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Demotivational posters


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I got a folder with all of those (The small pics), for easy reference.


Favorites(Other than the one DD pointed out):

"Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now."


"Power Corrupts.  Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.  But it Rocks Absolutely, Too."


"It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, but it doesn't take any to just sit there with a dumb look on your face."

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"You can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determination, and an endless supply of expendable labor."


Now we know why Cannon Fodder exists.


"No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood."


Yes Shinn, we know.


"Your role may be thankless, but if you're willing to give it your all, you just might bring success to those who outlast you."


Nicole? =/


"Just because you're necessary doesn't mean you're important."



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