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Dylan Forester


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Full name: Dylan Forester

Nickname: Lan, The delivery boy

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Motorcycle Grocery Delivery boy

Birthplace: Philippines, Equatorial Union

Citizenship: Equatorial Union

Personality: Dylan Forester is a hyper-active kid. He loves to ride his scooter down mountain paths, hills, or even dirt roads when delivering groceries. He has the need for speed. Even though he does these “death defying” things, he’s still quiet. He rarely talks to people, the only person that he can have a meaningful conversation is his grand father. Other people view him as an introvert, who has tendencies to be reckless.


Dylan also has a great interest with mobile weapons and suits, but he’s fascinated with the Moebius zero the most. With all those jet boosters, it could go fast. He hasn’t actually seen one, but heard from his father that those things go fast.


Although he’s quiet, he is very kind-hearted and very helpful at times of need. He is fond of helping old ladies across the street and drunkards of their butts. One day, he dreams of joining the O.M.N.I. forces, and riding one of those fast and furious Moebius zeros. But for now, he’s stuck on delivering groceries.






Height: 5’10”

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: He has long black hair, kept in a very messy fashion.

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: He has multiple scars on his legs as a result of numerous crashes

Skin Tone: slightly tan

Build: normal

Clothing: riding/delivery gear: White T-shirt, Hawaiian shorts, Leather motorcycle jacket, and a motorcycle helmet that has “L.B.”, which represents Lolo Boy’s Grocery shop, spray painted on it.

*Lolo= grandfather

Casual: Leather jacket, Printed t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Jasmine (*deceased)

Father: Leonard

Siblings: none

Wife/Girlfriend: none


Personal History: Dylan Forester was born in a plateau city, in the Philippines. He had a peaceful childhood, with no confrontations going on in the place. He lived in a small village with his grandfather, who owned a well known grocery shop. They weren’t that rich. His father was an Ensign for the O.M.N.I. When his father got time off, he would go back to their house to spend time with Dylan. It was through his father’s stories that he heard about the mobile suits and armors, which got him really excited with them.


It was when he was 16 when his father rarely visits them anymore. His grandfather, Lolo Boy, said that his no good father is too busy with his work to go back home, he was just sending money. It was the same time that Lolo Boy got injured in a wrestling match, as a result no one could deliver groceries up and down. Dylan was forced to ride his bike up and down the mountain every day. Fortunately, their neighbor was selling a crappy old scooter, he bought it with his life savings. Unfortunately it was pink, so everyday he was seen riding down the mountain with a pink scooter with lots of groceries.


The pink scooter was annoying his grandfather because it was affecting their business, so the old man dumped a bucket of white paint on it and wrote grocery delivery on the front.


Weeks later his father was sending less and less money, until it came too a time that he was sending toothpaste caps, and tissue paper. Dylan was wondering why his father would send out things like that. He thought that it contained hidden messages or clues of his father's wereabouts . But after a few weeks of examining the toothpate caps, and putting the tissue paper in an extensive forensic test, he found no clues what so ever. So he figured out that his father might be running out of money, or maybe has a gambling debt. He forgot about his father and went on practising his scooter skills.


Months later after several unfortunate crashes, Dylan perfected his scooter style and found some “shortcuts” down the mountain, which involves cliffs, a lot of trees, and a small pond. He was even chased by a bunch of monkeys, trying to get the free bananas that comes with every delivery. Alas, with all of these deliveries going on, the grocery wasn’t earning as much as before.


It was when he was 18 that he and his grandfather decided to migrate to China, but the plan didn’t proceed until in his 19th birthday. They packed their bags, closed the store, and rode on their scooter. He didn’t know that his grandfather owned a classic Harley flathead.


“Lolo Boy! You made me deliver those groceries with this crappy scooter and you didn’t tell me you owned a Harley!?” scolded Dylan.


“But Dylan…” answered Lolo Boy in a soft voice, “you didn’t ask…”


Dylan didn’t knew if his grandfather was either stupid, for making him go up and down the mountain in the past, or smart, for training him to be a very superior motorcyclist. They bought low class ship tickets for China. It was days when they arrived.


His grandfather knew a friend that offered them a little trade, a small apartment for his Harley. His grandfather agreed. Lolo Boy sent Dylan to get a job, preferably become a soldier for the military, so he could find his father. Dylan agreed and went to the O.M.N.I. enforcers signing-up place. As any other person, he got lost and had to ask around where the place was. Several hours have passed when he got there, he asked if he could sign up and be a soldier, because he really needed money. He begged, kneeled and cried in front of the enlisting guy, while kissing his boots. Now, he doesn’t know if he’d get accepted or not, only time will tell.

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Nice background story dude... However there are some gaps in your story. Like what winders said you should elaborate upon the relationship of Dylan with his father. Also... I noticed that your story is kinda reminiscent of initial D... (not a negative to your character's profile but definitely something worthy to note). Hope you can make this character funny yet still believable.


Overall a very entertaining profile. Hope you get to RP with us soon.



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Well, I personally would like a little bit more to do with your character's development but I feel that it's good enough to go on the approved page; for what I see your character doesn't so much want to find his father in the EA but rather, joins for the Mobieus Zero's and the moolah. Approved.


Please post which faction you wish to apply for

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Sorry that I didn't see this earlier Forester, I blame this on the three things that I always try to blame things on; School, The downfall of society, and Winders  (joking about the last part of course  )


Its about time we got someone who looks forward to mobile armor combat, hopefully you'll stick around the site long enough to get your hands on your beloved Zero  .  Crewman Recruit Dylan Forester accepted, welcome to the EA 


(yet again, I apologize for the lack of a shiny acceptance letter, I'll have to think of something more official looking after exams are over)

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