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Alexandre Holcroft

Crimson Justice

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Full name: Alexandre Holcroft

Nickname: Alex, Lex.

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Pilot

Birthplace: Copernicus City

Citizenship: French

Personality: Usually somewhat aloof, though he enjoys talking to people. Approaching Alex is usually something of a challenge, as he tends to spend much of his time with his nose in a book. However, the people who know him will tell you he is steadfast, quick to laugh and quicker still to help out his friends, of which Alex has only a few, but which are extremely important to him.

If you catch him on one of his rare bad days, however, he is cynical, irritable, and short-tempered. However, even on his worst days, Alex is never rude if he can help it. Raised bilingual and living in a primarily English-speaking society, Alex only swears in French. 




Height: 6ft2in

Weight: 165lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Black, combed to the right - bangs partly cover the top of the right eye.

Eye Colour: Amber

Identifying Marks: Alex wears slender, black-framed glasses, and has a small scar just below the hairline on the right side - usually hidden underneath his hair.

Skin Tone: Caucasian

Build: Fairly slender, but well-toned.

Clothing: Usually wears bluejeans or slacks(black or beige). His shirt is generally blue, red, or white, and he usually wears a leather jacket(brown or black). He wears a black wristband on his right wrist, and a heavy black wristwatch on the left.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Augustine Holcroft (Maiden Name: Loussier) - Deceased

Father: Richard Michael Holcroft

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: Alex is currently romantically involved with Naomi Nishikawa, whom he met in High School. Naomi is currently enrolled in Medical School.


Personal History: Alexandre Holcroft was born of a British father and French mother in the neutral lunar city of Copernicus in late C.E. 61. Raised on the moon in a bilingual household, Alex is fluent in both languages.

Richard Michael Holcroft, Alex's father, is descended from an old British military family, though he himself was never a soldier. Despite having spent most of his life, since the death of his own father in C.E. 52, on Copernicus City, he remains the proprietor of a small estate in Cornwall.

Rather than enlisting in the British Royal Navy, Richard Holcroft went instead into politics. Now Sixty-three years old and retired, he is living on his family's property in England.

Augustine Loussier was a French-born novelist living in Copernicus City when she met Richard Holcroft in C.E. 49. They were married after six years, and after a miscarriage in C.E. 58, she gave birth to what was to be her only child in C.E. 61. She later contracted pulmonary tuberculosis, and died in C.E. 69.

Richard subsequently had Alexandre come and live with him on Earth, and continue his schooling there. Though treated with a certain amount of either deference or contempt by others, both because he was a Coordinator in a society dominated by Naturals and because of his father, Alex went through Middle and High School as just about any other student, excelling in writing and the graphic arts, doing well in chemistry and barely scraping by in mathematics and history. In between classes, he took lessons in fencing, kung-fu and jujitsu.


Alex's father supported and helped him throughout his schooling, devoting much of his time to his son since his wife's death, and had great hopes that young Alexandre would go on to college.

However, Alexandre informed his father that he would join the military. Though somewhat disappointed, old Richard Holcroft supported his son's decision, motivating him to push himself physically and mentally as far as he could go - enrolling him in private lessons in fencing, kung-fu and jujitsu, and taking it upon himself to teach Alex to fly and maintain the family's aging Cessna Skylane single-engine plane. Before long, Alex was flying across to Cornwall every holiday, and spending most of the holidays in the air.


Alex graduated in C.E. 79 and immediately enrolled in the Eurasian Federation's armed forces as a Mobile Suit pilot.

His background in martial arts allow him to excel at close-range combat, though he is an average marksman. Not much of a mechanic, he is nonetheless an accomplished pilot.

Casual, irreverent, and irretrievably stubborn, he is disliked by his superiors but good friends with his fellow pilots. He hopes one day to pilot a Gundam, but remains perfectly content with his own machine.

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I'd like to see a bit more of Alexandre's personality if possible, perhaps a few of his quirks such as what he likes, or what he fears.  As well, I wonder just how Alexandre's father was treating him;  Was he the overly demanding kind of father, trying to push Alexandre to his limits, or could he care less about how Alexandre turned out?  This has the makings of a good profile, but a bit of tweaking and expansion will make it great 


P.S.:  J'espere que tu parles au moins un peu de francais, c'est pas tous les jours que je trouve quelqu'un qui peu parle un peu de la lange comme moi.  Bienvenue au 'Advent Destiny' 

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