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Sandrilene Apfelsine


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Full name: Sandrilene Apfelsine

Nickname: Sandry, Lene, San

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Chairperson of PLANTs

Birthplace: Zodiac, PLANTs

Citizenship: ZAFT

Personality: Perfectionist, Loyal, Overly critical at times, Open minded, Good thinker, Practical, Logical, Occasionally bossy.




Height: 170 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Hair Colour and Style: Long black wavy hair tied partially back.

Eye Colour: Reddish brown

Identifying Marks: Small mole on the back of her right hand

Skin Tone: Fair

Build: Tall and Slender


During work, skirt suits that have a blazer with side seams and flared skirts are her trademark, in colours like black, grey and white. Occasionally, for visits to military areas, she will opt for a collarless jacket shaped with princess seams and pants.

Outside work however, she prefers wearing jeans and a blouse in pastel colours.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Amiliane Chandler

Father: Niklaren Apfelsine

Siblings: Trisana Apfelsine (Missing, presumed dead)


Personal History:

Sandrilene lived at Zodiac from birth till the age of 9, as both her parents worked at the government’s research centre. Both sides of her family, the Chandlers and Apfelsines had been involved in research work on agriculture in space for the past three generations.


Sandrilene’s parents were always busy with work at the research centre, and for reasons unknown, her sister Trisana, then 5, was sent to stay with an aunt at Copernicus City when Sandrilene was only 2. Thus, the only company Sandrilene had was her maternal grandmother, Miranda and Jason, a boy who lived next door who is 4 years older than her. Jason’s parents were close friends of the Apfelsines, and worked at the research centre too thus Jason spent a lot of time over at Sandrilene’s house.


Miranda used to research on various types of seeds that can grow well in space, and thus, she loved gardening. As a result, from a very young age, both Sandrilene and Jason were helping out at the garden. They spent many afternoons planting vegetables and flowers, trying to grow hybrids of flowers or growing them in a unique colour. Although they hardly succeed, Miranda never failed to encourage them. As a result, they both grew to love gardening.


At the age of 9, Miranda fell very ill, and as a result, Sandrilene was sent to a boarding school to train the country’s future elites at Junius City – she got in because of her parents, where she was forced to grow up very quickly. Boarding school would have been very lonely, if not for Jason, who was sent to boarding school too. Being 4 years older, he was like an elder brother, always looking out for her. Their love for gardening had not faltered, and thus continued their work in the school compounds. Armed with new knowledge, Sandrilene and Jason managed to carry out successfully some of their previous failed experiments.


3 years after Sandrilene went to boarding school, her grandmother died. After Miranda’s death, Sandrilene never stepped into a garden again, preferring to stay in the labs, and for some reason, drifted away from Jason. Maybe the reason was that most of the happy memories she had with Jason involved Miranda, and she did not know how to cope with her sadness.


Sandrilene was 13 when the First Bloody Valentine War began, and all the students at the school had to volunteer at various hospitals around PLANTs. Both Jason and Sandrilene were sent back to Zodiac where they volunteered as nurses at the same hospital and the two of them became close friends again, working hard together at the hospital.


After the war, both of them went back to school where they both continued their studies. Sandrilene realised that she had grown to like Jason as more than a friend but to chosen to keep it silent, as she did not want to risk ruining their friendship.


Peace was short-lived and the Second Bloody Valentine War broke out. Jason decided to join ZAFT, to help protect the ones he loved. Before he left, Jason confessed that he liked Sandrilene but never dared to tell her. He gave her a heart – shaped locket and promised to come back. He never made it.


Sandrilene was very upset over his death, as Jason was the one who was closet to her besides her late grandmother. However, his death made her determined to get into PLANTs supreme council, so that she can prevent another war from happening, as Sandrilene believed that war brings nothing but pain and sadness. Thus, she began to take an interest in politics, and doing very well in school.


The time came when there was a need to introduce new members into the council and thus, Sandrilene, along with some of her peers, were elected. Sandrilene was picked to become the youngest post-war chairperson at the age of 28. There are rumours that Sandrilene is only a puppet for the older generation in the council, but only time will tell if this is true...


Sandrilene's parents reside in Zodiac still and the whereabouts of her sister are unknown after the war.

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"During the war between PLANTs and Earth Alliance, all the students at the school had to volunteer at various hospitals around plants. Sandrilene volunteered as a nurse and it was there that she saw the horrors of war. However, she has never expressed if she’s anti – Naturals, choosing to keep her stand silent. "


She was three when that happened.

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