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ChengHu Liu


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Player name: liubei013

Character number: 2

Faction: Earth Alliance



Full name: ChengHu Liu

Nickname: Yinglong 應龍 (see last part of Personal History)

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: MS Pilot, bodyguard (unofficial), tank driver, fighter pilot

Birthplace: Weichuan, Henan Province, China

Citizenship: Republic of East Asia

Personality: Cold, calculating, and level-headed, Hu-Cheng is fiercely loyal to his nation as well as its people and would not hesitate to take whatever means necessary to protect them.  It is difficult to gain his trust; but if anyone does, then they have a strong and loyal man at their side ready to do what is right.  Despite his cold exterior, he acts warm and caring to those close to him.   


“不管是國家或者百姓, 我一定會保護他們”

(“Doesn’t matter if it’s the nation or the people, I will definitely protect them.”)



Brandon Heat, Gungrave

©Geneon Entertainment, Studio Madhouse




Height: 5'11"

Weight: 77kg

Hair Colour and Style: Black, short, and slicked around except for a little bit of hair running down outside his eyes as well as down along the back of his neck.

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: Wears thin, rectangular glasses

Skin Tone: Slightly pale

Build: Well-built, muscular, especially around the shoulders

Clothing: Civilian: Generally seen wearing a black suit, black tie, and dress shoes due to his involvement with the Republic government.

Military: Standard white Earth Alliance officer uniform, except for the red trim along the sleeves and pants to represent his nation.

Handiness: Right-handed (trains his left hand to make himself almost ambidextrous)




Mother: LiFa Chang

Father: FengMing Liu

Siblings: MeiHua Liu (younger sister; deceased)

Girlfriend: XueLi Wu


Personal History: ChengHu was born into a family of farmers.  Because he was the first son of FengMing (his sister, MeiHua, was born a year later), his father, a lot of attention was placed on ChengHu as a child, such as schooling.  By day, he walked several miles each day to school in one of the larger towns and helped with the chores on the farm by night.  This lifestyle taught him to work hard and to never lose focus on what needed to be done.  Because the Republic did not intervene with the common people's affairs, most citizens felt at ease with the government.  It was because of that ChengHu constantly heard genuine praise for the government; unlike during the former regime of Communist China based on the history books he read before. 


Later, he went to Beijing to continue his studies.  While he was amazed at the prosperity of the middle class in the crowded city, he never forgot nor forsaken his roots unlike many others that discovered the frivolity of urban life. While the young adults walked around in a carefree manner with their music players, cell phones, and lattes, he recalled his fellow villagers who toiled day in and out with backbreaking work to make a living.  He understood that the government worked to serve ALL the people, not just one particular group or another. 


After he got out of college, he went back to his home province to work in an electronics factory.  But after about a year, ChengHu felt unsatisfied with the work.  He finally decided to make a direct contribution to the government by joining the military.  Though opposed at first, his parents finally relented.  His father said, "As long as you think this decision is the right one."  After he went through training, he ended up as a linear tank driver for the Republic's defense forces.  But when the war started, his military career ended up rather uneventful as the Republic's involvement in the war was rather minimal after the loss of the Kaohsuing spaceport.  He inwardly seethed at the government's passive stance as he saw their actions as cowardly. 


Near the end of the war, while the main Atlantic Federation forces went headlong at ZAFT, the Republic finally obtained the detailed blueprints for the Strike Dagger (and later the 105 Dagger) mass production suits.  When ChengHu heard about this, he joined up with the initial training and ended up as one of the first mobile suit pilots in the Republic.  He was immediately impressed with the vast potential these war machines had.  After the first war, he trained in these suits extensively.  During this time, he also trained in flying a variety of aircraft.  He began to devise a doctrine for certain soldiers to have multiple strengths in a variety of vehicles and weapons. 


His dissatisfaction grew with the onset of the second Valentine War due to the lack of pro-active response by the Republic government.  Unfortunately, with the Junius 7 colony drop, the Republic had to put focus on rescue and repair.  It was during this time when he found out his younger sister, who was working as an accountant in Shanghai, was killed during the tsunamis that formed due to the impacts of falling colony debris.  He grew cold and emotionless as he focused on aiding the beleaguered citizens with air supply drops and other relief efforts.


After the second war, he supported the liberals and moderates in the Republic government that took a proactive stance, making sure that their nation could no longer be subdued by other nations.  After a few years of lobbying with both government officials and military superiors, ChengHu established the Republic of East Asia's first Independent Mobile Group, the Red Dragon Guard, with several more to follow.  He emphasized the need for cross-training on a variety of vehicles, though the Group itself was predominantly a mobile suit one.  He also made sure that individuals that were admitted to this Group had nothing but the most unquestioned loyalty to the Republic. 


When he was on leave after a brief tour of duty he encountered several men harassing a young woman.  Without hesitation, he walked up and kicked one of them to the side.  He asked them in a cold tone to leave or else.  When they refused and charged at him, he calmly drew his two handguns and casually aimed at them.  They quickly changed their mind and ran off.  After making sure the woman was fine and escorted her home, he politely said his farewell and left.  Curious and slightly persistent, the woman eventually met up with him later on.  XueLi Wu got to know him better and eventually managed to break his cold exterior, a feat those under his command consider legendary.  ChengHu grew fond of her and found that she was the perfect confidant, someone who could listen and counsel him, given how he rarely opened himself to anyone.


In the early C.E. 80 while he was organizing his new Group, he met two individuals who would soon become the Premier and Secretary General and were his strongest supporters.  While already loyal to the Republic, his loyalty was reinforced by those two individuals.  He respected them and their views so much that he served as an unofficial bodyguard and advisor whenever he visited them for official business.  ChengHu continues to serve the Republic and its people with every fiber of his being.


Note:  His nickname, Yinglong, originated from a reference to a casual conversation with the Premier.  The Premier commented one time that ChengHu was like Yinglong, a powerful dragon who was also a servant of HuangDi, the Yellow Emperor.  Though ChengHu didn’t like the name, it eventually stuck after some ‘encouragement’ by his subordinates and the Premier.

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Cold and calculating, honorable and loyal. I rather like this man's personality. I'm looking forward to seeing how he's RP'ed. Should be rather interesting. Don't think we even have any other REA soldiers, do we?


At any rate, I certainly don't see any problems with the profile itself. Looks good.

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Lets see.... ummm....errr.... Darn it, there's nothing to correct!  :(" title="Angry" />


Well, given the new character approval rules, I guess this is the time where I get to say, profile approved, right?    (If not, I'll move it back the moment I'm told that I did something wrong V_V)


Lieutenant Commander ChengHu Liu accepted, welcome to the EA! (And yes, that means he outranks my precious Lune 0_o)

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