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List of Known Fan Made Forces


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Thought it would be nice to list all the known forces in GBN. Please feel free to add on any, they could either be relevant to a single character or mentioned in passing. There is no particular order to these. I’ll make updates when I’m able to!


Challengers of Diamond - Player force used in the main story. 
Known  Characters:

·      Aida: Cosmotel > Airbatel > Aquatel

·      Carter Lee: Zaku Foreunner > Comet Dagger 

·      Kyle O’Connor: Trinames Repair > Zeong > Trinames

·      Apollo: Gundam Oriole

·      Isla (NPD):  Galbaldy > GP03 > Variable Gundam


Alpha Team - Player force used in the main story. 
Known  Characters:

·      Marco Creed: Zero Saviour > Gundam Bael (Creed Special)

·      Hikaru Hiyashi:  Beta Gundam

·      Risu:  Higanbana

·      Shin Hakuren: Astral Age > Astral Age AXCEL

·      Kamille Bidan (NPD): MKII Strike

·      Fa Yuiry (NPD): Asshimar Rebuilt


Fleurs de Noblesse - Player force used in the main story. 
Known  Characters:

·      Wade Lincoln: SD Command Gundam North America Type > Command Gundam FSD > Gundam MKII Local Type

·      Raymond Hermes: DaeDal > Leo Chevalier

·      Gabriel Winter aka Aker: Ardent Exia > Jäger Astray >


ZAPP (Zodiac Alliance of Plastic Products) - Accessory company that isn’t a force but has a substantial investment and presence in GBN. 
Known  Characters:

·      Marco Creed (Zapp Agent): Elden Buster

·      Apollo: Gundam Oriole

SCC (Seed Cosplay Consortium) - Composed of characters who enjoy Cosplay and Gundam Seed franchise (see Hunter Stories).  
Known  Characters:

·      Shin:  Destiny Gundam > Golden Destiny

·      Stella: Blast Impulse > ???

·      Meer: GNX pink Custom > ???


“Orb Force - An unnamed force briefly mentioned to be a similar affiliation to SCC but solely focused on Orb related material (see Hunter Stories). 
Known  Characters: n/a


Die Zeonic Mörder - German Force composed of three Divers who look down upon non-Zeon Gunpla. 
Known  Characters:

·      Leon Schultz: Geara Hunda > ???

·      Hans Sauer: Dreistier > ???

·      Sepp: Gelgoog Natter > ???


Baka Brawlers - Close combat focused team led by a wise old Diver. 
Known  Characters:

·      Grandmaster: Grandmaster Gundam

·      Josh Duncan: Age Titanus

·      Dave: Astaroth Smackdown

·      Mina: Nobel Venus

·      Raye: Nobel Mars


UNIVERZ Originally much smaller, this force is in the top 20 of all forces thanks to their leader’s list for more power. 
Known  Characters:

·      Chris Rogers: Tallgeese Avenger > ???

·      Hammerhead: Bygoog > ???

·      120 other Divers


Violet Horizons The team formed by Shin Hakuren, made on the foundation that new horizons could be seen loved and experienced with Gunpla. It was always his dream to have a unit that could slip the bonds of earth and fly straight to the stars. 
Known  Characters:

·      Shin Hakuren: Stargazer Horizon

·      Sorrey Hakuren (this is Shin): Gundam Helios (Strike Base)

·      Michale Kree: Star Jin

·      Olivia Lione: Stella Kapool


JANET (Just Another Non Existant Team) - Elite competitive force focused in atmospheric use Mobile Suits, Mobile Armors and aircraft. Cut-throat, selective and rude, they're known to push the rules of every event and even the game's own to the brink of infraction in order to score another win. However, despite claims by former team members which have since disappeared from the public scene, they've never been actually found guilty of true foul play. 
Known  Characters:

·      Bawoo Brothers: Bawoo (Mentioned) > ReBawoo Böing


Puru Sisters - GBN Image Girls
Known  Characters:

·      Nana (seven): ReGelg R >Qubeley Kai (blue)

·      Ellen (eleven): ReGelg R >Qubeley Kai (pink)

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