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Vallerie Solomon


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Full name: Vallerie Solomon

Nickname: Lerrie

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: (Natural or Coordinator) Coordinator

Occupation: Pilot

Birthplace: Februarius City, PLANT

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: Mild, absorbant and forgiving. She believes in moral amplitude and never forces anyone into an act or conclusion. She's also bubbly and music, and is fond of tangos.






Height: 162cm

Weight: 42kg

Hair Colour and Style: Dark red with a maroonish shade, long and swirly that flows a little above her waist.

Eye Colour: dark aquamarine

Identifying Marks: N/A

Skin Tone: Wheat-Peachish shade

Build: Normal

Clothing: White highcollar blouse with a red skirt and boots. Exposes bare shoulders.

Handiness: (Left-handed, Right-handed or Ambidextrous) Left




Mother: Maya Sorimachi

Father: Zack Solomon

Siblings: N/A

Boyfriend: Vaan Deiller


Personal History:


Vallerie never knew much about herself, at least no more than any of her other friends did. She was told that a villager had met a pair of military workers who'd arrived at the village and had entrusted him a baby. It was assumed that both the man and the woman had nowhere safe to hide their baby and tried to cut off their relationship completely by leaving her in a best village they could find in PLANT. Her birthplace, her history was all a mystery. Vallerie herself didnt care too much about her position because all the people around her were really nice to her. The girl had an unusual assortment of biological genes, and was born with light purplish hair and a pair of intellectual red eyes. The caretaker at the orphanage named her Vallerie, or "Tiara", as she was the treasure of the whole village. Coincidentially or perhaps intentionally, the village's economy and everything else with it prospered right after Vallerie's mysterious arrival. Vallerie was happy and gratified with all their good deeds since this all meant that they all sought her as one member of a big family. Here she soon met another boy who was only an year older than her in the same orphanage. His name was Vaan Aizawa and they two soon became as close as siblings.

The little girl grew up to become a kind and a helpfully obediant hand to the village truly like a "Tiara" would bring a princess luxury and happiness.



During the period of the two Bloody Valentine Wars, Vallerie was ignorant about the outside world and knew as much as the origin of the war being a disagreement between two sides, just like schools. When she heard of the daily reported death tolls, she couldnt understand why human beings would pursue issues to such extensions that would spill so much blood.

Vallerie had just too much of the mild naiveness about the other world that less children possessed during that time. However before she could work anything out, the war she heard had ended out of a Peace Treaty both sides signed. That was good news for her, and everyone, as far as Vallerie was concerned.

But the real truth of the danger of the war, had never reached Vallerie's village. Only occasionally, did one or two of her neighbors were seen kneeing next to a grave, replacing the lives and faces that once walked upon this earth. It never drew much impact to anyone in this peaceful village. Vallerie was told that they were safe as long as ZAFT maintained its power. All she really cared about were Vaan and the people.


However she realized how Vaan continually grew sensitive at the repetitive news about the war, and tried to calm him. Vallerie just hoped they would stay together and never part for the rest of their living lives.


When she turned 15, the village's evacuation was announced. This having close relevations to the high technology nuclear plant to be built on the piece of land on which their house now stood, Vaan was deeply disturbed. He knew this had to do with the long term conflicts between two factions. Vallerie again tried to calm him, but she knew he was right, not only were the two sides leaving deaths and sadness behind, it was now trying to tear apart residences and the warmth within family reunions. She resolved to support the determined Vaan to the battlefield, they left for the Earth together. Vaan promised her that he would rather die than let danger harm her. She was soothed by his words.


Merged under intricate timetables and instructions, they studied for two short years in the ZAFT(or any other faction) academy. During the two years, she had the chance of meeting her unkown parents, Vallerie herself ofcourse, wasnt aware that the kind man who had patted her head in reward was her father, who had maintained a very high rank in the military troops, and that the woman she had run into, and after a rushed apology she saw walking briskly past her with a smile for the meeting room was her mother.


She did feel alarmed when an official who came to her and surveyed her told her that her last name was Solomon and that they all knew her, when she had left the last name bar from an application form empty. She tried not to care about it when Vaan told her it might be a scandal.


Lengthly periods of hard training soon brought Vallerie and Vaan up to the day of their first mission. Vallerie had turned 17 and both graduates had grown very passionate towards each other. Their thoughts were connected like those from a telepathy and linked them together with a completed line of understanding.

Then the day came when Vaan was to be dispatched to a station on Earth, that they had to part, temporarily. For the once in her life, Vallerie objeted forcefully and violently like she'd never spoken before. Only when Vaan hugged her did she fall silent and all of a sudden, helpless at the mission set before her. But she knew, that it didnt matter how far they were apart, as long as memories were preserved, humans could live under happiness and love. Hands down, they were soon unreachable.


From then on, she endorsed herself to military and politics. She studied about the different allies, with the accompaniment of a mug of hot milk.

She learned about the secret organizations and forces against factions. Particularly curious about the group Soldiers of Fire, she formed a little group and started a small trip in Asia looking and researching. Fascinated by Gundams, she hoped oneday she would come into close contact (within safety boundaries) with one.


~Footnote: iuuno sounds like more mush this time, but I added a stronger background. thanks for reading

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1) Serpent Tail has long been overcome by the Soldiers of Fire. Their faction no longer exists.


2) Crimson is not a natural hair color. You can say it's dyed crimson, but you must state her natural hair color.


3) What was her life like between the signing of the PEACE Treaty and her forced evacuation at 15 years of age? That's quite a gap that could be filled with more insight into how she developed into the woman she is now.


3) Even sappier than your last one. I approve. But, unless I'm mistaken, isn't that Lacus on the picture you provided? I thought you didn't like her and all, lol.

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Rad: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y279/FLOWdestiny/547.jpg




those are my stock images, I made Lacus prettier


..and iunno about adding more detail to the bio. cuz its already 2 pages long on Word. whasshud I do with the Serpent Tail bit? *unsure*


Wind: u reckoned I shud repost after my username change. so yeah.

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