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Training Grounds: Exercise #1


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Simulation Type: 1 (Player vs. Non-human targets)

Setting: School



Character Name                 Username   Points

Siegfred Correa (Sgt., Leader) evo_Sieg      0

Sayaka Nakano (Sgt.)            kct              0

Juan Miguel Mendoza (L.Pvt)   neogmkuma   0

Jase Truesdale (Pvt.)            Jase            0

Kawahira Ichigo (Pvt.)           Bladester50   0

Janus Chiaki Matsuo (Pvt.)      Janus            0







Referee: First Lieutenant Demetrius Amherst (liubei013)



[OOC: From the 'Shooting Range']


When Demetrius arrived, he immediately went into the locker room located next to the Training Grounds.  He briefly saluted the officer on duty before heading into the men's locker room to get geared up.  His role did not require him to wear battle fatigues, so he went with the full protective equipment required for the Grounds.  After strapping on a vest, elbow and knee pads, and some other assorted pads, he grabbed a visored face mask and left the locker room.


He then went outside to a small assembly area, where he would supervise this exercise.  Chairs, chalkboard, and a few other objects lay there to allow the Team Leader to fully prep his team members about the upcoming exercise.  Demetrius checked his watch and realized he still had a little time to spare, so he patiently waited.  He then noticed that the map of the current setup had yet to be provided...

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