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Alisha Diederich (Revamped character)


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Player name: Wilhelm

Character number: 1

Faction: P.L.A.N.T/Z.A.F.T




Full name: Alisha Diederich (アリーシャ・ヂエデリチェ)


Age: 28

Gender: Female

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Commander of Z.A.F.T

Birthplace: Aprilius One Plant

Citizenship: Plant



Alisha is rather easy going and laid back in casual surroundings. She is quick to ask questions, and always tries to find a way to get out of hostile situations. She is feisty and tends to occupy her time with a variety to tasks be it mental or physical. The persons who are seen in her company tend to be those of regal or aristocratic backgrounds. Despite being in the upper-class crowd, Alisha seems to like the differences in personalities that middle to lower class people offer.


Alisha is rather refined, and tents to drink on a casual basis. She adores exquisite wines, and foreign alcohol. She tends to drink in large groups at social events, and with fellow soldiers or friends. Alisha has been known to drink alone, in reverence of those who died in her past. 


Hardened by her military career, Alisha is less conservative than most commanders in the Zaft military. She often thinks on her feet, and will often bend the rules to her advantage. She also believes that trust is a key trait that binds everyone together. If someone violates her trust, she will show no remorse in dealing with the said individual. Alisha will always be open for advice from her subordinates, and is always looking for a second option.





Height: 168CM (5’6)

Weight: 48KG (110lbs)

Hair Colour and Style: Elegant and flowing blonde hair that is parted with a large amount of fringe falling over the right side of her face. Her hair is traditionally straight, but has been curled slightly by daily routines.

Eye Colour: Bluish Green

Identifying Marks:

Skin Tone: Fair, flawless complexion

Build: Athletic/voluptuous

Clothing: Very playful attire, which consist of designer pants, shorts, and casual wear. Sometimes she will wear formal attire, if the situation demands it. Alisha's clothes are all mostly form fitting, to accentuate her body type. She also loves to wear a swimsuit if the situation is relaxed enough. When on duty, tends to wear a female version of the white commander uniform, consisting of a knee lengthy skirt, heels, and a tailored jacket.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Aliya Diederich

Father: Vitali Diederich

Siblings: Verena Diederich

Significant Other: Takashi Wilhelm

Children: Alexis Wilhelm


Personal History:

Alisha was the first of a pair of children under her father, Vitali, and mother, Aliya. Alisha’s father was a carefree man in the Zaft military, while her mother was renowned violinist often touring the colonies, and Earth to perform her craft. These events stretched across Alisha’s early childhood, she attended school, extracurricular activities, and would often get scolded for being a trouble maker. Alisha was a gifted child, but due to her personality quirks, she wasn’t allowed to attend the illustrious private academies her mother and father once attended.


After much scrutiny from her parents, Alisha eventually was sent to a school at Copernicus. There she would get the proper education that her parents desired. At Copernicus, Alisha was barely ten years old. There she was alone for the first time in her life, causing her to often shed tears of due to separation anxiety. Shortly after, Alisha became the center of attention, despite her depressed state of anxiety. She found the company of others to be exciting, causing her depression of being away from her parents to fade away. Alisha continued her schooling at Copernicus until she was the age of fifteen and was pulled out shortly after the Tragedy of Copernicus in early February of CE70. Leaving her friends behind, Alisha followed the request of her parents, and returned to Aprilius where she would finish her schooling in the safety of the homeland.


Alisha spent five years abroad from her parents, and for the first time she met her younger sister Verena who attended the private academy in Aprilius. The little girl didn’t think much of her older sister, due to her inability to get accepted into the private schools across Plant. Alisha was annoyed by her sister’s arrogance, but despite her feisty and charismatic personality she feigned ignorance. Verena was two years younger than Alisha, at the ripe age of thirteen she always spent her days studying, and not showing her older sister any affection. Alisha felt detached, while her parents often would speak of her younger sister’s accomplishments.


Eventually, the outside world started to become engulfed in the hatred of both Naturals and Coordinators. The two parties were clouded with intolerance towards one another. Alisha would watch the news while, her mother would try to get her to play the violin. She hated the violin, and more importantly didn’t even want to be around her parents any longer. It was a few months before the tragedy which would spark the full scale war between the two races. Alisha was starting to grow weary of the events transpiring, and joined Zaft shortly after.


Alisha excelled in a majority of tasks appointed to her by her commanding officers. It would seem that she was born to wear the uniform, as many of her academy friends would say about her. She was quite unorthodox in terms of engaging the enemy often reverting to a mixture of guerilla and open warfare tactics. She relied heavily on her wits, and what machine she was piloting in key simulations. Alisha spent three months in the academy, and received high honors from her commanding officers, and was selected to become an Elite Red pilot upon graduation.


Her family was frightened about the safety of their eldest, but due to her record of being from a foreign school on Copernicus, Alisha’s chances of being in a non-combat position in the military was unlikely. The positions were reserved for those of high standing, but some of those in that cast often followed suit and joined the front lines in battle. Alisha was quick to be sent into action, and didn’t have time to visit her parents in the month of February. The entire Zaft military was on full alert, and several units to be mobilized to defend the colony of Junius Seven from an alliance attack.


Alisha and like many others who have never fought against a flesh and blood person were frightened to see the large mass of the Alliance forces in the distance. Some were arrogant when viewing the bulky and sluggish Moebius, while others took them into consideration as a possible adversary. Before anyone could gather themselves for battle, it was already upon them. The Alliance opened fire, and the battle of Junius Seven began on the fourteen, and would promptly end hours after.


Alisha witnessed the deaths of her comrades hearing their cries for help flooding the radio. The Ginn were advanced compared to the natural forces, but were vastly outnumbered. The emotions of rage, hate, and fear were ever-present on the battlefield. It was then after hours of battling, the worst thing happened. A group of Moebius managed to avoid mobile suit fire, and launched their salvo of nuclear missiles at the defenseless colony. Within moments of the detection, the colony erupted into a series of explosions, and broke apart with the bright nuclear light blinding the view of both factions.


In the aftermath, Alisha was one of the few that managed to survive in the 15 mile blast radius of the Junius Seven nuclear strike. Her Ginn was retrieved along with many other causalities of the battle, many of her comrades in arms died due to radiation poisoning. Alisha was to bear witness of seeing more than half of her friends buried, leaving behind weeping relatives, and friends.


Alisha attended over a hundred funerals of those in her graduating class at the academy. Many of them she had known, and others she had met in combat. She was given temporary leave, due to her valiant effort in defense. Alisha promptly returned home, where her parents were relieved to see that she was alive and well. Vitali praised his daughter, and reassured her to stay the course, and avenge the lives lost. Alisha was already dead set on achieving the goal, but at the moment Zaft’s campaigns were of marginal success, and major failures. It would be a matter of time before veterans of the Bloody Valentine battle would be recalled to service Plant.


It was the first time in her short life, that Verena her youngest sister expressed concern for her older sister. Many of her classmates were in deep depression dealing with the deaths of their war fighting family members. Alisha couldn’t quit, her heart, and soul told her to continue until she herself died. She reassured Verena, and her entire family that she will return no matter how difficult, or how badly injured she was. With her final words, Alisha eventually left to join in on the Operation that was to be called “Uroboros.”


In the coming months, Alisha grew ever more restless as a result of the countless battles. She didn’t get the satisfaction that she believed killing her enemies would give her. Near the end of the first pair of successful campaigns, Alisha was awarded the Order of the Nebula for her devout commitment to her duties as a Zaft officer. She was somewhat excited about this medal, but didn’t let it get to her head like others. It was just a piece of metal; it didn’t offer any protection from the naturals. Alisha gave her medal to her family, along with the various other miniscule things the military gave.


Alisha continued her valiant service being transferred from the Earth to space, and back. She was a versatile pilot, capable of fighting on the earth, and in space. Although originally her preference was long range, it swiftly changed after witnessing the “Desert Tiger” in his sweep of Africa using the first new model Lagowe. Alisha tagged along under the command of a lesser known commander under the command of Waltfield. Alisha stayed in Africa for several months, but never had the chance to be fully transferred into the Waltfield team before it was destroyed by the X-Number Alliance unit, and its warship the Archangel.


Before she knew it, Alisha was shipped back up into space, in order to assist with experimental weaponry. Along with a few other Elite pilots, they were given the opportunity to pilot the Cgue Deep arms variants. Alisha was sickened by constantly being without a set commander, but her protests came unanswered. She was an auxiliary pilot, that the council seemed that she was a perfect trump card.


The war quickly dragged on until it swiftly came to an end with the destruction of Genesis, and a crippling loss to both Zaft, and the Earth Alliance. Alisha was shocked at the capability on how three ships, and two high powered mobile suits managed to defeat two armies when vastly outnumbered. She never got the chance to battle against the Freedom or Justice in the battle of Jachin Due, but in the end she managed to defeat several A1 Daggers, and the variant buster dagger.


In the years after the war, Alisha returned to an easy and carefree life of being a soldier in a time of peace. She became a commander of a small squad of two warships. They would constantly patrol, often making stops between the various Plant colonies. On one such occasion, Alisha was spending a day with various companions at a local club where she saw a man walking by. He was a tourist, but for some reason, he made Alisha’s heart beat erratically. The man was Dante Nirvash, a coordinator from plant, and a case worker for the DSSD organization.


Alisha ended up meeting Dante at a social party for one of Vitali, Alisha’s father’s friends. Dante was a gentleman, and was extremely attractive even on coordinator standards. He was promptly introduced to Alisha, and surprisingly he was unaware that Alisha was a soldier in the Zaft forces. It seemed that they were a perfect match, for months they appeared to be romantically involved with each other.


The relationship was short lived, and Alisha and Dante went their separate ways. Alisha returned to her job, and continued to service her nation, by patrolling the inner colonies of Plant. She was well informed, but was completely unaware of the surprises over the horizon. The Armory one incident, started the fire that was extinguished by the Clyne Faction two years prior. Alisha was immediately sent to provide emergency supplies for the damaged colony, while the Minerva chased the unknown vessel that managed to steal the three prototype units.


Upon her arrival the colony was thoroughly devastated by the overpowering weapons of the three units. It would take months to get the military facilities back up, reducing one of Zaft’s troop garrisons. Alisha remained in Armory One, and was head of the reconstruction while more drama started to unfold in the chaotic world.


The Junius Seven drop changed everything, and soon the entire world turned its sights on plant. Alisha was irritated at the sheer unethical stance of the Earth Alliance, as in one brutal attack a space battle erupted in the inner colonies. Alisha’s team was stationed beside the experimental Neutron Stampeder as the last line of defense. Her mobile suit team was compromised of a few ace pilots, and fresh recruits. Despite her requests, her team seemed to always be in the Joule Team’s shadow. It was at that moment, when Alisha was reminded of the bloody valentine tragedy. The Alliance had shot the unethical weapons directly at the Plant colonies. Luckily, the chairman had pushed for this experimental weapon in order to balance out the obvious violation of the Junius Seven Treaty. Without having to fire a single shot, Alisha’s team watched while the Neutron Stampeder eliminated the entire nuclear strike team, and its support ships.


The battle was a victory for Zaft, but at what cost. Alisha would spend countless hours in deep thought drinking with various other commanders. The second war was now in full bloom, and quickly escalated with the Minerva being the catalyst. The information was small, but Alisha eventually transferred out of being a combat commander, and took up position at the national defense headquarters. Her experience and profile allowed her to start out in a respectable position.


In the growing days, Alisha processed applications and filed letters informing parents of Zaft soldiers that their sons or daughters died valiantly for the safety of Plant. It was a hard task to do, but Alisha had already gone through this at a young age. She attended funerals with various other officers, and gave compassionate speeches to those soldiers that she knew.


Soon, Alisha’s job at the national defense headquarters was ended by the request of the council Chairman. She was to be sent back to the front lines, where she’d be reunited with the members of her former team. It was in the late days of the war, where Zaft needed all its forces in order to make sure the Destiny Plan was put into fully effect. Alisha was like many others that were grossly sickened by the Destiny Plan. Alisha was opposed after finding her genetics would make her a simple housewife, while others received more respectable positions. Following her duty, Alisha fought until the very last moments. It was a swift end, with the death of the Chairman, and several Zaft advisors. It ended the Second war, and brought a new era of peace to the Earth.


In the years to come, Alisha continued her path as a commander, and swiftly rose in the ranks due to the elderly commanders retiring. Her aptitude for testing, and battle experience made her ready for another challenge. Now after ten years of peace it would seem more trouble appears on the horizon for the earth. Alisha looks to the stars, and hopes to be able to protect Plant. 


Character Portrait




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Since this new revamp is completely different from my Delfina Schneider character, I thought it would be prudent to have this character approved. The history is a tad long, but I had to make her old enough, and with a history that would allow the character to be on level with a experience Zaft commander.


Sadly this character will replace my current one, when we decide to start the RP up.

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Her Ginn was retrieved along with many other causalities of the battle, many of his comrades in arms died due to radiation poisoning.


Just a minor error there. Everything else seems to be in order.


Approval from me. We just need the second opinion. *nudges liubei*

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@Valiant: You're not subtle. .>" title="" />




A very nice and quite thorough character profile there, Wilhelm.  (I read the whole thing x_o )  However, I did notice a few things here and there.  (mostly mechanical, not content)


In the Personality section, I noticed a reoccurring issue.  You have a tendency to overuse commas to the point where it kills the flow of certain sentences.

The persons who are seen in her company tend to be, those of regal or aristocratic backgrounds.

Removing the comma will make the sentence flow a little better.  There are sentences scattered throughout your History that are similar to this.  This isn't a serious issue though, just something I was getting a little nitpicky over. 


In paragraph 10, I found something similar to what Valiant pointed out.

Vitali praised his son, and reassured her to stay the course, and avenge the lives lost.


Also, while the brief part about Alisha's relationship with Dante was nice, I did not see how it relate to her as a person.


Other than that, I don't see anything else that needs to be pointed out.

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Yeah, I tend to overuse commas....a lot. I'll try to fix this in the future. Other than the comma issue, I fixed the embarrassing error.


Originally, I was going to elaborate more on the Dante/Alisha relationship, but it was already too long. I would have ended up making it much longer since, non time line orientated issues are easy to write about.

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