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Jayden Cross

Jayden Cross

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(OOC: Here's my second attempt at a character. Enjoy!  )




Full name: Jayden Cross

Nickname: "Cross"

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot

Birthplace: USA

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation

Nationality: African American/Japanese descent

Personality: Jayden is a leader at heart. He cares deeply about his allies though he normally wouldn’t act as if he cares about anything. Arrogant and often times unbearable, Jayden doesn’t have many friends because of his tendency to push people away in the pursuit of power. He hates Coordinators and Extendeds because of the abnormal enhancements to their mind and body. However Jayden is very virtuous and ambitious. He constantly trains himself to be able to fight on even grounds with the Coordinators and Extendeds.






Height: 5’8

Weight: 175

Hair Colour and Style: Brown, Short but often times unkempt

Eye Colour: Soft Brown eyes

Identifying Marks: None at the moment

Skin Tone: Medium Mocha-like complexion

Build: Jayden is very muscular and cut. He prides himself at being very fast and agile while also being very physical.

Clothing: Jayden wears two brown belts tied across his waist that each have holsters for his two guns. He wears normal black slacks with a half unzipped long sleeved shirt.

Handiness: Right-handed (trying to train himself to be ambidextrous)




Mother: Hitomi Cross (deceased)

Father: Donovan Cross (deceased)

Siblings: Vanessa Cross (MIA)

Wife/Girlfriend: N/A


Personal History:


Jayden was always a bit of a slacker. He was raised by two high ranking officers in the Earth Alliance military however he never really wanted to join the military. He never wanted to excel at anything because he thought it would be useless to compete against someone that was genetically enhanced. Even the smallest trivial things were done better by coordinators and in Jayden’s eyes coordinators were natural winners… a belief that Jayden resented. Though Jayden was only 7 at the end of the war his parents often tried to teach him things about the war, in order to make sure that the same mistakes would not be repeated…at least not by him. However by the age of 10 Jayden’s father became a restless rebel. At the age of 12 Jayden witnessed an argument between his two beloved parents as they argued about the safety of their children.


Though the war was over many naturals were still quite skeptical of the coordinators. This often drove them to do illogical things. This is what compelled Hitomi along with the two children to move into outer space along with Donovan to do what he called “searching for answers”. At the age of 13 Jayden discovered that his father had been killed during one of his ventures in outer space. It seemed that Donovan had uncovered a secret that could send the nations back into war however he was found out and the only thing that was left of him was his memoirs which were sent back to their home. Though Donovan had claimed to have discovered this secret some of the pages seemed to have been torn out of this book. One year later officers arrived at the Cross residence asking if they had received anything from Donovan around the time that he had died. Peering out from the corner of the wall was Jayden who witnessed the conversation however he was unable to hear the conversation between his mother, his older sister and the mysterious officers that had appeared. Soon the disgruntled mother would begin to frantically shout as the daughter tried to calm her and the officer calmly walked away.


After this encounter Jayden walked out from the corner and demanded to know exactly what was going on. The young boy was quickly commanded to pack his bags as they didn’t have much time. However, Jayden remained standing there screaming out for answers. Hitomi only mentioned that those men were coordinators as she rushed toward him and dragged him to his room. Suddenly it seemed as if their lives were in danger and later on that night gunfire would be fired toward their home. Filled with bullets the family crawled on the ground trying to escape the firefight until suddenly Hitomi pointed her kids in a single direction. Vanessa who had just recently joined the military acted almost on command as she grabbed her brother Jayden and rushed madly toward the side door while Hitomi provided cover fire. As they reached the garage Jayden was literally thrown into the car as his sister started the engine. Soon he would find himself bursting through the garage door and driving down the highway with a huge explosion ensuing at their residence. Vanessa shoved their father’s memoirs into her brother’s hands and softly said “You want to know the truth right? Then survive… survive and take these memoirs to an Earth Alliance official and tell them that you want to know more about the Destiny Plan.”


Jayden shot her a confused look and she smiled. She then proceeded to say one more thing before kicking him out of the speeding car. The young boy was kicked with such force that the car door flew open ejecting him out of the car and into nearby bushes. Vanessa then drove her car off a nearby ridge in an attempt to kill herself while avoiding the pursuing car. Jayden however lay unconscious in the bushes with the book in his arms.


Two years later Jayden was 16, now living within the Atlantic Federation and his entire attitude had changed. His demeanor was now cold, ambitious severely determined and extremely serious. He also seemed to be slightly traumatized by the accident to the extent that he would sometimes go berserk when put under extreme stress. He was an emotional wreck in every sense of the word and what was worse is that the only thing he has left from that accident was a few words that his sister had said before she knocked him out of the door. “Don’t let them control your destiny. You are special and you were born for a very specific reason…”


The memoir’s had disappeared, his mom had been killed and his sister’s body was not found among the rubble of the crashed car. Jayden now began to train with a renowned EA soldier that was a friend of his father’s. He was being intensively trained to specifically battle those with abnormal abilities. At 17 he entered the pilot academy and with the strenuous training that he continued to undergo he passed through the pilot academy with ease. Now he was 18 and soon he would find out the truth about the previous war and the location of his sister. 

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This definitely has a more unique feel to it, so there is little that I can say to correct.  The format has been followed correctly, the character is described well both in words and in picture, and his personality and personal history does nothing to make him seem overpowered or more privileged.  The only thing I can think of saying that you should give credit to whoever made that image your using.  Its just best to give credit where credit is due.

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I'd like to give credit to Maiji for the picture that I edited to make the avatar and I'm pretty sure that my full body picture is one of the official character art of Yuri Hyuga from Shadow Hearts: Covenant. So I would also like to extend my gratitude to the team over at Nautilus and Midway Games.


I'd also like to apply for a position in the Earth Alliance.

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