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Greetings Fellow Mobile Suit Pilots!

Marcus Falden

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hey there I am new, to this forum, I signed up today. I found about this site by doing a google search on my name, and this was the firts thing that popped up. I was amazed as I have never joined any Gundam RP thing. But hey I already explained in another topic why i joined so now I guess let me introduce the REAL Marcus Falden.


I am Male, obiously, I work as a Graphic Designer, as well I'm attending the University of Miami, to get a Bachelors in Fine Arts fr Graphic Design and a Minor in Art and Art History. I am 23 a bit old for this I guess, but hey my imagination is enourmus.


I am also a certified Personal Trainner, so if any of you need any tips on getting in shape, by all means ask away. I am a very big Gundam fan, just not of Seed. I hate seed, the most childish Gundam show sense Wing.


My favorite Gundam series are the original gundam, stardust memory, war ina pocket, as well as the 8th MS team.


I will be posting my character Profile soon as well as my own original mobile suit. Along with a ship. Anywya if you wish to learn anything else by all means ask away.

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Hello there and welcome! If you haven't already please take the time to read the rules and the storyline by which Advent Destiny will be going by. It won't matter if you dislike Seed in general, so long as you are okay with the game being set in this particular Gundam universe. Besides, we start off years after everything in the series have happened, and our aim to make our own unique story within the well-established setting.


I look forward to seeing your character profile, as well as your custom suit and ship. Though, for now, I must inform you that you will have to post your suit and ship in either the Pointless (if you will be adding specs) or Art (since you are a graphic designer and are likely to have made your own artwork).


See you around!

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Hey there. That's a pretty interesting introduction. We should have more people making their entrance with such enthusiasm.


It is a pity that you aren't a fan of Gundam Seed since we are based off Gundam Seed but I hope you'll like your stay here nontheless.


Seems like we have many artists on board. I hope you'll have a good time exchanging artistic tips with our artists.


Do you have any recommendations for a healthy fitness regimen?

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