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Laine Williams

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Full name: Laine Williams

Nickname: ‘Shorty’

Date of Birth: June 11th, CE 64

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: MS Pilot

Birthplace: London, United Kingdom

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation (Earth Alliance)

Personality: Laine is anything but like a typical Mobile Suit Pilot to those that know him well enough to consider him a friend. Having lived in a closely-knit family, he has become fiercely loyal to those he has grown close with. He is selfless to a fault, always thinking of his companions before himself and would never do anything willingly to cause pain to any of them unless he knew it was for what he thought 'the best'. His love and pride of his duty has also made him articulate and very respectful to most of his seniors, however his difference in opinion usually means that not many see his respect. He has been born with his grandfather’s fiery temperament and if pushed has been known to go out of control.


Conversely he is also defiant and bold when talking with authority figures often getting him into mischief, though never too far that his quick wit and charm would help him out of danger. Nevertheless in his circle of companions he is also amenable to outsiders approaching him, as he is usually friendly yet keeps his true feelings, thoughts and sometimes intelligence, hidden behind the facade others expect him to be of a Pilot. Being active and playing various sports has seen him become confident in most things.


He has a great thirst for knowledge and likes others to hear his opinions. Lastly Laine is equally passionate, competitive and proud both of himself and those around him.




Height: 167cm

Weight: 162lbs

Handiness: Right-handed

Description: Laine has piercing light granite, almond shaped eyes along with a messy shoulder length styled rusty brown hair that sits more like a mane pointing down his back. His eyes set wide apart give him an angelic look, and his pouting smile is always seen. Being a Sportsman as well as an Academy Scholar from a young age has kept him toned and given him broad shoulders, though not overly muscular. He is proud of his appearance and attends to it more than most males would. He is usually seen wearing casual clothing like jeans and tees when relaxing.


When Laine is on a mission or in training, his outfit is usually the traditional fatigues though he always wears it with an air to the extravagant, either by having his collar arched upwards or his dress coat tied differently.  This is more due to his personality than his dress sense. If he is being placed where he needs to be seen as respected then he would wear his EA Regal Dress Uniform that is always immaculately set upon his shoulders and almost seems to swim across his body.




Mother: Tianne Williams

Biological-Father: Randal Thorpe (whereabouts unknown)

Adopted-Father: Travis Williams

Siblings: Stellar Williams (Sister) & Ansel Williams (Brother)

Wife/Girlfriend: He was last seen dating Elizabeth Brittany

Personal History: Laine is an enigma to most including some of his family.  A progeny of a family legacy that has spanned time and a descendant of a long line of military men it is little wonder that Laine would eventually join his forefathers and be thrown into the attention of millions where his own decisions would affect those he loved and those he hated.


His birth was initially one of tragedy.  His mother, Tianne Williams, lived in a terrible fear of her brutal husband and would constantly cower and weep.  The sadness that ached deep within her heart would reflect in her infant’s own behaviour, even at such a young age Laine displayed such empathy that it would make even his stern old grandfather tearful.  It took a lot of courage for the young woman to finally leave the man that was the father to her own son, but one fateful night that would all change.


Tianne’s father George Teighlor was a quintessential EA Admiral in being both proud and fiery when needed, and the evening he found his daughter with raw shades of mauve stricken across her soft face, his anger swelled to a point where he could no longer stand by and watch his daughter wither in pain.  As is a father’s love for his daughter, with the heavens awash in a deluge of incessant rain; George accompanied by his brothers paid a visit to Randal Thorpe.  At the age of two this would be the last time Laine would ever see his biological father.


Taken in by his grandparents along with his mother, Laine finally had the stability around him that would help him grow in confidence.  Born with the same brashness and cheeky exterior that most Teighlor males inherited, the young child would constantly push his boundaries whilst dreaming of floating upon the clouds above him.  Time and time again Laine would be found in his Grandfather’s workshop, helping (or hindering!) the current project George was working tirelessly on.


As his mother watched her son grow, the pains of the past soon began to slip from her memory as she too eventually moved on with her life.  Falling in love with one of her Father’s connections, Tianne married the man that would ultimately shape Laine’s demeanour. 


Travis Williams was a man that thrived on pressure and relished everything traditional about family life.  Travis’ own father died when he was a young man, and this loss of guidance allowed his character to leap forward assuredly.  Decisive and intuitive the man built his own family business into a thriving commerce of activity.  His own show of unrivalled love was reflected in his decision to take his wife’s son as his own by legally adopting him.  Tianne and Travis Williams was a couple that were destined in the stars.


Travis’ own selflessness and intelligent thinking reflected in Laine, as he grew older.  Soon to be joined by both a sister and brother, the young family was a picture of happiness and joy.  The changes to his family around him bestowed the boy with an ideal of elder sibling protectiveness.  He would do anything he could to make his sister laugh especially and between the two brothers a competitive if somewhat covetous rivalry soon entailed, yet always was it accompanied by the laughter of three children, under the watchful gaze of their parents.


As Laine entered his adolescence he decided to follow a dream that had been with him for as long as he could remember.  To dance upon the stars.  Defying his mother’s guidance, the headstrong youth joined the Military Academy and followed in the footsteps of so many of his forefathers at the tender age of thirteen.  It was as if the boy was destined to wear the tailored tunic of the military as it fit him so well.  Yet in the Academy Laine would have to deal with authority and strict rules, something his character always rejected.  Not out of spite or anger; just the constant need for him to find his boundaries. 


As he grew in the Academy, Laine allowed his rebellious spirit to repeatedly confront not only his superiors but also his father.  Adventurous by nature he would frequently skip curfew chasing the thrill of escapades with his friends under the brilliantly glaring moon above them.  On countless occasions Laine would argue with his father over the most innocuous of quarrels, either side of him finding himself in trouble.


The thrill and intoxication of ventures in the shadowy corridors of Paris where death was an often occurrence was a place no boy should ever experience or witness as his father would argue, yet no matter what was said Laine’s restless spirit would always want that next adventure.


During such escapades Laine formed a close friendship with another in his class.  Antony Lawson was aggressive, short-tempered and belligerent to most yet strangely he always seemed more relaxed when with Laine.  The two would often laugh and joke between getting into trouble, usually due to Lawson’s brashness.  The two were as thick as thieves, and considered each other as brothers.


The bond that they formed was so close, that they incessantly knew what to expect from the other.  In class and especially in simulations the two boys would continually dominate their other classmates.  The two were inseparable, with Lawson almost guaranteeing some sort of mischief with Williams’ panache and charm enabling them to get out of any difficult situations they found themselves in.


Thought of as something of a rogue, Laine impressed though often annoyed his superior officers as well as his classmates.  The journey through the Academy was filled with equal joy and disappointment.  His refusal to reform and be subservient even though he seemed blessed with brilliant piloting skills and astute tactical insight led him to countless suspensions and yet his superiors would never expel the talented youngster.


And as he grew, Laine realised this.  The fact that he could seemingly get away with anything, led him to feeling that he was unmatched and unrivalled as if able to do almost anything he put his mind to.  Be it winning the heart of girl, or making the fastest time in the ‘Stapleford Run’, this boy knew of no limitations to his talent.  Arrogance to an extent settled inside his character, though not overly aggressive, just assured, confidant, British.


When Laine finally graduated from the Academy, surprisingly the young man decided to turn away from the military.  With Lawson continuing in the military the two friends parted ways though they always tried to stay in touch through e-communications.  Laine turned his interest to mundane activities floating from job to job but never really ever finding something that he felt apart of. 


As the galaxy reformed around him tragedy would again strike the young man.  Whilst on a routine mission for the EA, Lawson’s tank unit was caught in a surprise attack by a ZAFT Terrorist group.  The attack was as horrendous as it was incisive and left no casualties.  Such was the devastation that the EA Authorities pronounced the entire unit as dead though Lawson’s body was never recovered.  The news left Laine devastated.


In a moment of clarity the vicious act and loss of his friend caused Laine to reflect on his own self and why Lawson continued in the military.  Whilst reading his friend’s memoirs Laine realised that though Lawson always had a want to be in a battle, be it in a schoolyard or a simulator, it was the sense of protecting his friends and family that made the decision easy to him and Laine had forgotten this.  He had always been the one to look out for his friends, always the first to help bail them out of trouble no matter how difficult it was.  And in a sense, Laine felt part to blame for not being there for when his friend needed him most of all.


Following the funeral, Laine quit his job and enlisted with the EA Forces.  Determined that he would do his hardest to protect everyone he loved and in someway be able to one day look his friend in the eye, when they meet again amongst the clouds.



Laine.jpg Laine Williams

Tianne.jpg Tianne Williams

Travis.jpg Travis Williams

Stellar.jpg Stellar Williams

Ansel.jpg Ansel Williams

George.jpg George Teighlor

Lawson.jpg Antony Lawson


All Images Taken From 'Magna Carta' & 'The War of Genesis III Pt. II' Developed By Softmax.  Rendering Provided By 'CT' @ Render-World.com

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