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As I was reading through the rules I noticed that everytime I would click on a link to a faction, or to something else I would get redirected to the home page. I remember seeing something that said you were going through updating the site and stuff.


Does that mean that this site is incomplete? Or is this just a new version or something?

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Instead of making a new topic I’ll just post another question here. When making a character app, I assume that we should write a lot about history and things. First question is if there is a certain amount, or minimum you want us to write? The second question is if there is a minimum age. I planned on making my character 16, but I worried that it may be too young.


One last thing. If I were to create a character that was from Plant or something, would I still be able to join the soldiers of fire?


EDIT: Before I forget to ask, where is the information that has the stuff on the battle system? I can't seem to find it.

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Length is not the key criteria for writing a character background. You can have a very long but badly written history. Quality is what we strive for. Try to make it stand out and make the character something original.


There isn't a minimum age. However, you have to keep in mind of the limited job prospects of a 16 year old, along with the other factors that would affect the way you would role play the charcter.


The Soldiers are a mercenary group. You can be a citizen of any faction but you would need to have a neutral stand towards the Earth Alliance - ZAFT conflict.


What do you mean by the battle system?

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Remember whenever you write: Quality over Quantity


But a little quantity is good


The battle system is pretty much free form, aka you need to use skill; but everything in combat needs to be bought or assigned to you by your faction.

EG: You need to buy an MS or be assigned one by your faction to use it in combat (probably the latter)

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Well to get a feel of the battles it would be best to fight in the Coliseum, but mind you we use modified rules there; though it shouldn't be much different.


To participate in the Coliseum you need either: 50 posts or a character approved. I'll take a look at your character ASAP when it's up, though I'll be out for the entire day today. If you want you could add me on MSN and I'll answer your enquiries there

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Yes you are right, it would take sometime


Um well I'll give you an example, when you post in a battle; depending on the situation you SHOULD (but don't have to) include pampering RP (makes it look pro) and have your action


So instead of "He slashed upwards at his enemy"

You can do something like, "With sweat dripping down from the tip of his chin, he eased the thruster controls down and with the other arm frantically pulled the mobile suit into a tight slash at his enemy's torso."


Somethin' like that, but may want to add some character stuff in. I rushed that since I gotta go soon lol

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Yes, that would take some time. In fact, you would need to graduate from the Pilot Academy with a Piloting license before you are allowed to use a mobile weapon in the RP.


The Coliseum is not related to the storyline so you would not need a Piloting License or join a faction to be able to fight in the arena.


EDIT: My presence makes Winders linger.

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