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Updates 29 May 2007


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As you might have noticed, the site is pretty quiet for the past two weeks or so. Things are going slow. They have always been slower than we would have liked them to progress. However, it has been getting worse. Nonetheless, I would like to assure you that the Advent Destiny Team will stick by our vision and attempt to bring to you the best Gundam Seed RPG in the role playing scene.



Here's a brief update on the administrators:


Hannah - She's currently working at Ben & Jerry's in the days and has been staying at her grandparents' to look after her grandfather. Thus, she has been unable to access the internet.


Lyn - She's out of the country on a vacation trip. (At least she was when I last heard. I'm not sure whether she's still away. I'll update you again once I can clarify the details.)


Valentine - He's working at a child care centre and is shuttling from Singapore and Malaysia. He hardly has time to come on but I can see his efforts to check on the site and help out.


Constantine - He's currently serving his national service. This would last for two years but I believe he would be active once more when he gets to book out of camp.


Windingo - He's also serving his national service.


Valiant - Well, he's currently doing his attachment at a hospital. In addition to the long working hours, he has to do research, prepare for presentations and write up articles. THis has greatly limited the time he has to work on the site. And you can notice that he isn't too comfortable with referring to himself in third person.


This is a brief overview of the current schedules of the various administrators. I hope that you can understand the situation that we are in.



I hope that you would continue to show us your support by being active on the site. If you wish to help us out and contribute to Advent Destiny, please refer to this thread.

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First, let's ask if there's a need for new mods. We don't have sufficient activity to need more mods. What we need is people who can help me out in the coding department.


The rest of the admin team are mostly involved in the storyline as faction leaders. This is where their absence would affect the most. So your question would then turn into "Should we have new faction leaders?"... Agree?

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I'm thinking that we should set up something like a sub-faction leader. One who doesn’t have complete rule over the factions, but is allowed to set up events, make minor faction decisions, and take the place of the faction leader if he is going to be away for a while.

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We used to have deputies. However, we found it unfair since both the faction leader and deputy were doing equal work. Hence, we decided to promote the deputy post into a full faction leader post in recognition of their contribution.

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