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Anna Colbert


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Full name: Annalisa Rei Colbert

Nickname: Anna

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: College Student

Birthplace: October City, PLANT

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: Anna is a kind and gentle person who enjoys being with her friends and family. The amount of kindness she has for the people around her often ends up with her being taken advantage of, but she is always willing to forgive and forget.




Height: 5’6”

Weight: 126lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: Pale blue hair that goes down to her waist, her original hair color is golden-blond.

Eye Colour: Green

Identifying Marks: -

Skin Tone: Light pale

Build: Small and petite, she doesn’t work out or eat much.

Clothing: Anna wears a white dress that is blue trimmed and she also wears a blue ribbon in her hair.

Handiness: Left handed




Mother: Alicia Colbert

Father: Damitri Colbert

Siblings: -

Husband/Boyfriend: -


Personal History:


      Anna was born in October City, PLANT to Alicia and Damitri Colbert. At first her parents thought of her as a burden but as she grew Anna slowly captured the hearts of her parents and the people around her. She started off slow by doing the wrong things to try and make people laugh or smile, which work on her grandparents. Although she was hurt by the fact that her parents didn’t love her like other parents loved their children, she was sure that somehow she would be able to change their mind about her. So from then on Anna decided to stop acting like a comedian and more like a girl.


      Over the course of 2 years since the age of 4 she began going on shopping trips with her mother and getting her hair and nails done like everyone else she knew. She also began to develop a forgiving attitude due to the amount of pain and stress from her being unloved by her family, she didn’t want to ever hold a grudge against anyone ever again. Slowly, over the progress of a few months she began to win her mothers love. Although the progress was slow and agonizing, Anna couldn’t help but smile when her mother came to her room for the first time and kissed her goodnight. It was from then on she decided to stay the way she was. Soon after she began to be tutored by her father, and the progress to gaining his love began.


      At 13, after her third year of schooling, her father said that she had made miraculous progress in her studies and praised her for it. She had finally won the love of her family and she was happy not because they loved her, but that she achieved it on her own. She continued to study until she was 17 and her father was called away for training to fight in the army. She wasn’t sure where he was going or what side he was on but she worried every night, praying that her dad would return home. Now after 6 years of going to school in October City, she has became an idol among her friends and an even more friendly person, she often dreams of her fathers return and cries to herself at night, worrying he may have died. Her often reoccurring nightmares of her father dying have left her believing that her new attitude could bring her father back to her so that they could once again be a family.

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Hmm at first glance your bio seems fine, but there's this little... thing, I can't quite place it; that isn't present. Probably drama lol.


Could you space the paragraphs properly and also perhaps put more about how she grew her personality? Why is she so forgiving and seemingly angelic? Was it all through her new routine of being a good girl?


Other than that, I'd recommend elaboration just to try to fill that gap that your profile seems to give off.

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