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[NPC] Bian Zoldark


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Player name: Kaizer

Character Number: N/A

Faction" Earth Alliance




Full name: Bian Zoldark

Nickname: The Divine Flame of Martius

Gender: Male

Age: 54

Race: 1st Generation Coordinator

Occupation: Vice-Admiral in the Earth Alliance OMNI Enforcers

Birthplace: North America, (Washington D.C.)

Nationality: Atlantic Federation

Personality: A strong willed and orderly individual who believes that everyone and everything has its place in the world.  Always a deep thinker, Bian likes to plan things 2 steps ahead no matter what he does, to ensure that he always has time to rethink his actions.  This makes him somewhat depressing to be around, as he is always serious, and never acts on impulse and instinct alone.  He also has a rather large heart, and while he doesn't always show it, he is faithful and caring to his family and friends; to the extent that he would lay his pride and his life on the line at a moments notice.




Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 211 lbs

Hair color/style: Short, slicked back grey hair with an accompanying full beard; dyed blue

Eye color: Bright blue

Identifying marks: A tattoo of a white rose on his right shoulder

Skin tone: Lightly tanned Caucasian

Build: Husky and rugged, a once strong body that has bent over the weight of time.

Clothing: Earth Alliance military uniform, Bian has never been seen in civvie's

handedness: Right handed




Mother: Juliana Zoldark (Deceased)

Father: Balthazar Zoldark (Deceased)

Wife: Maria Zoldark (Deceased)

Children: Lune Zoldark, Baynard Zoldark (assumed dead), Kyra Relm (adopted)


Personal History:


Bian Zoldark led a quiet life in his early years.  Often referred to as having an 'old head on young shoulders', he was always a deep thinker, and many could tell that he would take some sort of governmental position in his future.  As tensions between Naturals and Coordinators first began to arise, Bian and his Wife to be Maria moved to the PLANTs in hopes that they could raise their family in peace; free from prejudice.


Baynard Zoldark was the first and only son of Bian and Maria, and while he retained his mother's hair and eyes, he was otherwise his father in miniature.  Hoping to ensure the safety of his wife and newborn son, Bian took up a military career in the then fledling ZAFT forces and quickly rose to the rank of Commander.  While tensions continued to rise between the PLANTs and the Earth Alliance, it seemed for awhile that nothing was going to happen, and so Bian settled down to a relatively happy life.


Then tragedy struck two-fold upon the Zoldark family with the birth of Bian's first daughter, Lune Zoldark.  Maria died shortly after giving birth to Lune, leaving Baynard and Bian to raise the young girl on their own.  Much like Baynard was his father in miniature, Lune was her mother in miniature, though she retained her father's bright blue eyes and athletic physique.  Shortly thereafter, the first Bloody Valentine pulled into full swing, and Bian was forced to leave his family as he fought on the front lines.  He grudgingly accepted his son into his squadron during the war, though he constantly hoped that his son would lose his taste for battle and devote himself to Lune and school.  Bian's unique yet superior tactics led his squadron to safety throughout the war, and he was soon named the 'Divine Flame of Martius', for his unwavering resolve to protect his home and family.


During the brief period of peace between the 1st and 2nd wars, Bian tutored his son in military tactics; knowing now that his son had found his true calling, and ensuring that Baynard would have all the tools necessary to prove himself to the world.  While it seemed that Bian was even more resolved to fight for ZAFT in this second war, the 'Divine flame of Martius' then did something that would change how people viewed him forever.


In the midst of the instigation of the Destiny Plan, Bian took Lune, still a joyful young girl who scarcely understood the goings on of the world, and defected from ZAFT, seeking refuge in his birth land, the Atlantic Federation.  With promises of divulging ZAFT military secrets to the EA top brass, Bian was able to secure citizenship for both him and Lune; though Baynard was left behind, as Baynard still believed so much in the ZAFT military and PLANT council, despite the blatant signs of their corruption.  Bian never learnt of Baynard's attempt to intercept him during his flight to the Earth Alliance, and simply believes that his son was either killed in the final battle of the 2nd war, or that he refused to get in touch with Bian out of hatred to him.


Bian and Lune then led a hectic life in the Atlantic Federation, moving from town to town as Bian paid his dues to the Alliance, eventually being granted a position in the OMNI enforcers, and working up to the rank of vice admiral.  His position is sometimes debated by those who know of his past, and few understand exactly why he attained such a position; though Bian does.  He understands that the Earth Alliance is using him as a pawn for his military know-how and experience, and that by giving him the rank of vice-admiral, he is far more prone to having his flagship destroyed during any military engagements.  Regardless, he takes his position seriously and works vigorously to ensure that the only remaining family could have a good life.


As Lune grew up, Bian tried more and more to enforce his ideals into her, going so far as to enlist her in the military.  He knew that she was athletic and strong willed like himself, but that she held onto the sentimental values and protective nature that Baynard had shown so often in his life.  Furthermore, he used whatever influence he could to push talented individuals into whatever team Lune was assigned to; so that she could form bonds with strong individuals, thus further ensuring his daughter's safety, if only indirectly.


It soon came to pass that Bian would cross paths with Kyra Relm, who had learned that the young child had been a stowaway of unknown origin.  He decided to take in the child as his own, knowing that she was far from ordinary, and that there were still many people who did not fully respect coordinators within the Earth Alliance; there was simply too much bad blood to wash off between the two races.  His demanding military career made it tough to raise her as a normal child, and he was forced to put her through basic training, and assign her to his own flagship, the Divine Crusader.  Kyra's mental stress soon became another major problem, and Bian realized that Kyra needed to interact with people closer to her own age, and not the more mature crew aboard his flagship.  It was then that he told Kyra about her 'sister', Lune, and reassigned her to the infamous 13th black squadron; Schatten Dolch.  It was his hope that the two sisters would act as a catalyst to each other.  Lune would hopefully learn to be more responsible and learn to take life more seriously and with a sense of order, while Kyra would be able to overcome the phantoms of her past with the support and protection of an older sister whom she could confide in.


Now 54 years young, Bian continues to dye his hair blue to retain his 'old head on young shoulders' appearance, and to remind him of his fleeting youth.  The white rose tattooed on his shoulder is representative of his view on peoples lack of perception; that a pure world can be turned blood red, and still be seen as pure and good by the masses.  While his time may soon come to an end, he knows that he must still do whatever he can to ensure his daughters a happier future then the one he had received in life.  Peace never lasted eternally, and he wanted to be sure that his children would live through any period of strife and war, so that they could enjoy those peaceful moments when they did come.

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Technically KCT was on topic (not that it matters now), as Bian is adapted from the SRW character of the same name 


Anyways, bumping to keep Bian out of the archives (or as I call it, the trashcan  ).  He's staying as an NPC character, as he was really made only to give myself an authoritative voice within the EA (just in case we get some captain rank members some day ), and to flesh out Lune's storyline.

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