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Faction changes


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Following the storyline reset, there will be a new look for the factions here on Advent Destiny.


The three main factions would be:

1. Earth Alliance


3. NOVA ([wiki]Non-Offensive Vanguard Alliance[/wiki])


The Orb Union will become a part of NOVA. Existing members of the Orb Union will be automatically transferred to NOVA.


NOVA is an alliance formed from the neutral nations: the Orb Union, the Kingdom of Scandinavia, the Equatorial Union, and the United States of South America.


Other than these main factions, two mercenary factions would be available:

1. Serpent Tail

2. Soldiers of Fire


We will be bringing back the canon mercenary organization, a move that should be a good news to many of you

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Hmm...Let's see...Is this a move to promote more people to move into other factions so as to balance out the numbers and make it all the more interesting?


I was wondering if we get enough role players for each faction, we can start off with a secondary character of less importance for another faction.


Or perhaps we can simply change our profiles to fit that of the other factions if we want to change over.

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