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Val Ray


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Full name: Valerian Robin Krist Ray

Nickname: Val

Age: 23 years

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Playboy

Birthplace: Zodiac, L5

Citizenship: The PLANTs

Personality: Due to the wealth of his family, he has wasted the days of his youth squandering money and enjoying his life. The continuous amounts of alcohol softened some of the parts in his brain and his behaviour can be... unpredictable. When he isn't affected by this however, he is usually found a calm man with a booming voice.




Height: 189cm (SI-system)

Weight: 79kg (------II------)

Hair Colour and Style: Greyish with various hairsyyles to suit his mood.

Eye Colour: Green.

Identifying Marks: Flawless skin. A mocking grin at times.

Skin Tone: Fair.

Build: Well-built, nothing too outrageous though.

Clothing: In temperate zones, black jeans and white shirt; in cold zones, a long black jacket. Black in general.

Handiness: Left-hander.




Mother: Uro Ray

Father: Tom Ray

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: Varies from time to time


Personal History:


Val Ray was born to a not-so ordinary woman. This woman was a natural by birth and not one that you would want to make friends with. She was a drug-addict, addicted to Imipramine, an anti-depressant. She was caught during dealing this particular drug in the vicinity of the Zodiac base of Gibraltar, and was arrested. She was later released into the custody of some of the leading scientists in the PLANTs in the Zodiac research-base in L5. The scientists made experiments with her drug-run body and tested out what the outcome would be like if a coordinator-seed would be implemented into a drug-addict's womb. Val Ray was born as a result. He was an ordinary coordinator.


Val Ray was sent into an orphanary, as the scientists did not wish for an ordinary child, they wanted complications to research. Val lived the first two years of his life there, with the tight care of the orphanary. He was then adopted by a pair of nobles, Sir Yekriv and Lady Kilma De Roy. The couple were especially attracted by the childs unusually flawless skin and the boy was named Valerian Sebastion Kristoph De Roy. He was then brought up in the De Roy mansion over the war-time and was forbidden to enter the war by his adopted parents. But in his middle teens, when many of his friends had perished in the war he turned into drinking. Due to his coordinator-genes the dangers of alcohol did not affect any parts of his gut, bt his brain and sense of logic and reason were altered. This resulted in a complicated character.


Val's adopted parents were already old at the time of the adoption, and now that Valerian was a full-grown man, their first generation genes started to fail them. Soon they were packed into cryo-chests and sent into a deep slumber, with the hopes that there would a cure discovered to stop the decay. Valerian was therefore left alone with a mansion, half-a-dozen servitors and an immensive amount of money along with a source from the medical industry. He could have chosen either the path of a do-gooder or the path of a playboy. He chose the latter.

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PLANT Supreme Council, Nation Defense headquarters,

Aprilius One branch[/align]


As of October 29th of CE85, Valerian Sebastien Kristoph De Roy is accepted into the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, under the direct supervision and guidance of the Supreme Council, and the officers appointed over you.


You and many young people your age will be the next generation allowing Coordinators to live free from persecution and discrimination. We hand the future of Plant into your hands, hold your head high, and don’t let that inner light falter.



Commander Delfina Schneider, National Defense Headquarters

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