around here."  Lune said excitedly as she led Kyra towards the cafeteria, practically dragging her sister along with one hand as she carried her skateboard with the other.  Now that her official duties were done with for the day, she could relax like she had wanted to, though that would have to be after she had a shower and showed Kyra around the ship.  Having to look after a young girl would be hard work, and she could see why her own father had hid behind his work to avoid looking after Lune herself.  But of course, she wasn't her father, so she would show him that raising a child wasn't an impossible task.


"So, did our old man ever show you how to pilot a mobile suit before?  I mean, you're officially a part of Schatten Dolch now, and we're primarily a mobile weapons combat unit, so you'll end up in the cockpit of one sooner or later; I just want to be sure that you know what you're doing when that time comes."  Lune said, trying to make small talk as they walked.

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As the pair walked towards the cafeteria, Lune tried to make some witty comments; most of which had no effect what so ever on the young un-impressionable Kyra. It was clear that her older sister was attempting, but not succeeding in making her 'regular'. Kyra didn't blame her, many people, even her new father had tried to do so; it was just in her blood to be the silent brooding type.


As the two entered the cafeteria, the lunch lady's face broke up into a smile as she looked at the 'cute' child wearing a berret and minature military uniform and quickly whipped up a meal consisting of mostly gruel and stale bread in large portions for the younger girl. "Why aren't you the cute one?" she said in a warm voice before she turned to Lune and said in a flat voice, "So what'll you have?" before passing Kyra the plate of unappetising gruel and bread.


Kyra finally responded to Lune's question, after being bombarded with technical read outs, part descriptions and specifications in addition to varying images when the word 'mobile suit' popped up in conversation. "Mobile suits are my specialty..." she said slowly. "I know every part of one from a type 95 amplifyer down to a size A1 bolt."


Another pause.


"But I haven't been in one."

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"I think I've lost my appetite..." Lune thought as she looked towards the gruel and bread that had been served to Kyra; was that stuff even edible?  No, it would probably be best not to find out.  Besides, there was always the large stores of contraband food that Lune had confiscated from some of the lower ranking soldiers; yeah, if she was lucky there would be enough there to make a better tasting meal then what they served here, not to mention less life threatening.


"I think I'll have to take a rain check ma'am, I'm trying to stay on my diet; a girl's gotta watch her weight y'know."  She said with an accompanying forced laugh.  Seeking a chance to escape, Lune herded Kyra over to one of the far off tables so that the pair could sit on their own.  It was only once they were away and settled in that she finally responded yo Kyra's reply,


"Well I guess thats about the same as having passed a driver's test.  You know the rules, now you just need to get the right feeling for them."  Lune said, sounding more serious and attentive now that they were on the topic of mobile suits.  It wasn't surprising to Lune in the least that Kyra would have some experience in mobile suits, after all, it ran in the family.  Her father had been a pilot at one time, as had her older brother Baynard, then when it came her turn, Lune herself had proven to be a natural born pilot.


"I'll see what I can do about getting your training started, as it probably will take some time before our new mobile suits come in; Till then I can get you started on simulators at least."  Yes, now that they were talking about mobile suits, Lune putting far more thought into things then usual.  She was even beginning to think up training exercises for Kyra to work on.  "Probably best to start her off with aerial maneuvers and long range combat.  I'll save close range training for later, that stuff's usually scary the first time around."  Lune thought to herself as she thought back to her first melee combat sim.  She hadn't slept properly for 3 days after that.

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The two settled to what seemed to be a cheap, oily yet brightly coloured plastic table. Placing the plate down on the table, her hand brushed the surface for a split second and in that instant the sensation of the seemingly oily feel went through her body; it was un-nerving. I'll take just the bread... she thought to herself.


While Lune gave her seemingly endless speach about mobile suits, Kyra eyed one of the stale pieces of bread before taking a small bite and chewing. It wasn't that bad, despite the hard surface and the white not being what it should be; it was more like a chewing gum variation of bread.


To be honest, Kyra had sat in a mobile suit once before; but that was only to fix some operation system compatability errors that were coming up. But she had never piloted a mobile suit, not in real life or even in simulation. Now that her sister, or superior officer had commited her to training... now it was time to overcome her fears.


Throughout all this time Kyra kept quiet, it wasn't that she disliked mobile suits; it was more of the fact that she wasn't interested in them. But at least with simulators, they were not real.

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