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Shalashaska, Ocelot


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Full name: Shalashaska, Ocelot

Nickname: Blaze/Razgriz 1

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: First stage Extended Natural

Occupation: Military Student

Birthplace: Unknown

Personality: Arrogant, proud, hot headed and sign's of madness and psychotic behavior. Incredible anger is unleashed when things don't go his way and he often loses his cool over nothing at all. He considers mercy as weakness and is without any kind of decency or morale!



Height:1.80 meters

Weight:70 kg

Hair Colour and Style: Light blond

Eye Colour: Green

Identifying Marks: Scars all over his body as his squadron tattoo on his left shoulder,

Skin Tone: nor pale nor tan

Build: athletically: slender but muscular like a boxer

Clothing: Brown dusk Coat along with camo pants and vest. Black boots with spores attached

Handiness: Ambidextrous






Father: Unknown

Siblings: None


Ocelot's earliest memory only goes back 5 years ago. He was half sedated, wounded and abused while a couple of soldiers dragged him across the floor, he could hardly make out where he was or who and why had hurt him so badly, He kept blacking out the entire time.

Until he suddenly felt a spray of water on his face followed by a cold wind. When he carefully opened his eyes he was staring down at the sea from the deck of big ship. Somebody pushed him and he plummeted down in the freezing water.


Completely confused and misplaced he did his best to stay under control, but in his state even staying awake was a challenge, let stand survive. He looked behind him and saw the large ship that had dumped him like a piece of trash sail away. Ocelot could only make out an inscription at the back of the ship “EAF” He would later find out what these letters stand for.


After struggling in the water for as long as he could he blacked out again and lost consciousness. The next morning the sound of seagulls and the warm rays of the sun on his face woke him up again. His head was hurting very badly and it took him a while to open his eyes. He was on the deck of another ship, he saw a bunch of people stand around him as he tried to get to his feet. They were speaking a language that Ocelot didn't understand. But one of the unknown sailer's yelled something and Ocelot was grabbed by both his arms and once again dragged away, this time he was thrown into the brig along with about 4 other Guy's and a girl.

Ocelot asked were he was, most of the other prisoners ignored him except the girl.

She told him that he was picked up in the middle of the night by this slavers ship!

She told Ocelot that he was gonna be sold as a slave just like she was.

He could hardly believe it, his rescue would lead him to a life time of slavery for who knows who? Things settled down in the cells and the prisoners were just sitting and waiting, all of them were in deep thought of what was about to happen them. The girl was the first one to brake the silence.

"I'm Adrian by the way, if you wanna know?"

Ocelot looked at her like she just had been speaking another language and he couldn't understand her.

"They call me Ocelot..."

Ocelot rolled up his sleeve and took a look at the deep cuts on his shoulder, they were probably caused during the entire ordeal of fishing him out of the sea.

"What with that thing?"

Ocelot looked puzzled so Adrain pointed out to the tattoo on his upper arm.

The tattoo had the shape of a shield picturing a pale girl in the middle with fiery red hair carrying a pitch black helmet with wings on top and red flowers at the base, the whole thing had a parchment on top that said: "The Ghost of Razgriz"

Ocelot quickly pulled his sleeve back down

"its none of your business, I'm not staying here no longer..."

Ocelot could not except this, he searched his pockets but could only find a box of blue and green pill's something very strange, maby his former caretakers forgot to take that away from him. As he placed it back a flash of information went through his mind, he was starting to remember things again through association, he reached for his boots and even though he didn't know how he knew it but there was a knife hidden in the heel of the boot. When they reached port probably to get sold Ocelot jumped up and slid the guards throats. He was then once again struck by a flash of lost information. His purpose was to destroy... he was extended the drug's Ocelot shook his head and ran out but grabbed Adrian along with him.


They both escaped from the strange port and broke into an abandoned warehouse. The girl told him she was a scientist like her father, her father who had been passed away some years ago was a government scientist he had taught her many thing about the human body and his chemical research in witch he was undisputed. She helped him take care of his wounds. But by reasons unexplainable Ocelot was doing worse each passing day, The girl remembered the pills he had with him when they were on the ship. She took out a few and gave them to Ocelot. And as she predicted he quickly recovered to full health again. Ocelot asked if she could make more for him. It was hard work but since he saved her from slavery she agreed to try her best. Ocelot then travelled to Eurasia. He fought as a soldier of fortune in wars in Afghanistan, Mozambique, Eritrea, and Chad. and founded the Razgriz guerrillas, he was known and feared as ‘Shalashaska’.

Here he met some of the most fiercest warriors in all of Eurasia. They were all fighting machines and they fought, bled and died together.

Fighting was Ocelots only way of sustaining his mental health, it was the only way he could vent his overflowing anger with the weakness and foolishness of the world around him, and his own weakness whenever he fell short. But everytime he was ON the battlefield it felt like baptism under fire!


One day at camp they were preparing for engaging an enemy force that was about to pass there defensive line, the team had gone ahead and Ocelot was busy suiting up his gear. There was a small busted up radio at there camp that they got playing from time to time. Ocelot was preparing mentally for the battle. His bloodlust was wined up as always ready to rage yet another battle. The small radio flipped Chanel's by itself as it sometimes did. Ocelot got up and grabbed his rifle and started walking away, until he was stopped by what he heard through the radio...

It was song by a girl, but there was something strange about it. Ocelot dropped his rifle and his restless state was slowy fading. He wasn't just calmed by the music but completely paralyzed! He let himself slip through his knees and could do nothing but listen...

'Shizukana...kono yoru...ni anata wo matteru no ano toki... wasureta hohoemi wo tori kite...'

'In this quit night, I'm waiting for you Forgetting the past and dreaming of you...'


This heavenly music had completely put the beast within him to sleep and calmed his mind. He could not believe what kind of monster he was, Ocelot started crying and screaming for no reason at all. And so it was everytime he heard that music... he figured out it must have been something 'THEY' had programmed in his mind if they needed to control him. Or was it his own natural feelings that caused this? He wasn't sure...

after 4 years of war on earth he would travel into space and head for the plants… he always wanted to see the Plants…

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I'm always a fan of Extended characters (played one back at ye olde SEED RPG), so I feel it best to help you out here; if only to see more people play the minority character.


1) I think you made a typo with your height; 1.8 cm is pretty darn small (smaller than my pinky finger to be exact), I think you meant 1.8 meters.


2) What exactly does his squadron tattoo look like?  Please give a description of it somewhere.


3) There are many definitions of what an athletic build would mean, so please try and give a proper description.  Is your character athletic in the way that he can bench press 3 times his weight, or is he more athletic in the manner of a soccer player, or a tennis player.  Words like lithe, bulky, heavily-built, those help to define the character more than just athletic would alone.


4) When you say that your character is an extended, remember that there are 2 standard types.  Yours seems to be along the lines of a 1st stage extended, so be sure to mention that in the race category so people know just which type you are (I played as a 2nd stage, block words are fun little plot devices to have ).


5) You should mention the name of the girl that your character met, as she is an important part of his story, not to mention that she seems to have the know-how to synthesize gamma-gliphetin, a top-secret of the EA and Blue Cosmos.  Perhaps this means that she had some past relation with the EA?  NPC characters are just as important to a story as the main character himself, plus if she has a reason to know how to make Gamma-gliphetin, it will make your character more believable, and less of a generic god-like character.


6)I hope you can add a bit more to his personality.  Sure, we all know that extendeds are killing machines without morals, and with now limit to their anger, but there might be other things that make Ocelot unique.  Does he have anything that he likes or dislikes?  How is he around groups?  Does he have any other interesting quirks in his personality; like a favorite catch-phrase or even a fear or two?  Personality and History are key to making a good character, and a well-defined character is far easier to play as than one who doesn't seem to have any direction at all.


I hope that helps 

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Please credit the image used.


With only a box of the pills, how would he be able to survive for long?


There are various misuse of words. For example, brake instead of break. Read through what you wrote and you might spot them 


The profile is generally well-written. However, the above-mentioned problem of the lack of the pills would need to be explained.

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