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Xen Oso


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Full name: Xen Oso

Nickname: None

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Hopeful MS Pilot

Birthplace: Berlin, Eurasian Federation

Citizenship: Eurasian Federation

Personality: By nature an introverted man, Xen is frequently mistaken by those who do not know him well to be a very shy or cold person.  He prefers to keep the company of himself and his close friends, and more often than not can be found reading or exercising alone.  Once he does deign to socialise, however, he is found to be personable and charming, not at all the timid or frigid creature he sometimes appears.  Intelligent and self-assured, Oso possesses a sharp wit that varies between being caustic and humorous.  He tends towards being good-natured, though oddly enough, a smile is rarely on his face.  This and his frequently intense demeanor cause people to often take him for a generally bitter person, having been caught up in the painful memories of his past.  They are just as often proven wrong; Xen is a man of action, living for the moment with no attachment to events long passed.




Height: 6' / 1.82m

Weight: 178lbs / 80.74kg

Hair Colour and Style: Xen sports jet-black hair that is normally worn short, thin and orderly.  He favors running small amounts of gel through it to maintain it's natural tendency to spike.

Eye Colour: Dark brown orbs take in the world while maintaining a generally intense look that often makes people uncomfortable

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Tanned skin of asian descent

Build: Athletic, lean and toned

Clothing: The word "fashion" means little to Oso and as long as it's comfortable and practical, he'll wear it.  Normally sporting comfortable, black pants of a vaguely military cut, he pairs them with a simple black or white t-shirt while black military boots adorn his feet.  On chilly days, you'll find Xen bundled up in some sort of jacket or coat.  Tending to favor darker colored clothing, it would seem his sense of style matches his personality.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Ashli Hazlett (natural, deceased)

Father: Kajou Oso (natural, deceased)

Siblings: Kash Oso (24, Natural, EA MS Pilot)

Wife/Girlfriend: Girlfriend - Motoko Hanzo (21, Natural, EA civilian living in Berlin)


Personal History:


[align=center]"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."[/align]


     - Sun Tzu


The above is a famous quote from a famous man.  This simple sentence formed the basis for Xen's childhood experiences leading up to the present. 


Born to Kajou Oso and Ashli Hazlett on March 9th, CE63, the 7.5-pound baby was the second son of the family, separated from his older brother by two years.  Calling Berlin home for the next five years, not much is remembered of his early childhood.  The experience was mostly uneventful, punctuated here and there by the standard milestones a child must accomplish; one's first words, the first steps, the first time you do something wrong.  Life was simple and normal, young Xen had no complaints and he was merely enthused to be alive and well. 


It wasn't until he had just turned five that the family of four was to experience their first momentary hiccup in life.  By his profession, Kajou Oso was the head of a relatively small, well-run construction firm.  They specialized in tackling highly sensitive government projects and providing well-built structures from which the Earth Alliance could wage war.  While the business flourished and was nurtured ever so carefully by Kajou, the family was in no way wealthy and the vice of men is ever present.  Offered a lucrative contract by the Eurasian Federation to supervise the construction of a new facility in East Africa, Kajou jumped at the chance to earn a quick buck.  Like it's always said, hindsight is 20/20 and if he'd been able to determine his future, Kajou would have turned down the offer just as fast as he took it.  However, that train of thought is now moot and pointless to pursue.  Moving on, not everyone in the family was as eager as Kajou to accept this new assignment.


Not too thrilled about her husband's sudden decision, Ashli nevertheless kept a stiff upper lip and informed the children that they would have to move several thousand miles into an entirely new environment.  This wasn't news to the children.  In fact, they'd already shuffled around the globe a few times, never staying more then six to eight months in one location.  While not immediately evident, the situation was to have a profound effect on Xen's psychological development in his early childhood.  However, for now, the family shed no tears and no complaints were directed at their father and husband.  Keeping a cheery outlook on it all, their bags were packed, the house was sold and the family Oso was whisked away by Earth Alliance security.


For nearly two years, Kajou and others supervised the construction of Victoria Base in East Africa.  Conducted in utter secrecy, the families of the workers were not allowed to leave and socialize with any outsiders.  Thus, in time, a close bond developed between those who were present.  It was sometime late in his fifth year of life that Xen discovered little Miss Motoko Hanzo, a wide-eyed and alert child of Japanese descent.  While most boys and girls were still segregating themselves at this point in their lives, Xen and Motoko were the exception.  Coming together swiftly, the two became an inseparable pair and were a common sight throughout the housing complex where they were staying.  Xen's mother Ashli joked that the two would probably get married later on in life, which only prompted gagging reflexes and utterances of "ewwwww" from the two children.  Little did they know that her prediction wasn't as far off as they thought it would be.


So, life was good. 


Xen had finally found a close friend with whom he spent most of his time.  The family as a unit seemed to be in high spirits and the father's pay was just as good as the EA said it would be.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and in this case, two events that followed in quick succession tore the young boy’s life apart. 


The obvious event was the completion of the base.  That meant the family would once again be packing up and moving on to the next site.  Xen and his older brother, Kash, with whom he wasn't terribly close to, were crestfallen.  They'd finally established some sort of normalcy in their lives and now they were being asked to throw all that away once again.  Seeing their distraught expressions and unable to bear the guilt of his less then ideal actions, Kajou relented and passed his business on to one of his associates.  As for him, he secured a deal with the Eurasian Federation to stay on as the head of Victoria Base's maintenance/repair division.  While the money wasn't as good, the pay was steady and his family could remain rooted in one location.  Their situation seemed to be perfect for the next few months before all hell broke out.  February 11th, CE70.  War was declared.


It didn't take a genius to know that Victoria Base was to become an obvious target for ZAFT forces as they began their systematic offensive on Earth's surface.  Kajou immediately began to plan for his family's flight back to Berlin.  Unfortunately, nearly all civilian transports and flights were gobbled up by the military and placed into use as logistics support.  The family was unable to secure the proper credentials and transportation back to a safe haven.  They were still trying to leave Victoria Base on March 8th, CE70 when the first attack took place.  Thankfully, their lives were spared and the base remained under Earth Alliance control.  Not allowed to leave, Kajou and his associates were forced to supervise the damage control and rebuilding of sections of the base.  They were still busy fortifying their positions when ZAFT attacked once more eleven months later.  This time, the family was not so lucky as to escape unscathed. 


The family was torn asunder by the ferocious onslaught of ZAFT forces.  Xen and Kash were at school, their mother was at home preparing dinner and their father was deep underground in Panama Spaceport putting the finishing touches on a restoration project.  Ashli Hazlett was killed instantly when a ZAFT missile barrage slammed into their housing complex.  Xen lost his brother as explosions tore through their school; he hasn't found him to this day and still believes Kash to be deceased.  The father was slaughtered in the Panama Spaceport massacre.  Fortunately for Xen, the woman who would stand by him for most of his life survived.  Motoko Hanzo and her family had just left Victoria Base a few weeks before the attack and were safe in Berlin.  Unfortunately, Xen had no way of locating them; being only seven years old and most likely suffering somewhat from post traumatic stress disorder.  Lost and confused, he was shuffled on to a waiting transport and narrowly escaped as the last sector of the base fell to ZAFT.  Not surprisingly, ZAFT doesn't rank high on his list of friendly factions.  A deep seed of anger and resentment planted itself that day and continues to grow even now.


In the immediate aftermath of having his life turned upside down, Xen’s closest living relatives were located and he was placed into their care.  Returning to Berlin, he moved in with his grandparents and tried to throw his life back onto track.  While he loved his grandparents and cared for them as much as they took care of him, the loss of one’s parents when one is so young doesn’t exactly jibe well on an emotional level.  Blaming both the Earth Alliance for placing his family in harm’s way and placing direct blame on ZAFT for their deaths, a growing Xen began to have a bleak and bitter outlook on life.  As the years passed, he was eventually reunited with Motoko and their relationship picked up right where it left off.  This was the only constant in his life and he treasured what they had above all else.  As his intelligence and his capacity for complex thought developed, Xen turned to the studies of psychology and the pursuit of philosophical knowledge in an attempt to rationalize the current global affair.  Studying the works of scholars such as Plato, Socrates and Descartes, Oso split his time between advancing his academic prowess and training his physical self.  Taking great pride in maintaining a general athleticism, his enthusiasm for sports and physical activity was only matched by his thirst for a deeper understanding of the world around him.  He constantly bombarded himself with questions regarding issues of the economy, politics and most importantly, the constant fighting.


Needless to say, the pursuit of such knowledge is never ending and no clear-cut answer can ever be discovered.  Still, Xen managed to boil down the incredibly intricate situation into a few, short, if inaccurate, points.  One, their will always be warfare and the issue of naturals versus coordinators will only escalate in his lifetime.  Two, both the Earth Alliance and ZAFT are flawed in their pursuit of the total destruction of the other.  While the current situation was certainly not perfect, the known is always better then the unknown.  Three, going back to point one, there will always be a need for men and women willing to fight and die, not necessarily for their beliefs, but for money as well.  Thus, he will belong to neither the Earth Alliance nor ZAFT and instead, he will carry the banner of a third party, one that is independent and works for hard currency.  Ideals and beliefs sound good and holy but in reality, they are mere tools used by politicians and those in power to further their own goals.  You must know yourself, know what you really want, and then you may understand your life’s goals.  You must understand your enemies and find their weaknesses so that you may exploit this and advance your goal. 


For Xen, his enemies are the myriad factions fighting over irresolvable issues.  Their weakness is their constant need for men and firepower, which he will be glad to provide.  His goal in life is simple, obtain wealth, keep his wealth and live as happily as possible away from the pointless arguments that everyone seems to be so fond of debating. 


As he turned twenty-two, his grandparents passed away, no thanks to the shoddy health care provided by the military obsessed Earth Alliance.  Only furthering his resolve, their deaths provided him with the minute push needed to break away from the life provided to him by the EA and ZAFT.  It was with an iron resolve and a logical view on things that Xen bid farewell to Motoko and set out to contact the Soldiers of Fire.  He’d found his third party.

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Very impressive. You can always add on to the history as you RP. You only need to post to inform us of the changes made.


This profile has been approved. Although I already know of your interest, I'll still like you to post which faction you wish to join up... just as a formality

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I was freaking out for a second there when I couldn't find my thread.  Lol...


In any case, thanks for the approval Val.  And might as well make it formal eh? 


To whom it may concern,


I, Xen Oso, request entry into the Soldiers of Fire faction.


~ Xen

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[align=center]Soldiers of Fire



We are pleased to inform you that you have been short-listed as a recruit of the Soldiers of Fire.


You are to proceed to the Copernicus City where one of our agents will bring you to the Cleostratus lunar base. Details on the meeting place and time have been attached to this document.


We wish you all the best in your time with our organization. We remind you that should you impress us during your stint as a recruit, you stand a chance to be promoted to become a respected Soldier of our organization.


You are welcomed to contact us should you have any queries.



The Soldiers of Fire

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