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Noman Isat

noman isat

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Name: Noman Isat

Age: Born June 22, C.E. 63

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Deputy director Isat Heavy Mobile Industries, Cheif test pilot

Birthplace: Java, Indonesia

Personality: happy and outgoing, but fiercly defensive of his family and their buisness


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 200lbs

Hair Color: Blond, grown to base of head

Eyes: Green

ID marks: small discoloration along left side of neck (result of chemical accident at plant)

Build: tall and skinny

Clothing: Typically white tee shirt and green cargo pants

Handiness: Left handed



Mother: Sarah Isat (Deceased, CE 79)

Father: Fredrick Isat, Director IHMI

Brother: Ashero Isat, Manager IHMI facility



Noman was born in Java Indonesia, the first son of Fredrick Isat, a wealthy man and owner of a small mobile suit company based in the equitorial union. From an early age, Noman and his brother Ashero were groomed to take on the family buisness. While most of there fellow children were out playing, Noman and his brother were attending meetings with their father, studying economics and attending seminars. They really had no childhood friends, and so developed a deep bond with each other. At 18, Noman was appointed deputy director of the company, and his brother was named manager of the IHMI primary facility. His mother Sarah was killed in a small conflict between ZAFT and the EA on the boarders of the equitorial union, when there aircraft was shot down by stray gunfire. Loosing his wife affected the family very deeply, leaving his father deeply depressed and Noman and Ashero crushed. Fredrick Isat had since become a recluse, leaving the Noman and Ashero essentially in control of the company. It was Noman's idea the company diverge from the construction industry and branch into the mobile weapons market. The venture has so far been fairly successful, with several neighbouring countries buying their suits. The Isat family has managed to stay out of the war thus far, but increasingly hostile actions by the EA towards any neutral countries may change this.

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Hmm, interesting character to begin with (I myself am quite fond of MS designers and purist test pilots , used to have one back at ye olde SEED RPG).  Of course, it goes without saying that the profile itself isn't up to par with the others,.... yet.


-Its better to just give an actual age then to state his birthdate, as it makes it easier for others to know his age right off the bat (not that having a birthdate is a bad thing, maybe mention it in your history to expand it more).


-Your personality is going to need a serious revamping, as a single sentence just won't cut it on this site.  As always, I suggest mentioning some of your characters quirks, his likes and his dislikes (see some of the accepted characters in the library section for ideas).


-Not a mark against, but more of a kudos; I like the discoloration thing on his neck, be sure to elaborate on it in his history section, such as how it happened, and how he feels about it (does he cover it up? does he just not care? or does he show it as a badge of honor?).


-I'd like to see more info about your character's father and brother, seeing as they themselves are high ranking members of the company, they will be important to his storyline, and should probably even have seperate profiles made for them as well (NPC profiles for important chars are necessary, see the profile for my Admiral character for an idea).


-And while I haven't seen any spelling errors so far, always be sure to check your spelling and grammar when you can.  Running it through word or even having firefox installed should give you a decent spell checker, and the site has a built in one as well, so don't be afraid to use it .


I look forward to seeing this character develop into something great 

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Custom mobile suits are not allowed. You are not allowed to have your own mobile suit manufacturing company. We will be releasing more information on the mobile suit companies available. I guess you would have to modify most of the background information.


Please do a spell check. There are a few glaring errors.


The personality is too short. It's too vague. Give more details and tell us more about the character that makes him unique. I'm sure there are characteristics that makes him stand out from the others.

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