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Demetrius Amherst


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Full name: Demetrius Amherst


Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: MS Pilot

Birthplace: Februarius City

Citizenship: United Emirates of Orb

Personality: Soft-spoken and kind-hearted, Demetrius is like this because he feels that people should be treated equally and with the same respect he feels they will also have for him.  He's also a good listening 'board' by carefully listening to friends and acquiantances talk about their problems and frustrations while putting in a word here or a phrase there to alleviate any distress they may feel.  This manner contrasts with his attitude during combat training exercises inside and outside of a MS cockpit.  He tends to be extremely focused and performs any actions with almost manic intensity.  This is fueled by his strong beliefs in defending his homeland and its people.


"Whoever said offense is the best defense...they knew what they were talking about." - Demetrius




(Aoki Seiichirou from X, by CLAMP)

Height: 181cm

Weight: 61kg

Hair Colour and Style: Dark-brown, short and casual.

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: thin-framed glasses

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Thin and wiry.

Clothing: Khakis, collared long-sleeved shirt, brown shoes, Orb standard uniform/pilot suit

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Alia Ornam

Father: James Amherst

Siblings: N/A

Girlfriend: N/A


Personal History: Born at Februarius City, Demetrius was a typical second-generation Coordinator.  By the time he was nine years old, tensions rose up to the boiling point between the EA and ZAFT.  Not wanting to be on one side or another, his parents decided to head to Earth and sought sanctuary in Orb, given the ideals advocated by the Athna family and the country's neutral status. Demetrius grew up in a rather peaceful environment that promoted the unity of Coordinators and Naturals.  He was kind to others and was relatively happy during this brief period.  But unfortunately, his parents' wish to avoid the crossfire of war would not be fulfilled.


His family went through turbulent times as Orb was attacked by the Earth Alliance during the first war.  Demetrius went through several evacuations during this brief time.  He was able to watch some of the Orb Astrays struggling as they attempted to defend the homeland.  He began to have thoughts about joining the military because he felt he needed to protect his home.


During the Second war, several of Demetrius’ friends and classmates were killed during ZAFT’s attack because of the delay in the evacuation order due to incompetent leadership.  It was due to this tragedy in which Demetrius reinforced his need for power to defend the country he loved.  He also began to dislike both the EA and ZAFT, as he thought of their war as nothing but destructive and pointless.  Despite that, he did not compromise his gentle nature, as it was like a brake on the inner anger he felt.


By the time the PEACE Treaty was signed, Demetrius was still too young to join the military, despite the lack of open hostilities.  Instead, he took time to study various engineering fields as he went through high school and college.  After he graduated, he joined the military in C.E. 81.  After basic training, he trained on mobile suits.  Given his Coordinator background, he was able to handle the Orb mobile suits easily, since they were geared toward Naturals.  His quiet nature sometimes made comrades forget that he was in the same room as they were.  But during combat exercises, he was definitely a visible presence as he did everything with sharp focus, intensity, and competence. 


In the past year, because of his command potencial along with his kind personality, he was voted to concurrently take position as Orb's second representative for the Non-Offensive Vanguard Alliance (NOVA).  Because of the relatively young nature of the Alliance, Demetrius took his position very seriously as he participated in open discussions with other nation leaders.  However, he considered himself a FREE Forces officer first, representative second in order not to lose focus on his goal of protecting his beloved nation. 

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[align=center]Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Mr. Demetrius Amherst is a naturalized citizen of the United Emirates of Orb, and is to be accorded with the same rights as all other loyal citizens of the Orb Union.


Furthermore, this citizen is an enlisted soldier in the Federation of Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces, holding the rank of Sergeant, with duties and responsibilities thereof.


Signed and Noted by:

Representative Rad Rider-Kamakura




Welcome to ORB, liubei013.


Don't post anything for RP yet, though. We'll post an announcement on our faction board when we have further news.

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