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Dante Alighieri

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Full name: Dante Alighieri

Nickname: D.A

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Pilot

Birthplace: Junius three

Citizenship: Junius City, PLANT


Personality: Dante is like any other teenager. He’s young, naïve, and rash. He doesn’t like taking orders, but he’ll do what he must to succeed. His plans are all laid out in front of him and he’ll do whatever it takes to reach his goals. He won’t hesitate after he has made a decision, and will sometimes go against superiors to do what he thinks is right. He’s not specifically designed for battle, and he has never been in a battle either. But the teenager is ready and willing to help out, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get the power he needs to make things happen…not only for himself, but for others as well.


Dante is usually nice to other people, but he is known to have little cranky outbursts at people who have done nothing to him. He doesn’t go out and try to make friends with everyone, but he is not looking to pick fights either. Some people call him a hot head, and others say he does what others are too scared to do. But Dante just thinks that he’s being real, and being himself. The teenager doesn’t have any problems with cockiness or overconfidence, but he is known to often go against superiors because he believes that his own choices are better for the situation…when in reality he is just trying to make himself happy.


Dante doesn’t understand the same things as the veterans of war, but that only makes him stronger. He hasn’t been through all of the lectures, and hasn’t seen his friends die on the battlefield. He fights without fear and with the goal to do whatever it takes. No matter whom his enemy is he will fight, and it gets him into trouble. In the end, Dante just wants what is best for the PLANT’s and for his family…that is why he fights.




Height: 178 cm

Weight: 65 kg


Hair Colour and Style: Dante has short, dark brown hair that doesn’t even reach down to his eyebrows. He doesn’t usually put gel or anything else in his hair, which his why it always seems so messy…which is the case. Since the teenagers hair is short it hardly ever gets too far out of hand, since it’s easy to take care of…even for him. On the rare occasion when Dante does put gel in his hair, he spikes it up all across the top. It looks much better, but the teen just thinks it’s a hassle to have to do that everyday.


Eye Colour: Dark Blue

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Fair

Build: Lean


Clothing: Dante wears a pair of blue jeans held up with a black belt. He has a white t-shirt, but if it gets cold he’ll wear a black hooded sweater over it. The teenager doesn’t wear anything on his head, and has a black pair of high top sneakers on his feet. (Note: I may change it in my rps, but I’ll put it in my rp so everyone knows.)

Handiness: Right Handed






Mother: Eva Alighieri (Alive)

Father: Vergil Alighieri (deceased)

Siblings: Leon Alighieri (Alive)

Wife/Girlfriend: N/A


Personal History:


Dante Alighieri was born and raised in Junius city, specifically Junius one. He was raised by his mother mostly while his father was working. He grew up like any other child in Junius city, but Dante grew up liking different things then most other children. He became completely obsessed over what was going on in the war, and hoped that he could take part in the war one day himself…something that his parents feared very deeply. They knew that if he really wanted to take part in the war they wouldn’t be able to stop him, and they didn’t want their only son to go off to war. His mother and father were against it mostly because they feared that he’d go off and get himself killed, over a cause he had no understanding of.


Eva Alighieri was born and raised in Junius City herself. It was there where she received her degree in medicine, but stopped practicing when Dante was born. The stay at home mom thought that it would be better if she stayed to take care of Dante while his father was out working, since he’d make enough money for the whole family anyway. After the birth of her second son Eva knew that she needed more help around the house, since everyone was on edge during that time, and she didn’t want the children to feel neglected. Eva is still alive now and is still living in Junius city with her second son, Leon.


Vergil Alighieri worked as an engineer in the PLANT colonies for twenty years. He worked on all aspects of the PLANT’s, but was rarely called in to help out with military installations and weapons, due to the fact that it would take him away from his family. Vergil passed away when Dante was eleven, and only saw his second son, Leon grow to the age of two. Leon will never remember his father, but Dante is there to tell him about what a great man he really was.


At the age of five is when this craving to join the war started and no one could figure out where he had gotten the idea from. Dante didn’t really care much about what his parents thought of his plans at that time; he was just a kid dreaming of what could be. But as time went on and Dante started to get older, he realized that he could turn his dream into a reality fairly easily. All he had to do as apply for military training when he was old enough.


When the Dante was seven he was also blessed with a new brother. Leon was the kid Dante wished desperately he had the power to protect, the same way that all of the soldiers were protecting the PLANT’s. The kid had made up mind on what he wanted to do, and soon after he knew he was serious he talked to his parents about whether or not he had their support. Under normal circumstances an eight year old would not be allowed to take part in military training, which is why his parents said no.


Leon Alighieri is seven years old now. He has grown up in the PLANT’s and cannot remember his father, something that has been eating away at him for years. He wishes that he could have met his father, and has been unable to deal with the fact that he never will. Leon wants to grow up to be an engineer when he is older just like his father was, but he wants to develop safety equipment, rather then military weapons and installations.


Every year Dante was even more positive of what he wanted to do, but certain events that would happen in the future would slow him down, only long enough to realize exactly what he wanted to do. His father, Vergil had been called in to work on a new mobile suit design that used nuclear energy to power it. Because atomic physics was Vergil’s specialty it was only natural for him to be called in to help out with the new project.


Unfortunately there was a small problem, and a small explosion caused by that problem killed a dozen of the engineers working on the project. One of them was Vergil, and because of his death Dante’s view on life changed completely. His father had been killed pointlessly, so that they could create a new weapon for the war. It was a war that should not have been going on in the first place. Dante realized that if the war had never started then his father wouldn’t have died to create that new weapon. But if they hadn’t created the new weapon countless innocents would have been killed. At the same time if they did make it their enemies would just make even better weapons, and the cycle would continue until something finally happened to stop it.


To have peace there must be war…Dante had learned that after a few more years of thinking. A few years after his father passed away and he had turned fifteen the wannabe pilot had convinced his mother to let him go and take the military training. But it was hard for the teenager to be able to get anywhere at that age. He had to work as hard as he possibly could just to get by in the academy, and the worse thing about it was that he wouldn’t be able to graduate until he was seventeen, which meant that he’d have to go through all of that for two more years.


On top of all the work that was too hard for him he didn’t get any respect from the other people there at the academy. All of them had applied when they were seventeen so they could graduate quickly and because of that they didn’t like the idea that Dante was there. He was a kid in comparison to the others, which was out of his league, and unaware of what was going on. It would take him longer to figure everything out when compared to the other academy goers. But there was an advantage in that, because after the first it would take him to figure everything out, the next one after that would help him refine his skills, and make him more prepared then before.


With enough training Dante knew that he’d be able to become the soldier he had always wanted to be. Some people believed that he’d just drop out after his first year and go back later on to graduate, but he didn’t. The kid just stayed until he finished every one of his years, and when the time finally came he was more then prepared for it. After all of the drills and exercises he had done in training Dante knew he would be ready, but his greatest weakness was that he lacked the experience of actual combat.



Note: If it’s possible I’d like to apply for ZAFT. I noticed that they have the second lowest player count aside from the soldiers of fire. But I’d rather be a part of an organization.

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Not bad so far.


Background information on his family members should go into the History itself.  This profile is about the said character.  Other information such as family members and their influences on him also apply. 


As for your History, the only issue I see is having your character enter a full fledged military academy at the age of 12.  Valiant is a bit nitpicky regarding realism (see debate about eye color and hair color etc.) even though the series itself was definitely not.  It pushes things a little but it'd work if he entered the academy at the age of 16.


As for the rest, I do not see any significant issues.  Hopefully other people will provide additional feedback soon.

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Ok i understand. i'll start by taking out the part about the twelve year old stuff in my history and replace it on the family stuff i have in the background.


EDIT: I made it so that he started in the academy at fifteen and graduated at seventeen. I'll change it again if you want since it's not as hard as i thought it would be. I hope it's ok now.

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