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Jettie Phoenix Tiamara


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Full name: Jettie Phoenix Tiamara (Jet-Tee / Te-a-mar-ra)

Nickname: Jet or JT

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Military Officer

Birthplace: The PLANT's

Citizenship: ORB

Personality: A quiet and yet caring lad who's harsh past has left him withdrawn and untrusting of others. His love of nature sees him alone most the time, hanging around cliff tops on the coastlines of walking through the forests. That is not to say he doesn't enjoy company but that he is sometimes overwhelmed by large crowds and new faces.

He can be a calm and objective soul who will examine his surroundings and plan ahead in most cases. However, he is quick to temper when rubbed the wrong way, and while this sometimes improves his performance, he often tends to ignore what’s going on around him and charges into situations without thinking out of blind rage. This reckless behaviour is bound to get him in serious trouble one day.




Height: 6ft 1

Weight: 15st

Hair Colour and Style: Naturally white long shoulder length hair with a small fringe hanging over his right eye.

Eye Colour: Emerald Green

Identifying Marks: A small scar on the left side of his neck with a burn mark on his upper left arm.

Skin Tone: Average

Build: Average

Clothing: Other than standard issue uniform, he wears a dark red t-shirt tucked into a pair of black baggy jeans. wearing a blue denim jacket over his t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses resting on his head. His boots are nothing special, simple leather boots in a strange golden brown color.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Maria Kia Tiamara

Father: Timaka Gatie Tiamara (Deceased)

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History: Born in the PLANT's as a Second Generation Coordinator in CE 66, Jettie was a bright and outgoing child who wanted to grow up and serve in ZAFT like his father, 1st Lieutenant Timaka Gatie Tiamara. However, things were not to be as he dreamed after The Bloody Valentine Tragedy of CE 70. Jettie' father had long been a hard working and supportive officer of ZAFT alongside his childhood friend, Lieutenant Shane Towa Gyaki, and would have gladly died for ZAFT at one time. But that all changed.

In CE 71, and at the age of 5, Jettie began to see less of his father. Timaka had become a Clyne Faction Sympathizer, his beliefs in the ZAFT military slowly faltering, and spent more and more time working in an effort to support the Clyne Faction.

However, his actions soon became suspicious to his childhood friend, Shane, who later betrayed him and had him executed on the grounds of treason.


Jettie and his mother, soon after, left the PLANT's and moved to ORB in hope of a new start and bright future in the neutral state that promised safety. But it was not to be as safe as they had hoped. No sooner had they arrived in ORB that they were evacuated due to the overambitious attack by the Earth Federation. Jettie had begun to feel at this young age that nowhere would ever be safe.

In CE 72 Jettie and his mother were finally able to settle down in ORB and begin their new life, but as the years went by Jettie began to understand the circumstances surrounding his father’s death, and the betrayal of his father’s friend that struck a cord so deep within him. Something had begun to change this young boy from the bright and outgoing child he had once been into a quiet and un-trusting young lad.


But then something turned him around a little. In CE 83 Jettie went away on a camping trip with college. Now at the age of 17 he had grown quite well, despite his odd personality. The trip took him far into the woods, exploring the many trees, hills, and rivers, until he accidentally came across an ORB military troop out on training missions one day.


At first it all seemed normal. About two dozen new recruits and half a dozen superior officers practicing drills in a shallow canyon below the camp in which he and his fellow students had set up for the night. Jettie quietly watched them from the canyon edge, intrigued with it all. Around the troops were the usual regiment tents and convoy vehicles. But the normality of the situation soon changed as shots were heard and bodies started falling.

From one end of the canyon a small, but heavily armed, group of terrorists in a jeep came driving in, guns blazing. He watched in horror as the new recruits were mercilessly killed one by one. The group consisted of about five, maybe six, terrorists in all, against five ORB recruits and three senior officers that were lightly armed and now spread out behind cover. Everyone else by this point was either dead or being lined up for execution. Looking over the situation, from what he could tell, two of the terrorists were to the far end of the ORB camp dealing with those they’d captured, and the other three were at the opposite end in a shootout those hold up. Jettie, either feeling brave or foolish, new full well what was about to happen to those who had been captured and calculated his odds. Two against one? Risky? But he liked risk. With that he through a rock at the two terrorists, attempting to daze them at least. Hitting one square in the back of the head and knocking him for six, he immediately caught the others attention, shooting at there attacker but at that range missing Jettie by a mile.

Jettie didn't take kindly to being shot at like a cheap clay pigeon and let his anger take control. Leaping out from behind cover, he took a gamble and jumped in, landing both feet firmly in the second terrorists back and knocking him to the ground. But he hand no time to think about what next as the first recovered from the rock and took aim at him. Jettie scrambled, grabbing the fallen Sub Machine Gun from the second man and running for cover, taking a few rounds in his shoulder. The pain was agonising. The first time he’d been shot and it hurt a lot more than he thought it would. The two terrorist closed in on him, ignoring their captives. He knew his cover wasn’t going to last, that he need a vantage point.

Without anymore thought, other than the searing pain going through his shoulder, he made a very ungraceful and messy run for it between them and their jeep. The single armed man took aim at his fleeing target and fired, hitting him in the shin and knocking him down. But unfortunately, as Jettie hit the ground, a stay bullet ignited the fuel tank on the jeep behind him and it went up in a huge ball of flame, searing Jettie’s arm and cutting him up with shrapnel.

As this happened, the other three armed men were distracted by the explosion, so the hold up ORB officers took their chance to over run them, and had them subdued in no time.

Back with Jettie however, he was severely hurt and sprawled out on the ground. The men approached with a single rifle, ready to finish him. Without warning, Jettie desperately reached for the fallen SMG in front of him and blindly pulled the trigger. As the gun went off, the armed man took several rounds in his chest and fell as Jettie finally passed out. The last man standing, so to speak, realised the trouble he was in and made a grab for his comrade’s rifle, but was tackled by the ORB officers now on the scene.


After a few weeks in hospital, Jettie pulled through from his injuries, some leaving permanent marks on his arm and neck. He was deemed "lucky" he wasn't killed and was given a severe reprimand by all over this series of events. But he was also commended on his bravery.


While the incident had left him with visible physical marks, he was also left with marks inside that change him. He had felt hatred and anger after he saw the unarmed recruits getting cut down, as well as being shot at himself, but the fact that he had helped them in a time of need and saved their lives had made him relieved, happy. He felt like he had somehow protected the peace, and he liked it. What he didn’t like was the sickening churning in his stomach he had gotten when he shot that man, he knew it was one feeling he could very well encounter again, and learnt to deal with it. He was then able to understand why his father had died, and why Shane had betrayed his father, and finally came to a resolve that was to change the near future.


CE 85 and now 19 years old. Jettie had grown remarkably well in the past few years following the incident on his camping trip. Although still quiet and un-trusting, Jettie had grown a more positive attitude and socialized a little more. He still preferred to be left alone, and still feared large crowds, but that didn't stop him from doing what he wanted.

Now at a turning point in his young life, he wished to protect the peace and help others in need, no matter what the cost may be, so that others wouldn’t have to feel the same sickening pain he had felt pulling a trigger in defence or see the needless bloodshed he’d seen that day a few years earlier. And hoping to do so, Jettie went on to join the military himself.

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It looks nicely written.


However, I doubt a teenager can just attack an armed terrorist. He was quite a distance away from the terrorist and thus was not hit by the shots the terrorist fired. However, he did have the terrorist's attention and he would have to be very fast to run towards the terrorist and dodge shots.


As for him taking on 9 armed terrorists, I would say it borders god-moding. True he was injured but he's just a teenager with no training in armed combat. How can he be such a good shot? Chances are, he'll miss most of the shots and reveal his position and put himself at a disadvantage.

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Emm, still getting a bit confused with the factions... LOL.. sorry. Ahem. Emm well that would be ORB. If there is an ORB faction or one under another name. Thanks.


Glad ya like, that took a heck of a rethink to write. I'm getting into it, slowly but surly.

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[align=center]Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Mr. Jettie Phoenix Tiamara is a naturalized citizen of the United Emirates of Orb, and is to be accorded with the same rights as all other loyal citizens of the Orb Union.


Furthermore, this citizen is an enlisted soldier in the Federation of Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces, holding the rank of Private, with duties and responsibilities thereof.


Signed and Noted by:

Representative Alvielle Torren


Welcome to Orb darknoise start rping!

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