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Antom Stride : Pilot Application


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Full name: Antom Stride

Nickname: The Red Tsunami

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Birthplace: City of Kusanagi

Citizenship: Orb



Antom was always the type of guy that people would like to be around, cheery, funny and also delightful. In most situations, he always has a smile on his face. He talks sarcastically, which can make him somewhat annoying at times, but none the less, most of the people around him like him.


Another good fact about Antom is that he isnt shy, and in fact is very talkative. His friendlieness goes right along with this, as when people talk to him, they wouldnt really wanna go to anyone else until theyve had enough of his chatter, which can sometimes be the case.


However, within his heart, he is very emotional, and is unpredictable at times. He is a very helpful and fun loving guy who isnt afraid to help his friends out, and protects his friends from any sort of harm, and if he loses, can take it personally. But despite his kindness, if you appear on the battlefield as his enemy, he can be a fearful person, though he shows mercy to those he fights in combat. He would never give up a fight unless all of his friends were safe and sound.




Height: 6'0

Weight: 165

Hair Colour and Style: His hair is black, and it is very spikey, which is the way he likes it.

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: He has a scar accross his left shoulder blade.

Skin Tone: Tan

Build: Muscular and tight

Clothing: He usually wears a deep blue military uniform except when hes just scoping around cities and such, so he looks natural.

Handiness: Right Handed




Mother: Shanra Stride

Father: Antomo Stride




Personal History:



Antom Stride was born on February 22 into a conventional household owned by his mother and father. Shanra Stride, Antom's mother worked as a school teacher in the city of Kusanagi because she adored kids to death, a very emotional and carrying mother. However, his father, Antomo Stride, whom he was named after was a very gruff and tough military man. He had served in the Academy of Orb before becoming a full fledge soldier under the neutral Orb government. His mother and father tought him the ways of the world, and as a result of that, Antom would be a well rounded kid, one who everyone liked to be around.


He enrolled in school once he became the age of 5. He went to a rather small public school, holding only about 800 kids within its confines. As the other children did, he started in Kindergarten, and worked his way up until he was to go to high school, where the time of his life would really begin. Antom had gathered a group of friends from elemantary school that followed him straight too high school which was a good thing for him since he didnt have to meet any knew friends. Despite the great time he was having and the grades he recieved, his life would seem to come to an unexpected turn in CE 71, at the age of 14 when the Bloody Valentine incident occured.


He was shocked beyond belief, and once he heard this during his classtime, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Because of his father, however, he was able to understand what was going on from the information his father was able to provide him, and at the prime age of 14, he was able to understand all the information he gathered. Even though Orb was still a neutral nation, they began to develop weapons of there own, more than they ever have in order to protect themselves and their own way of life from both the ZAFT and Earth Alliance soldiers.


Within the year this war started, Orb was attacked by the Earth Alliance forces. He was within his room when he felt a steady rumbling in the ground, and it turned out the be the emassing fleet sent by the Alliance to Orb. They told Orb to give up there nation to them, and it was all over the news broadcasts, and he thought they would end up doing so. But the leader of Orb wouldnt give up, and as a result, a huge battle was fought. Thanks to the efforts of the Orb army including his own father and the crew of the Archangel, they were able to repel them long enough for people to escape before destroying the main facility.


Now scarred from this occurance, Antom set out to seek revenge on the Earth Alliance, but he wouldnt be able too, because the PLANTs military was just as evil as the Earth. He waited 2 years, another war rolled around, declared the second Bloody Valentine. He couldnt enlist to become part of the military, yet, but he could certainly join the new Orb academy to train to become a soldier one day. His parents supported him full heartedly, as he did just that, and registered for the academy, cutting his origonal academic school off, but now he was able to get an education and even learn how to be a pilot, a valuable expirience.


He aced all of his classes, and proved to be one of the most promising pilots that the Orb government would have for a long time. Although the war effected his personal life, it would only make him more independent and stronger, now knowing the true price of war and what it was all about. He met two great friends, Travis Shleth and Tony Packard, and they would be the three contending trainees to become pilots very soon. They worked well as a team, and in team drill exercises, dominated whoever they faced, but Antom was always the one who brought them together and planned their strategic movements. He ended up fighting towards the tail-end time during the second Bloody Valentine.


Now with a military backround, he actually went to the Free Forces a short period of time after receiving a degree, getting his first mobile suit to pilot, which he piloted well. He fought well on the battlefield, which would in fact allow him to gain his nickname, the Red Tsunami, due to his strategical movements, quick pace and his style of fighting, flowing as the sea would in the wind. He earned this name while fighting to defend Orb, and not let it fall to either the Earth or ZAFT, fighting for their survival. He was many times compared to his father, but some thought that he would surpass his father someday. Now, in the year CE 85, he is an established war veteran, who dislikes the ideals of both the Earth and the ZAFT forces, which would make him search for a faction to work with as a freelancer, where he could work under his own will, and could pay the bills to support himself and his familily, to protect them and the world from another war occuring. Being a freelancer or mercenary would allow him to get into battle, close to the ZAFT and Earth, too destroy them slowly.

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Oh, I see a timeline inconsistency.


While it would be all right for your character to have been around 16 years old at the time of the Second Bloody Valentine War, you infer that he was only able to enter the Academy. This means that, by the time he was able to pilot a mobile suit for Orb, there was no longer any war to fight in, and could not have made a name for himself as a pilot in the military.


Also, I see what Valiant's going on about. Please read the storyline and faction background information of this site. The links are at the navigation box, there on the left side. You'll find out the name of Orb's post-war army from there.

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Thanks, Rad.


Antom, you should read it again Spellcheck might miss errors such as the use of "sue" instead of "due".


There are quite a few errors you'll have to correct. I'll give an example:


"Being a feelancer or mercenary would allow him to get into battle, close to the ZAFT and Earth, too destroy them slowly."


Otherwise it looks good.

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Well, as far as the storyline goes, Orb hasn't had conflicts with either the ZAFT or EA, so he technically wouldn't have fought anyone from either side if he began his piloting career after the war. Although, I don't see any reason why he couldn't earn his reputation in the simulators, or even training exercises, instead.


However, if you really want to portray him as a war veteran, my suggestion would to make some changes to say that he participated in at least the last few stages of the Second War.

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Thanks Rad, I did add that in, about fighting in the tail end of the war. But, in the storyline is says they fight for ther survival, I dont know if they have or havent fought yet, so im clueless to that. But, I edited typos aswell. Thanks for sticking with me to the end guys.

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Well, the basic storyline assumption is that no conflicts have arisen since the end of the second war. "Fighting for their survival" simply means that Orb has become more militaristic through the years.


You're welcome. Hopefully, everything will be fine now.

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Hopefully. Also, misinterpreted the storyline then, sorry man. But, meh. Everything should be fixed now, i have all the respect in the world for this board now... to stick with me to get approved instead of like banning me or something. lol

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