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[NPC]Ensign Asagi Kyoto


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Player Name: Kaizer

Character Number: NPC

Faction: Earth Alliance




Full name: Asagi Kyoto

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Natural

Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Citizenship: Republic of East Asia

Personality: Asagi is bright, bubbly and thick-headed. She is often described as hyper-active and her apparent lack of limits to her enthusiasm support that statement. Even in combat she is known to toy around with the enemy over whatever means whether it be making fun of them by going easy or chatting them up over the radio. She also has temporary paranoia whenever she uses her computer.




Height: 5’2

Weight: 101 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Long brown hair done in a pony-tail

Eye Colour: Brown

Skin Tone: Fair

Build: Athletic

Clothing: She'll often wear tights and her Kyokugenryu shirt along with a red headband while on vacation or on leave.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Ayumi Kyoto

Father: Jhun Kyoto

Siblings: Eiji Kyoto, Shou Kyoto, Shiro Kyoto, Daichi Kyoto

Sister-In-Law: Amanda Kyoto (wife of Daichi Kyoto)

Niece: Ashley Kyoto


Personal History: Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan; Asagi was the youngest of a family of five children and the only girl. Her family, one that lacked a mother after she died giving birth to Asagi, was one that worshipped the martial art Kyokugenryu and was one that sent all of its children to that particular school of fighting; Asagi was no exception. While she lacked the skill of her father and brothers, she was still formidable enough to enter the fighting competitions for under eighteen year olds and always came out second or third place. Despite this lack of golden awards, Asagi was still academically well off; starting a year before she ought to. The result was her being younger than all her class-mates. As a child she was sheltered from the horrors of the two Bloody Valentine Wars and never grew feelings of hate towards the other race of humans. She quickly grew to have a bubbly tom boy attitude, this was attributed to her lack of a mother but the whispers behind her back by the other girls never really bothered her.


Not long after her graduation she became more devoted to her family's school of martial arts and quickly replaced the silver and bronze on her cabinet with gold. One of her many boy-friends informed her of Kyokugenryu in a video game, "The King of Fighters"; curious, Asagi did something that would come back to haunt her every time she used a computer and downloaded the emulated version of it. Doing such an action she became slightly paranoid when using the computer at home and hid the files deep within her directories. Whenever she played the game she felt compelled to use the Kyokugenryu team which consisted of Ryo and Yuri Sakazaki, the latter of which Asagi compares to herself in many different ways.


She came to love the King of Fighters and its rich story and eventually Asagi managed to scrape up several other versions of the game; including the entire Art of Fighting series, a spin off of the King of Fighters in addition to several other storyline branches such as Fatal Fury. Soon, her addiction grew to the point where she needed the anime series in addition to the manga to survive a day. This continued until she depleted her savings and was forced to take up a job other than staying at the Dojo, where pay was bad unfortunately, even if it was family.


Forced to abandon paltry jobs such as maid or fast-food attendant, Asagi opted to join the Republic of East Asia military. Salary for pilots was high and thanks to her perfect 20-20 vision, a rarity among naturals she was qualified for the job. After many weeks of training she was qualified, if not just barely; her unorthodox methods in her training simulations held her back, despite being effective. Thankfully, she was assigned to the Republic of East Asia forces as an Ensign and salary on that alone was high enough to supply her with a year’s worth of merchandise.


Asagi however is away from home quite often, and it was to great surprise when one time on vacation she returned back to her family’s house to see her room rented out to a Kyokugenryu initiate. After an hour of tantrums and fist fights she came out on top of her four brothers and took the largest bed in the household for her own; if only for a night it had been worth the battle. She now held a part of the home permanently.


Asagi’s style of fighting is the “Soaring Striped Phoenix” school of Kyokugen, a mix of the Tiger and the Phoenix forms which derives from the blazing fast strikes of the Tiger along with the fiery grace, that of a Phoenix.. Her brother Shiro specializes in the Phoenix school while Eiji and Shou are disciples of the Tiger and Daichi is the master of the Dragon along with Asagi’s father.

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Ensign Asagi Kyoto of the Republic of East Asia forces accepted, welcome to the Earth Alliance 


((This is how you want it, right Val?  Overlook the profile then post here stating acceptence, rejection, and rank (if applicable). ))


Congratulations on being the second EA member Winders (with me being the first , fear my seniority!!! 

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