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Where Fun and Gunpla Meet

Zhane Tan

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Looking at the Gundam Battle Nexus setup, Zhane blinked and had no idea what to do, "So, I just sit in this and put my gunpla here?" he asks the person at the GBN store as he looked back at them. "That's right," said the worker.  Looking at the machine, he thought for a moment and sat down. "Ok, now what do I do?" he asked as she looked again after placing his Gunpla on the machine. The employee blinked and just looked, shocked more than anything "... you've never done this?" he asked. "My first time," was Zhane's response.  The employee sighed, "You put on the headset, and create an account," and as the employee spoke, Zhane did that. "That's it?" he asked. "Yes," said the employee.

Zhane is odd in this matter, having not been out in public much, except for his trips to the hospital. He has bone cancer and has been going through a lot to try to stop it and fight it of and the Doctors are sure that they are to the point of getting all of it, so he has little experience with anything like this, and thinking, Zhane types in a name, Lucky. The employee looks, "Interesting name," he states. "Yea," Zhane says. "I have been lucky my entire life, and still am so far," he replies as he listens and places his Gunpla on the machine to scan it in. "Interesting suit design," the employee said. "Thank you," he states simply as he closes his eyes and takes a few breaths, kind of tired but opens them. "Here it goes," he comments to himself as he logs in for the first time....


Traveling through the VR of the login, he looks around and smiles, "Totally cool," he states as he wonders, will keep his same appearance or will have a different appearance. 


He looks at the screen and thinks as he gets his answer. smiling to himself, he picks an design that he thinks will be cool. "Can I change my appearance later?" he wonders to himself as he picks his normal appearance with simple clothing. Afterwards, he steps through the door and into the GBN.

Arriving in the GBN, he looks around as he sees all the different avatars, "Wow, there's someone dressed as Zechs and another as Char.... and... is that a dogboy?" he says to himself as he walks around the floor and looks completely lost.


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Walking through the GBN Lobby, Zhane, well Lucky looks at everything, when another GBN Diver approaches, "Hey," he says as he introduces himself to Lucky. "I am a sanctioned GBN navigator. You must be new here?"

"I am yes, my first time," Lucky states. "Welcome to the Gundam Battle Network or GBN. This is a full-immersion virtual reality program you can explore yourself or with friends. You can take Gunpal you build and bring them here and fight in various missions," the GBN navigator says. "Do you have a Gunpal?" he asks him.

"I do, yes. But it is not the best," Lucky says. The navigator looks, "Well, lets see what it cna do," and gestures for Lucky to follow him. "Your new, so I would recommend a Tutorial Battle. A tutorial battle is a mission for beginner Divers who have just started GBN. Since you have built your first Gunpla, this will work. plus it helps you get to learn the controls." and the navigator looks at the list. "Lets see, just yourself....How about Gunpla Rising?" the navigator states. "You battle against three OZ-06MS Leo NPDs. It is easy and will help you out."

Lucky looks, "Thank you, I will give it a try," he states. The navigator smiles and looks. "Lets go to your Gunpla and see what she looks like," and the two head off to his Gunpla and talk about its abilities and the like.  Next, Lucky is in the cockpit and working on moving the suit, and finally gets it and thinks as he flies for the area where this will take place.

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Entering the area over the forest, Zhane looks around as he works on the controls of his Gunpla. "Ok, lets do this," he says as he lands just outside the area and goes over everything. Bringing the rifle up, he walks forwards and through the barrier. "Gunpla Battle Start" is heard as he looks around and waits as he moves forward, one step at a time.

All of the sudden, he hears an alarm and looking, he drops his suit to the ground as an energy blast flies past and he looks, "Sneaky," he states as he squeezes the trigger and the custom beam rifle fires at the Leo and hits it. Moving forward, he keeps firing as he thinks and looks around as he brings his shield up to block some of the shots as two more Leo's appear.  "Damn," he says simply as he levels his gun at the lead Leo and fires again. The beam rifle fires, as does the Vulcan guns from the head of his Suit and he takes out the first enemy suit.

With shield up, he moves forward and than all of a sudden, the red and blue mobile suit rushes forward as Zhane... Lucky uses the shield to rush the Leo, knocking it to the ground.  Aiming the beam rifle, it fires off at point blank range and takes out the second of three Leos. Getting hit by the third, Lucky looks, "Comeon," he says as he drops the beam rifle and pulls out a GN Beam saber and charges forward, swinging at the last Leo, hitting the arm and using the left hand, punches the suit before bringing the beam saber down onto it. The saber strikes and the Leo moves back as it too pulls out a beam saber.

With shield up, Lucky combats the Leo with strikes and blocks as it returns in favor. "Just fall," he says as he pulls the trigger and the Vulcans fire form the forehead and the Leo blocks the shots. Taking advantage of this, Lucky moves in and using his own saber, aims for the legs of the Leo, striking at the knee joint and taking off its lower legs. As the Leo falls, he brings the saber down and stabs it in the chest, as it impacts the ground, disappearing as it is defeated.

"Battle Complete. Winner Lucky!" the voice says as he turns off his saber and looks around as he breaths again. "I did it," he says as he moves his suit, the RX-78GP01-OP Prime Gundam out of the Battle and back to the lobby of the GBN. I need to add more to my suit here, but what I have so far is good for the time being, he thinks to himself.

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  • JohnSeever changed the title to Where Fun and Gunpla Meet

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