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Hello there my fellow Advent players,

My name is Grayson or you can call me GG. I am 36 and the second oldest of 5 brothers. I work in local government here in Las Vegas and am currently saving to buy a house. I like to read, write, and draw in my spare time as well as watch TV/movies, collect comic books (Marvel/X-Men fan) and play video games (PS4).   I also do freelance graphic design on occasion.

I’ve been role playing since I was 16 in the days of AOL before transitioning to forum RP. I am new to the Advent Destiny scene and I’m playing my first ever Gundam character here.

Gundam has been a second-hand experience for me. Gundam Wing was in my line-up along the 90s anime alongside my intro anime, Sailor Moon. I was too young to really appreciate the nuance Gundam brought to anime and it hung on the periphery of my anime experience.

Most of my anime is an extension of Sailor Moon in some way shape or form. Utena was created from a Sailor Moon contact and features three of its VA (Kotono Mitsuishi, Aya Kisakawa, Yurok Fuchizaki), Neon Genesis Evangelion (Kotono Mitsuishi, Megumi Ogata), and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne just to name a few.

I recently finished Kajkegurui and started Re: Creators before adding Gundam SEED to my watchlist for Advent which to my surprise features Kotono Mitsuishi the VA of Sailor Moon as Murrue Ramius

Advent popped up in my Reddit notification after a fruitless search for an RP to join. I was hesitant to join due to my lack of Gundam knowledge but was intrigued by the challenge of playing in setting I was not familiar with completely. Thanks to Roromi and a deep dive into the mecha site, Gundam wiki, and the Gundam SEED anime, I am trying my hand at playing Kali. I am on episode 19 so far and Flay is...oy...

Kali is physically based off Himemiya Anthy from Utena and she was not initially the character I intended to play but her inception is creative boon. I am excited for her growth in the Orb RP and looking forward to where the story takes her.

If you guys have any Gundam (or other favorite anime) recommendations for me they are more than welcome. 

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Welcome! Glad you're starting on SEED. I recommend trying the UC series too. MSG hasn't aged well but IMHO it's the foundation for the whole franchise. Zeta gets better. Highly recommend 08th MS Team, War in a Pocket, Unicorn and Thunderbolt.

For non-Gundam mecha series, try Valvrave, Cross Ange, Gargantia, and Aldnoah.Zero

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