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[GBN 1.8] Marco Creed


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Full name: Marco Creed


Faction: Zapp Inc.


Rank: Licensed Operator


Age: 43


Sex: Male


Height: 6’0”


Weight: 200 lbs


Eyes: brown


Hair: brown


Skin: fair


Handiness: right-handed



Marco is a family man with a passion for Gunpla. He enjoys getting into character with his mecha and generally had fun when diving. He’s task oriented and is willing to make the tough decisions to win. 


Strengths and weaknesses


Corporate backing - Marco has the backing of the prestigious Zapp Inc. and has his sponsor supplying his Gunpla needs. This allows him to pursue his hobby more effortlessly than others. 


Experienced - he’s more experienced than the average diver and has been pursuing his hobby for the better part of three decades. 


Overconfident - his experience is double sided. Because he’s been playing for so long he doubts he can run into many challenges. He’s typically pleasantly surprised when a true challenge does surface. 


Careless - because of his sponsor he’s more carefree about his gunpla and tends to be reckless, willing to give a good show rather than conservative in his approach. 



Brown hair with a matching beard. Marco dresses casually and acts accordingly. He’s quick to warm up to people and cares about the effort others put in. He doesn’t get caught up in making a flashy avatar for the system and instead focuses on the mecha. 



Since a young age Marco has been fascinating with Gundam. As soon as he learned that he could make Gunpla he was captivated by the hobby. His passion grew with his age and as he got older he got more talented in his craft. By the time he was in his thirties he was catching the eye of the community and was even offered sponsorship. 


For the last couple of years he’s been the poster boy for Zapp Incorporated. It’s because of his sponsorship that he was invited to the closed beta. He’s excited for the unique opportunity as well as meeting other people.



Gundam Bael

Zero Savior Gundam 





Role plays

GBN 1.8

Coliseum battles



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