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Re: Delfina Schneider -Revised-


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Full name: Delfina Schneider



Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Second Generation Coordinator

Birth date: CE67.3.14 

Occupation: Zaft Commander, Representitive for the National Defense Headquarters Chairman

Birthplace: Aprilius one, Plant

Ethnicity: Mediterranean & European

Citizenship: Plant

Personality: Delfina is quite flirtatious and charismatic often causing her to be the center of attention. The traits of kindness and persistence are also part of her repertoire.  She is calm under extreme stress, and seems to never lose her composure despite how hard the situation appears to be. Her feisty nature is prone to causing her more trouble than it’s worth. She is quite ladylike, but tries to maintain the image of a modern age business woman.


Delfina is quite apathetic towards people on their first meeting. In this process she retains a noble like attitude and levels down to the said person’s level. Despite her multi-leveled personality, Delfina is quite compassionate towards others, but tends to hide it behind a sarcastic grin. She has a strange sense of humor, and often laughs for no apparent reason.





Height: 168CM (5’6)

Weight: 48KG (110lbs)

Hair Colour and Style: Long purplish black hair tied back into a neck length pony tail. Her bangs are parted to the sides of her face covering her ears. Almost a messy style, but still breathtaking and baffles many who ask how she styles her hair.

Eye Colour: Yellow

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Flawless tan complexion

Build: Athletic

Clothing: Very playful attire, which consist of track pants, shorts, and casual wear. Sometimes she will wear formal attire, if the situation demands it. Deflina's clothes are all mostly form fitting, to accentuate her body type. Deflina also loves to wear a swimsuit if the situation is relaxed enough. Delfina tends to wear a female version of the white commander uniform, consisting of a knee lengthy skirt, heels, and a tailored jacket.

Handiness: Right-handed

Looks:  Delfina has a very exotic look to her, due to the genetic engineering and her parents’ heritage.




Mother: Lucretia Schneider

Father: Emeric Schneider (deceased)

Siblings: Unknown

Wife/Significant other: Unknown


Personal History:


Delfina was born and raised in a lavish lifestyle on Aprilius one, her parents were both affiliated with Zaft. Lucretia a rising researcher at Intergrated Design Bureau, gave birth to Delfina, when she was nineteen years of age. Emeric was a calm and collected pilot that's odd personality would make the war seem less depressing. Emeric was twenty one at the start of the bloody valentine.


Lucretia was one of the many researchers, which developed the concept for breaking the Neutron Jammer’s hold on nuclear technology. After several months of research, in late April of 71, the Neutron Jammer Canceler was created. The three hundred researchers that worked on this project were given extended periods of time off for their service to their nation. Unlike others that wished to do more, Lucretia gladly accepted the time off to spend it with Delfina.


Delfina grew up with a mixed outlook concerning the war; her parents would often talk about it over the phone. Although Delfina was a bit confused over the complex words her mother spoke with her father. She would often look them up in a small children's dictionary, but most of the words were to complex. Delfina’s questions would be very simple and to the point. The questions would sometimes come with a vague answer, but mostly no answer could be simplified enough for Delfina's understanding to comprehend. At the ripe age of 4 in the middle of the war, Delfina slowly started to get a general knowledge on the war. Most of this was propaganda that was implemented to news reports, and children's programs.   


Other then completely devoting her life to the Integrated Design Bureau, Lucretia spent every bit of free time with her first child. Due to the constant transfers of Emeric, he rarely got a chance to see his daughter in the first and second wars. Emeric was one of the few soldiers, which received the Ace status for his efforts at Jachin due. He fought valiantly only to end up defeated by the Clyne Faction’s Freedom and Justice. Emeric’s career continued to the middle of the second war, he was sent to protect the City of Berlin and destroy an alliance land battleship carrying a devastating new weapon. Emeric was killed by the Strike Noir, after his Kerberos Bucue malfunctioned and was sliced in half by an anti-ship sword.


News of his death was troubling, as Lucretia went into an emotional breakdown. She would lock herself up, leaving Delfina in the care of Emeric’s parents. Delfina spent the rest of the second war, and three years afterward with her grandparents. After recovering from her breakdown, Lucretia took back the young Delfina, and left to start over again at the empty estate at Aprilius one. Although money wasn’t a problem for Lucretia, she had Delfina study, in an attempt to make her into a researcher like she was. Lucretia couldn’t bear to lose Delfina the way she lost Emeric. This caused Lucretia to become very overprotective.


Years quickly passed with peace well in hand, Delfina had already finished her middle school exams, and got a scholarship to a prestigious all girls academy. She was a very brilliant student, and athlete. Although, she would often get into trouble at a regular basis, Delfina was exempt from punishment due to a contribution of money from her grandparents. Delfina excelled at her studies, and became quite popular at the school. She was skilled at every club the school provided. She was exceptionally good, at soccer, and martial arts. Although skilled at all positions, Delfina found herself subbing for many of the other players. Her leadership led the team to a national championship.


In the last years at the Academy, Delfina started to express the need to become more independent from the lifestyle of an all girls academy. Everything was starting to bore her, her grades, and all the sports she played never satisfied her. Delfina started to become interested in the mobile suits that would fly over the academy from time to time. Delfina would often borrow books from the library about the two bloody valentine wars, and read about them. One day, while looking over a picture book titled, “Imagery of war, by Jess Rabble”, she noticed a picture of three soldiers by Kerberos Bucue. The last pilot was her father. Delfina couldn’t believe her eyes, her mother only told her vaguely of her father. Only a few pictures were provided, but many of them were from his pre-military career. This photo was the turning point for Delfina; she was inspired by the picture of her deceased father. Even though he had died, his legacy lived on in this single picture, and the many articles about him by the reporter Reyna Wilhelm-Volorez.


After graduating from the academy, Delfina went against her mothers will and decided to enlist. After a few months of not speaking with her mother, it was time for her to ship out to boot camp. On that final day, Lucretia spoke with Delfina for hours over the phone. She apologized, and eventually broke out into tears. Delfina calmed her mother down, and told her that she would return.


Delfina went through the Zaft academy with hard determination. After reading the articles on her father, she found out that he was one of the bravest soldiers ever to see the battlefield. Delfina wished to follow in his footsteps; she pushed herself to her limits. This caught the eye of a veteran Zaft pilot turned instructor, Takashi Wilhelm. Wilhelm would often constantly put pressure on Delfina. Making her need to focus, not only on herself, but her squadmates. Delfina at first was very sloppy at teamwork, and would be punished for it on a constant basis. Also, her fiesty attitude was a cause for concern.


Delfina nearly was expelled from the academy for talking back to a commander, which deducted points from her exam. Luckily, Wilhelm stepped in to defend her, and consoled the immature Delfina. Delfina using her past follies, and the advice from Wilhelm started to shape her into a top notch soldier. Viewing her progression as a god-send, more and more instructors would watch Delfina conduct her simulated missions flawlessly. Delfina would not only finish the task at hand, but would selflessly keep her squad mates out of harms way. She would coordinate her plans on the fly, often changing paths to the one with the least percentage of failure. Delfina found herself able to counter-analyze her enemies strategy and use it to her advantage. Delfina proved herself to be a natural leader. Evenutally causing her to become a hi-lighted name on a roster for "Elite" positions.


Eventually after three grueling months of contant training and exercises. The graduation ceremony was underway. Delfina was acknowledged for her selflessness, and merits throughout her training. She was one of the few soldiers in her class to be given the "Red" status. Delfina was happy about the award, and would constantly crack jokes about it. Most of them would be about the skirt length, and how good she looked wearing it. Takashi Wilhelm, one of the instructors responsible for Delfina's transformation, used his connections to the Defense Department to have Delfina in for the next round of tests for a commandership position. Seeing on how she is able to quickly adapt to any given situation, it was one of the first things to come to mind.


After months, of patrol missions, and short tours on Earth. Delfina found herself recalled to Aprilius One, to take the Commandership exam at the NDQ. She found herself surrounded with veteran soldiers, and many others working their hardest to gain the promotion. Many of those officers looked down at Delfina. Most of them thought she had slept with a higher official to get her slot in taking the exam. All of these rumors were quickly pushed under the carpet, when she took the exam. Out of one hundred applicants, only twenty were promoted to commanders. Delfina sadly didn't make the cut, losing her promotion to a more experienced officer. Returning to her duties as a Zaft Red, she received a letter to return to the NDQ for unknown reasons. It was highly controversial, but the officer that beat Delfina cheated on the exam by illegal means. Delfina was surprised about her quick promotion, and gladly accepted. Casting her Red uniform away, she would wear a white uniform. Delfina is one of the youngest commanders in Zaft short military history.

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One thing to note. Wouldn't Delfina's mother be very young when the developed the Neutron Jammer Canceller?


And given that Delfina was only 3 when the war ended, she wouldn't have really grown up with emphasis placed on war. I understand the heavy influence with both parents working in the military, is that what you are referring to?

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Aye, Delfina's Mother, Lucretia was nineteen at the time of Delfina's birth, and 21 during the Neutron Jammer Canceler's completion. I added basically this during the first and second paragraphs.


Yeah, I corrected that piece of confusion, changed a few words around to make it sound a little better. Hehe Delfina would have been four in the middle to the end of the first war.

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