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[NPC] Ashellia Ferrinas


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Player name: Wilhelm

Character number: N/A

Faction: P.L.A.N.T



Full name: Ashellia Ferrinas

Nickname: Ashe 

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Aprilius One Supreme Council Chairwoman

Birthplace: Aprilius One

Citizenship: Plant


Coming from an aristocratic family line, Ashellia is refined, and intelligent. She is very caring, and gracious. Ashellia is viewed as a motherly figure to those who get close to her. A small bit of loneliness hides behind her bright and charismatic expression masking her true feelings.






Height: 5’7”

Weight: 100 lbs

Hair Color and Style:

Long feathery blonde hair which is extravagantly designed into a series of long curls with two long cheek length side cut bangs. Usually her formal hairstyle, she will some times keep her hair back into a neat ponytail with the same cheek length side cut bangs.

Eye Color: Blue

Identifying Marks: none

Skin Tone: Caucasian

Build: thin, and delicate


Will sometimes wear modernized re-designs of traditional women’s dresses from the 1800s of the old world calendar. Ashellia will always wear dresses, skirts, and sweaters.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Olivia Ferrinas

Father: Deacon Ferrinas

Siblings: Sister: Elizabeth Ferrinas-Alexander

Brother in law: Marcus Alexander 


Personal History:

Ashellia was born and raised into a prestigious family in Aprilius one. Her parents both held different positions in society. Ashellia’s mother was a brilliant doctor, and her father a successful vineyard owner. Although she was the second child, her parents didn’t pick one over the other. Ashellia and her sister Eliza were both gifted with beauty, but they have differences in health and temperament. Ashellia is weaker then her sister and can barely do physical activities without passing out.


Ashellia grew up in a controlled environment, all of which was due to her poor health and fragile body. In the family estate is where she had private tutors and scholars visit her periodically throughout the first years of her school life. She gathered information at an advanced rate, and was always in advanced courses. Ashellia grew up without friends unlike the local children who were gifted with friends. This caused Ashellia to become attached to her pets at a young age. The family dog and cat would often follow her around to keep her company in the long lonely days of her childhood. Ashellia’s older sister would always be away at school and would have no time to spend with her little sister. This routine continued till Ashellia turned fourteen in CE70.


On her fourteenth birthday, Ashellia’s health started to strengthen, she would now be able to do normal tasks, and attend school at the private academy her sister was enrolled. Due to much excitement from her parents, Ashellia was extremely happy about leaving the estate to learn away from home.


Upon her arrival, Ashellia was viewed as a goddess, at the young age of fourteen, Ashellia started to develop into a young woman. Her flawless blonde hair and bright smile would captivate everyone that saw her. This came with a negative as well; most of the older boys at the academy would constantly surround and question Ashellia. Seeing this as an annoyance, Eliza would often step in front of her younger sister and protect her from the constant influx of people. Eliza and Ashellia were easily identified, Eliza was a tomboy and had her hair always cut short. Ashellia was more feminine, and wore her hair in elaborate styles. After the first couple of months, Ashellia started to get used to the strange surroundings of the academy, and befriended several of her classmates.


After a month into the first term, Ashellia witnessed the impossible during a field trip to Copernicus. The Alliance brutally attacked Junius seven sending a nuclear missile into the colony wiping out its inhabitants in a flash of light. Ashellia was stunned at the sight, and couldn’t believe her eyes. She stood in shock for hours in front of the large television monitor. After the initial hours of the attack, Ashellia’s class trip was canceled, and they returned to Plant under Zaft escort.


Many of Ashellia’s classmates broke into tears many of them were from Junius Seven. Their loved ones and friends were all wiped out in once attack. This caused many of the older students to leave the school in order to join the fight against the naturals. One of them was Ashellia’s older sister, Eliza. Ashellia stood her ground, wishing that there would be a peaceful ending to the now full scale war against earth. She wished Eliza good luck and wrote to her constantly.


Soon after a year of fighting the war quickly came to its end in late September. A treaty was signed in the ruins of Junius seven, and peace was finally obtained for the better part of two years. Eliza left the military to start her own family, and Ashellia continued her education and eventually graduated with full honors. The second war came and went like the autumn breeze. Ashellia grew older in knowledge and beauty. She had started to look at politics, and returned home to her parent’s estate.


At the age of 19, Ashellia returned home, and started to take over where she had left off. She spent her days reading in the garden, and cooking meals for her parents. This continued, as Ashellia started to become romantically involved with a young soldier who lived next door. It was a godsend for Ashellia’s parents, since his family was wealthy like they were, and his genetics would be an excellent addition to Ashellia’s.


The young soldier's name was Fritz Galbadia, and he was the same age as Ashellia. They spent countless hours together, going on walks, and eventually moving out together. Soon after they moved in together, Fritz proposed to Ashellia at a local sports game. She gladly accepted his offer, and they began their life together. Sadly, they were both too young to realize that stress would ruin their relationship. Fritz would often come home, and would start fights with his fiancé. Soon after months of constant fighting, Ashellia returned his ring, and went back home.


Ashellia came to a realization that she shouldn’t marry until she was much older, and decided to work on her career. She eventually studied more, and accepted an internship at the National Defense Headquarters. Although she would be a secretary, it would allow her to get the necessary knowledge of the political system first hand. She would learn military protocol, and get backing of most of the high ranked commanders.


After working in the National Defense Headquarters for eight years, Ashellia Ferrinas decided to run for a seat on the Plant supreme council. Ashellia managed to get a large amount of voters to join her campaign by using her father’s wine business, and friends she met during her years at the National Defense Headquarters. In the grueling election month, the votes started to pour in from all the plants. Many were selected for their corresponding Plant, and one eventually was selected from Aprilius. It turned out to be a competition from Ashellia’s former finance and herself for the position. Fritz using his military service as a backbone combined with funds from his father gathered a lot of publicity. Ashellia used her charisma, and feminine charm to uplift the voters using passionate speeches, and public appearances. Eventually, Ashellia was given the seat for the Aprilius one Senator position at the age of 29.

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Yeah, As of right now I see no reason to pilot a MW. Also, you can have a good time without even doing MS combat. Right now there is no need to even use MWs, we have no war, by the storyline, there are no border disputes, and really only thing you could do with MWs is do random wargames with people in your own faction.


I could always gain a MW licence with this character, and this is the character in the begining of the RP. There is a thing called progression and character development that will occur as the rp goes on. 

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Well there is no in depth answer to that, I just think it looks nice centered. So, its a little different from the others, and grabs attention. Other then that, its just a personal preference.


Update 11/21


After talking it with Winders, I'll make this an NPC

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