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James Hawke

James Hawke

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Full name: James Hawke

Nickname:  Former Call sign “Ace”

Age:  29

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Former Pilot/Homeless

Birthplace:  San Juan, PR

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation

Personality:  James personality is described as a person who was arrogant, self centered and ambitious.  Since his “fall from grace”, James is a person that deals with self-esteemed problems, for him is a constant battle to believe in himself.  This traits make him a person who is likely to hesitate.  However, because his life has little meaning makes him not fearful of death and altruistic. 




Height:  5’10

Weight: 160 pounds

Hair Colour and Style:  Brown, Clean Cut hair cute, and well shaved

Eye Colour:  Blue 15/20 vision (Better than average)

Identifying Marks:  Scar on his stomach from a bullet wound, his left arm contains another scar made from debris on a explosion,

Build: Slim – Athletic

Clothing: When not in uniform,  He wears a black leather jacket, on the back of the jacket there is an insignia of James Former Squadron “Phantom Pain”.  He wears a blue shirt underneath and on top of the shirt he has a necklace that holds a silver ring that says “Berlin, Germany” on the inside.  He wears black ironed pants witch he has a silver buckle in the middle.  On the side of the pants and usually hidden by the jacket, he wears a gun holster. He usually wear white socks and shoes that contains hidden knifes.     

Handiness: Right Handed




Mother:  Maria Hawke (Natural) Deceased C.E. 73 Junious 7 Crash on Earth

Father:  Col. Jonathan Hawke (Active EA) – Forced James to enlist in the EA

Siblings: Marcus Hawke (Coordinator)  - 25 Years old (Currently: Enlisted in ZAFT)

Wife/Girlfriend:  Former Relationship with Jeanne Lightheart, EA computer programmer, left James when he became homeless.


Personal History:


James Hawke grew up in New York, with a strong and caring family.  When he was little he remembers that the technology to become coordinators was recently available to the public.  His parents made him a natural and his brother a coordinator.  For all his life, James had to compete with his little brother for everything and lost.  Even though he knew that he was inferior to his brother he respecting him for trying to help him.  This forced him to try harder that most people at his age. 


When he was 18 he was forced to enlist in the EA pilots academy by his father Col. Hawke.  Because he was used to be in such a high standard in his house, James quickly noticed that hard work pays off.  Because he did so well on the academy, this builds an image of himself that he was cocky arrogant and self centered.  James believed that he would be invisible out there and wanted to joined the most dangerous projects that he could think of. 


During his academy years, James applied to the most respected squadron in the EA, “Phantom Pain” .  Seeing the confidence in the join cadet Comn. Bonaparte left James to “join” the squadron.  Even though James was a skilled cadet, Bonapart believed that he was hardly skilled and experienced enough to be one of his main pilots. 



During his first mission with Phantom Pain Lt. Hawke was ordered to kill terrorist in a Coordinator Labor camp.  Before accepting the mission James objected to the order, but was forced to do so or face a court martial for disobeying a direct order and be executed on the spot.  To his great shame Lt. Hawke carried his orders to kill the civilians in order to kill the terrorist in the camp.  After the mission James believed that he should have disobeyed the order and be executed rather than committed the act that he was a part off.   



On CE 74, James took part on his secound official mission witch was to escort the “Destroy” Gundam to Berlin Germany.  In Berlin, he saw first hand the destruction of the once known beautiful city and the killing of innocent civilians. Even though he did not participate in battle because of his relatively experience, he witness the entire battle first handed.  Not only did he saw the struggle of Zaft forces on the ground, he also saw the Legendary ship the Archangel in action.  What he awaited to be a victory to his “squadron” ended up being a total defeat, for he noticed the Destroy Gundam, destroyed by Freedom and Impulse and his squad members were shot down.  In fact the the leader of his squadron, disappeared in that battle.   



  Court Martial Summary:




After the war, James Hawke was tried for several crimes, which included:

1. Being a member of Blue Cosmos via the evidence that Phantom Pain was working closely with Logos and Blue Cosmos

2. As a Member of Phantom Pain

a. Conspiracy for Stealing Top Secret Weapons from Zaft

b. Omission to prevent the fall of Junious 7

c. Conspiracy and acting on the massacre of the Coordinator Labor camp seeking terrorist (Stargazer Phase II)

d. Conspiracy to commit genocide against coordinators in Berlin

e. Conduct unbecoming an officer for the killing of innocent civilians

f. Conspiracy in the attempt to steal “Stargazer”


The Court Martial Results:


1. There was insufficient direct evidence to link that James was a member of Blue Cosmos or Logos.  He  served in Phantom Pain a unit that was under the command of Blue Cosmo on a military capacity

2. He was an active member of Phantom Pain

a. James enlisted in CE 74 after the said incident occurred (not guilty)

b. James enlisted in CE 74 after said incident occurred (not guilty)

c. James helped the prosecution to make and find direct evidence of the officers in charge of the massacre and former squadron members involved in the incident.  However, the fact that remains that he acted in the killing of the innocent civilians even though he objected for moral grounds.

d. James was proven to escort the Destroy Gundam to Berlin that resulted in the act in question.  However, the court concluded that James involvement was one of escort and not the usage of the weapon.  James was not aware that the weapon was going to be used against civilians his documented orders indicated that his job was to escort a top secret weapon to Berlin to be used for military targets.  The court accepts Lt. Hawke help in finding the documents and uncovering information that would let the prosecution of higher EA officer for this act. 

e. There is no doubt that James could have exercise more moral authority and prevent some of the death.  Just because he was following an order does not mean he is innocent see Nuremberg Trials

f. James was not selected to this mission therefore, he is not guilty. 


The Court Martial Sentence:


1. Given the fact that James Hawke was not proven beyond reasonable doubt that he belonged to Logos or Blue Cosmos he is not sentenced to death

2. For his acts as a Member of Phantom Pain James was proven guilty of 3 out of the 6 charges

a. The court acknowledges the severity of the charges and would look for a possible sentence of 30 years  to life in maximum security prison

b. The court also acknowledges that Lt. Hawke helped the prosecution by providing direct and circumstantial evidence that would serve of the conviction of several officers including member of Phantom Pain and high ranking EA officers and pleaded guilty on all 3 charges.

c. The Court also acknowledges that James Hawke is genuinely remorseful of all the action committed and that he was in a very difficult position to act otherwise.

d. Giving the recommendation of the prosecution Lt. James Hawke sentence is reduce to: 5 years in prison in a minimum security, 5 years of probation and to be dishonorably discharge of the service.



Living with the conscience that he was part of the killing of all those innocent people, James left the EA after his five years sentence in jail.  Jeanne wanted James to stay in the EA under a new name.  She explained that she was working on a project that required pilots and that James would qualify.  James rejected the notion that he would be any more use to the EA and that he wanted to die, Jeanne said that it was not worth her time, left him, and worked on a Top secret project.  After his carrier in the EA he lived in the streets


In the streets, he got shot once in the stomach by a teenager as a joke.  He had all of his belongings in shopping carts, his leather jacket.  From a life of glory and being in the top of elite squadrons, James sunk to the lowest place that we could find.   With almost no hope of a future  and a education in fighting….James laid low and wanted to disappear in a world that screamed for violence.

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1. I fixed the sentence he got shot by a tennager in the stomach as a joke.  This is a symbolic statement of his rought life he had.  Homeless people do get beat up in RL, is a critisims towards that and also is relevant for the character development.


2. I change the canon, he was under the command and he did not have conversation with Neo, however since the Destroy incident is important for his character I though that it was ok to make him a member of Phatom Pain and in order to be historically accurate I can't change that detail.  I understand your point, however my point is that if I worked under the Bush administration dosen't mean that there is a relation with that historical figure. 


HOwever, you have the last call and if the changes are not sutable please let me know.

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I would think it would be a life sentence for the Phantom Pain members and maybe a few good decades for those who are allowed a pardon of sorts. Could we work towards a more feasible reason? I doubt he can get away without a jail sentence for the war crime.

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then instead of no sentence, have him put away in a minimum security prison for a few years, I doubt he'd go to a high security prison if he's willing to cooperate with the authorities, as there'd be no reason to take up space when they could save that spot for someone far more dangerous then him.

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Done I put a entire court martial summary....in real life he would have gotten immunity for his actions, but heh he went to jail for 5 years 5 years probration 1 years later in the street and that how he came to CE 85....let me know if this is acceptable....if not just tell me what you want I really don't care as long as he speends a year in the street and was part of the Berlin, Phantom Pain and the masacre of the coordinator I can cut that out from the Court Martial

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the tweaking really helped to improve your character's storyline, and helps to flesh out his self-doubting personality.  Dishonorable discharge makes it hard to return to a faction, but not impossible, especially after 10 years of repentence and an extensive restructuring of military protocol to prevent groups like Logos from gaining power again.


Crewman 1st class James Hawke accepted, Welcome back to the EA 

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