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Hoji Nokojima

Talas Elco

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its rubbish




Full name: Hoji Nokojima

Nickname: Hoji

Age: 34

Gender: M

Race: (Natural or Coordinator) Natural

Occupation: Gun for Hire

Birthplace: Tokyo

Citizenship: Soldier of Fire

Personality:   Hoji is young and in-experienced, he is a master Martial-Artist and a Brilliant Swords and Marksman, he has seen battle but has not been made to make decisions under pressure, he is quite laid back and friendly, though wary against potential threats




Height: 5"11

Weight: 150 pounds

Hair Colour and Style: Black Hair, spike up with gel.

Eye Colour: brown

Identifying Marks: scar running from right eyebrow to right chin

Skin Tone: olive

Build: light

Clothing: Hoji wears black T-shirt, long sleeved and black trousers, he wears a trademark knee low leather coat and has two holsters for semi-Automatic pistols on his thighs, at his waist, an Ancient Katana can be found which Hoji is a master at wielding.

Handiness: (Left-handed, Right-handed or Ambidextrous) Right Handed




Mother: Sun Nokojima

Father: Chao Nokojima

Siblings: none

Wife/Girlfriend: no-one worth mentioning


Personal History:


Hoji Grew up in Central Tokyo Where his father taught him the way of the sword, and the warrior, his father and descendants were all samurai but in these new times the way of the warrior had been forgotten, Hoji trained with his father on the mountain peaks that contained the last of the Dojo's that trained even his Grandfathers Grandfather. Here Hoji learned the ways of the ninja and that of the sword, he became a master of both armed and un-armed combat after many years of training.


It was after this, when Hoji was 19, that his mother and father were killed by gang bosses when his father had refused to teach him the secrets of the Samurai, this made Hoji almost Mad for revenge, he travelled around japan, learning new combat techniques and became proficient in using most firearms, he never gained any experience in Mobile Suits as his father had not approved of them, he finally tracked down the Gang Leader who killed his family and he killed him.


It was from then on Hoji Travelled the world as a gun for hire, he swore to hunt down every man like the gang leader and kill him to relieve his pain, it was then he heard of the soldiers of fire...

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