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Iron Blooded Order Roleplay


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Hello all!

I am going to start an Iron Blooded Orphans roleplay. This topic will be for both  discussion and announcements. I’ll be taking the lead for this one so let me know if you have any questions! I’m also open to all feedback!

Iron Blooded Order

It is the year 325 "Post Disaster", set more than 300 years after a great war between Earth and Outer colonies known as the "Calamity War", Mars has been successfully terraformed and colonized by humans. However, even with the technological advancements, the humans on Mars, Jupiter, and artificial  colonies crave freedom against the government of Earth and seek to improve their livelihoods. Furthermore, while most of colony nations have received autonomy, the colonies are virtually dependent on Earth for economic development with many living in impoverished conditions.

Even though Earth enjoys the fruits of the colonies’ labors there is growing strife within Gjallarhorn, the Earth's ruling body. Noble families plot against each other for greater esteem on the ruling council. Differences in philosophy among the families have led to growing uneasiness. Some families vow for greater colony independence while others vouch for greater military presence to control the colonies.



  • Mars groups

  • Jupiter groups

  • Pirates

  • Colony activist


  • PMCs

  • Shipping Businesses

Gjallarhorn / Earth

  • Fareed family

  • Baudin family

  • Issue family

  • Kujan family

  • Baklazan family

  • Falk family

  • Elion family

  • Arianrhod fleet (elite unit)

  • Outer earth orbit regulatory joint fleet

  • Arbrau

  • African Union

  • Strategic alliance union

  • Oceanian federation


Things to consider

This is like a reboot of IBO

  • The setting is a couple years after IBO would take place but none of the characters from the series are here.

Remember the technology

  • Alayna-Vijnana system is a double edged sword. It is shunned by gjallarhorn. Although it increases performance it does negatively affect the body if used excessively and is usually implanted at a younger age at high risk.

  • Nano filament armor negates beam weaponry so hard melee weapons and guns are used.

  • Ahab reactors each have a unique signature and are used to identify units. They also mess up certain electronics and are typically kept out of urban areas.

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