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Dimitri Shirokov


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Player name: |-| /-\ ><

Character number: 1

Faction: Soldiers of Fire



Full name: Dimitri Shirokov ((First Legal Name: Alexi Gurlukovich))

Nickname 1: HAX ((The three letters he uses to ID himself on arcade machines.))

Nickname 2: R-Typer

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Retail Salesman in "1337 Games"

Birthplace: September City

Citizenship: Orb Union

Former Citizenship: Equatorial Union



Dimitri is known to be "mousey" in his actions. In other words, he acts like one of those shy, easily frightened kind of people that never get any real respect. It's mainly because he's easily surprised, since he's always in his own little personal pixelated world. He'll space off at unimportant times, and even the slightest attention-grabbing gesture will make him jump a little. To his credit, he doesn't just jump with each surprise, he fully assesses the situation in the blink of an eye and reacts appropriately afterward. That speed of mind is his strength, especially with his reaction time. In reaction time tests, similar to the start of a drag race, he has shown himself capable of "out-twitching" coordinators. With consistent times around one-hundredth of a second when anticipating, and under a tenth when surprised, his reactions are considered better than a coordinators, though his reactions weren't a result of genetic superiority. Really, he's just a quiet kid who surprises easily.


Around other people, he gets quieter depending on the number of people around. Just himself and a friend will have a long, easy-going chat. Three people and himself though, and he'll just add in an occasional comment, or answer when asked a question. Much more than five, and he'll shut down verbally and get lost in the conversation at hand. He also has a problem with spacing off, dreaming of who-knows-what when he's supposed to be studying or whatnot. He just finds life too boring at times. Of course, when he's got an objective in mind, nothing will get him distracted. A real one-track mind. Get him talking about machines, books, or get him somehow interested, and you can witness him work for hours on end, with appropriate breaks for breathing, bathroom time, and food, just whatever is essential.




Height: 5'-11"

Weight: 162 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Reddish-Brown, cut short and brushed minimally without any style.

Eye Colour: Deep blue.

Identifying Marks: Black thin-framed glasses.

Skin Tone: Pale Caucasian

Build: Svelt, though somewhat muscular.

Clothing: Usually casual wear like hooded sweat shirts and jeans, or tee-shirts and slacks. Unlike anime characters, he changes his clothes daily.

Handiness: Left-handed, nearly Ambidextrous


A geek at heart, Dimitri never really tries to look like he's trying to impress people. For the most part, he just goes out of his way to look decent rather than handsome or professional. His body is taller in proportion to his width, giving him a lanky look, even if his shoulders are surprisingly broad for such a body. Dimitri prides himself on his hands, though not in some creepy or pompous manner. But he keeps the nails trimmed down on his fingers and makes sure to keep them from getting cut up by sharp objects. Since he uses them a lot, he makes sure to keep them in good condition. His clothing isn't amazing either, just whatever is on the top of the laundry stack. He never actually put his clothes in his dresser, just leaving them on top so he can use them the next day with little fuss. Most often, he'll wear some tee-shirt with some witty little comment on it, like "Ninja are way cooler than pirates" or just a black hooded sweat shirt while wearing a pair of slacks of jeans, usually in blue or black.




Alexi's Background

Mother: Helga Gurlukovich

Father: Christian Gurlukovich

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: Yeah, he wishes...


Dimitri's Background

Mother:  Tatyana Shirokov

Father: Sergei Shirokov

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: Yeah, he wishes...


Dimitri's mother and father were a pair of high-ranking officials in a now-eliminated mafia in September City. They ran a gambling racket that was found out while Dimitri was fifteen. He was fully aware of his family's involvement with that mafia, and was already set to be a part of it because of family links. He was all too happy to be a part of the family business, getting prepared to do his part for "the family". Because of a technological affinity, he had been practicing to run digital security for the Gurlukovich family mafia, an area in which they lacked strength, partially because they had to constantly hire new people to run security for each job.


When his parents were arrested, he had to run away, becoming a stow away on a freighter bound for the Equatorial Union. When the freighter arrived, he was found and put into holding for being a stow away. Of course, the local police went through the motions, background check, questioning, that kind of stuff. During the background check, they found out about his involvement as part of the Gurlukovich mafia. While they set up for his return to September, where he would eventually be questioned and possibly sent to a reform facility. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to deal with that, he escaped en route to the transport by knocking out the EU officer that was escorting him from his cell.


After making his way to a small town, he stole some black hair dye and some "normal" clothes. When he entered the town later on, he went under the name of Dimitri Shirokov. Dimitri also claimed amnesia, to prevent him from having to come up with too many lies. Sure, it was a sort of cliche story to feed them, but they bought it. So while he was there, he was "adopted" by a pretty normal family. He basically used them for the purpose of hiding while he did some research. Using his computer skills, he hacked himself into the citizen database and got himself some official documents.


Knowing he needed to get out of there before he was discovered, he got onto a flight to Kusanagi City. Once there, he completed school and had to immediately begin working to keep himself going, since he wasn't able to get any government help while he was still trying to apply for Orb citizenship. At seventeen, he had finally gotten what he needed, Orb citizenship. Though it would have been nearly impossible to hack himself into citizenship in Orb without being caught, by using his citizenship in the EU and transferring, his acceptance became merely a matter of time.


Now that he had no hope of staying in the family business, since many of them had been imprisoned, ad the younger sent to reform facilities, he's looking for an out before Orb or September catches on to his identity and location. Knowing that he couldn't hack his way through life, he searched for a way to escape being searched for, or to be unreachable. After a long search, he determined his best chance would be to join a militaristic liberation group, or a mercenary faction, in hopes of having some protection if and when Orb or September came after him. He didn't plan on the EU ever finding out about his hack job, just because they had no reason to chase after him. And if they did find out, it would either be because September or Orb had tipped them off, which would mean that he'd still be dealing with Orb and September anyway.


On a lighter note, when Dimitri came to Kusanagi, he immediately began to fit into the busy life style. School, work, even the occasional moment of play. He frequented the local arcades, and was, at first, horrible at gaming. His actions were jumpy, constantly over-compensating for whatever happened on screen. Dropping more and more money into the arcade machines, week by week, he slowly began to work on his reactions. In time, he overcame his over-active responses, using his jumpy personality to help him react quicker to in-game situations. After a bit about him somehow cheating the arcade machines, he started putting in "HAX" for his high-score name.


When the arcade got a new machine, derived from an old game, Dimitri was there to play it as soon as he was able. The other players were all complaining that the game was amazingly impossible to beat. Stepping up to the machine with the game called R-Type, Dimitri put in one token, since a line was still active. A half-hour of dizzying lights later, the game was over and Dimitri had played through all eight levels without losing his three lives. In fact, he had lost only one. From that point on, he was given the nickname "R-Typer" for his efforts in the arcade.


Outside of the arcades, he spent his time dedicating himself to technology. Digital simulations were something he just loved to involve himself with, as was digital animation. Putting his analytical skills to work was hard to do, since he has yet to get a college education. That's why he works at "1337 Games" in Kusanagi, since they provide him with a steady paycheck and discounts on the "digital equipment" he likes to have around. It also put him across the street from the arcade, but he'll claim that has nothing to do with his decision to work there. On the side, he does small, relatively unsuccessful 3D animations. Technically sound, they just don't have the right story to really make his movies any fun to watch.

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The fast reaction time might be pushing it a little You might want to tone that down.


"Since he sues them a lot, he makes sure to keep them in good condition."


The Soldiers of Fire bases are out of bounds to outsiders so you would need to make quite a bit of changes to your history.

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Okay... multiplied the reation times by a whole factor of ten... I realized what I had was pretty ridiculous when I looked at it a second time...


Tried to smooth over the sentences... No more sueing my hands...


And history is changed dramatically, so that it no longer even involves me with Celostratus or Xenophanes...

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