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Adam Wallace

Adam Wallace

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Full name: Adam Slemmer Wallace

Alias: Wing

Age: 15

Race: 1st generation coordinator

Gender: Male

Occupation: MS pilot

Birthplace: Junius 7

Personality: Enthusiastic when it comes to piloting, but usually doesn't talk much unless he has something to say. Despizes ZAFT.

Citizenship: North America



Height: 72 inches

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair: dirty blonde, slightly long and unattended.

Eyes: hazel

Clothes: whit t shirt with blue jeans usually with a dark brown trench coat over them and usually has a dark brown stetin cowboy hat either on his head or hanging on the back of his neck.



Mother: Kerry Wallace

Father: James Wallace

Siblings: none he can remember

Wife/gf: none


Background: Adam was born as one of the last people born on Junius 7 about a week before the Earth forces attacked the colony.He and his parents had been on a trip to the Earth at the time. He and his parents had just recieved living quarters when his parents were arrested and accused for being spies of the colonies. Since he was only about a month old at the time, Adam was allowed to survive and was adopted by a family of the Orb Union that was passing through. Adam was difficult to handel and spent his time in his room drawing pictures of mobile suits that he would like to fly. The few friends he made in school eventually started to call him Wing because all of the suits that he would draw had wings of some kind that would supposedly give for more speed and manueverability, occording to their designer. Thirteen years later, however, Adam's foster parents were killed in an armed robbery. After escaping the robber, Adam returned home and ran a background check on the man thanks to a facial identification program that he had on his computer. He then learned that the man was also from one of the colonies sent as part of an assassin team to cause a massacre on Earth. Not understanding how the colonies could order something so underhanded and ruthless, Adam had a change of heart and became sympathetic to the people on Earth. This time, however, Adam wasn't put up for adoption and he flew solo for a while until he thought it was time to take action to follow his beliefs.

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1) You have no citizenship. Citizenship will determine which factions you can be eligible for.


2) You are too young to be a soldier. No faction shall admit 15-year-old or younger soldiers without an exceptional explanation (and even then, the chances are too slim).


3) You could not have survived the attack on Junius 7, as it was a surprise nuke attack. I suggest you say that your family moved out of the colony at least a week or so before its destruction.


4) Your foster parents could not have been killed by an attack by ZAFT only a year ago, as no factions have been at war since CE 74.


5) Your biography is too short.

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Junius 7 was destroyed CE 70. If you were 6 years old then, then you must be at least 21 now (which handiliy solves both the inconsistency and your age with regards to piloting).


Also, North America does not exist as a nation - that would have to be the Atlantic Federation instead.


Lastly, your bio is still too short. Try expanding more on why he despises ZAFT, and not the EA that destroyed his home colony. Saying that he is sympathetic to those on Earth because his parents were killed in an armed robbery is too much of a stretch; try to explain how those two things are related, or change the reason completely.

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After escaping the robber, Adam returned home and ran a background check on the man thanks to a facial identification program that he had on his computer.

I doubt most people have that kind of program on their home computer mate.


If you really want it you should explain how and why he got one rather than just having it pop out of nowhere, you can in turn use this to explain his talents or passions.

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