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  1. On the bridge of the Archangel, Kali’s brown, analytical eyes hidden behind her spherical spectacles scanned the viewing screen as Lieutenant Barondel launched the Gold frame. His voice rang out in her earpiece as he commanded his team. Her deft fingers instinctively reached out and began typing on the interface in front of her. Captain Hawthorne had given her access to the data on the mobile suits, this was her opportunity to add to that data while they were testing in the field. She noted the distance the Gold Frame had traveled in its launch, Kali was impressed and awed by the feat. She was
  2. Grayson

    GG's Graphix

    Just a couple of photo manips I did for a couple of RPs here on the board (you'll see the originals first, followed by the manip). I plan on re-doing one. I'm looking for Gundam transparent/white background images to play around with. If you know of any resources or would like to share some images with me, it would be greatly appreciated! Let me know via Discord if you have any requests, I am pretty quick as long as my schedule permits it. ^___^
  3. Kali sat quietly with her hands clasp in her lap as she listened to Lieutenant Barondel speak. She studied the map showing the small chain of islands in the pacific. Her ears perked up at the mention of the mobile suits running their paces, ‘So the purple frame has been assembled…’ she thought to herself pushing her circle frames gently on the bridge of her nose. She nodded in agreement when the Lieutenant mention that it was up to them to protect the homeland. A soft smile curved on her lips, she couldn’t place the feel she felt. It was as if she had found her place in the world without reall
  4. (Thank you Roromi for running dialogue with me!) Kali’s shoes clicked on the metal floor as she approached Captain Hawthorne’s office. The mechanical door slid open with a hiss. Kali hesitated for a moment, took a breath to calm her racing heart, and entered. The door closed behind her and Kali found herself stopping betwixt two empty chairs that faced a desk, the chair behind the desk and the person sitting in it was not facing her direction. Kali’s hands found each other and clasped together as if hugging each other for comfort. Her thumb caressed the back of her hand as she waited to b
  5. My display photo is an edited photo of Usagi from Sailor Moon. Choosing a display photo for myself always seems to be a task in itself. I never know what to choose. Now that a lot of RPs are using OOC/Player Accounts I’ve been using the handle Grayson which is a play on my last name. I tend to use the rapper Kid Cudi as my display photo, I also use my favorite characters from anime and comics.
  6. Grayson


    Hello there my fellow Advent players, My name is Grayson or you can call me GG. I am 36 and the second oldest of 5 brothers. I work in local government here in Las Vegas and am currently saving to buy a house. I like to read, write, and draw in my spare time as well as watch TV/movies, collect comic books (Marvel/X-Men fan) and play video games (PS4). I also do freelance graphic design on occasion. I’ve been role playing since I was 16 in the days of AOL before transitioning to forum RP. I am new to the Advent Destiny scene and I’m playing my first ever Gundam character here.
  7. What does one do on a battleship? Kali asked herself. A cup of tea sounded so good at that moment. Her stomach gurgled as well and perhaps lunch... or dinner? Everything happened so fast and now things moved at a snail’s pace as she waited patiently on the bridge. A delicate finger gently pushed her large circular glasses up to rest against the bridge of her nose, the silent curse most glass-wearers were burdened with. Her white lab coat was dusty, torn, and smeared but it was the only thing of comfort to her. She tugged her jacket in place over her red dress and shirt blouse. She did her best
  8. Biography Full name: Kalika ‘Kali’ Ananta Faction: Orb Union Rank: Recruit Age: 24 Sex: Female Height: 5’4” Weight: 108 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Skin: Caramel Handiness: Right-handed Personality Kali is a humbled individual. She exudes an aura of peace and serenity that adds to her grace and elegance. She is an old soul, she may be alone and introverted but that does not mean she feels isolated or lonely. That is not to say she does not have yearnings to be a part of something that compliments her. She is content, but
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