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Alvielle Torren


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Full name: Alvielle Torren

Nickname: Madame Torren

Age: 48

Gender: Female

Race: Natural

Occupation: Chief Representative of the Orb Union

Birthplace: United Emirates of Orb

Citizenship: Orb Union

Personality: Normally quite composed, she can be quite sharp-tongued when she loses her temper, which can be due to some people's (or her own) stubbornness, carelessness or inefficiency. She is focused in her duties towards Orb, and can be quite relentless to those who threaten Orb's harmony.




Height: 159cm

Weight: 52kg

Hair Colour and Style: Originally blond in her younger days, Torren's hair has since greyed and nowadays she pulls her hair back, to tie a bun at the nape.

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: None, except for a few annoying wrinkles here and there.

Skin Tone: Notably fair, due to her preference to stay indoors. There are some wrinkles around her eyes and forehead that have become obvious over the years.

Build: As if to make up for her short stature, Torren always stood or sat up straight to make herself seem taller. 

Clothing: Torren usually chooses to wear a blazer over a blouse and matching long pants and that has since become the standard dressing for wherever she goes. Her wardrobe is therefore mainly filled with such clothing.

Handiness:   Right-handed




Mother: Marlina Fransisca [Deceased]

Father: Varrius Torren    [Deceased]

Other Relatives: Other relatives: Insignificant, for now.


Personal History: Alvielle Torren was born to Marlina Fransisca and Varrius Torren in CE 42. The Torren household belonged to one of the lesser nobility as only the five strongest families held the ruling power along with the elected legislatives in the leadership of Orb Union. Her father was never involved in the direct running of Orb Union and always preferred to stay away from the limelight. He married Marlina, another lesser noble, against the hopes of his parents for him to marry into one of the leading households (When Varrius failed to 'extend' their connections, they threatened to pass his inheritance to his younger brother, but perhaps they doted on Varrius too much to actually do so and he received the wealth in the end). Varrius however, preferred a quiet lifestyle with none of the politics involved.


Marlina and Varrius agreed to settle only for a single child, and hence Alvielle had no siblings. Nonetheless, Marlina and Varrius strove to enrich Alvielle's life as much as possible. She was home-schooled and taught to be competent at a musical instrument. Marlina and Varrius often had debates on the existence or creation of Coordinators. One parent would take the side of the extreme Natural and the other, a Coordinator. Each time, however, both sides would fail to argue their way to a victory and finally conclude that the world would be better off having both races. Alvielle listened to these debates, occasionally offering her opinion and hence grew up thinking that Naturals and Coordinators should have an equal opportunity at and in life.


When Alvielle was in her teenage years, her parents had to leave for the capital to attend a gathering of all the noble families, which was when a virus struck the city. Though a cure was finally developed a year later, it was too late for her parents who died a few months earlier.


Alvielle left to study in a boarding school, all her wealth would be held in the care of her uncle (who later did return everything to her later) until she reached an appropriate age. Upon graduation from university, she took a government job in the monetary sector, mainly as an interest. Despite being a noble, she was hardly treated in any special way and was given the same workload as everyone.


In the wars when Orb was badly shaken by all the devastation and the time when it was part of the Earth Alliance, Alvielle concentrated more on her work, trying to keep things that were under her control, in order.


As she watched the Seiran family fed the whole of Orb Union to the Earth Alliance, she wondered how such a family could gain power and influence unnoticed.


As she aged on to her early 30s, Alvielle focused more on her job than on her life outside of work. And when she thought she had affections for another colleague, those affections were quickly dismissed when he told her in secret his disgust for their genetically modified traits. Alvielle gave him a quick lashing down of how Orb's citizens should always remain neutral in their behaviour towards the different race. She later ignored him at work, not that he was too unhappy about it.


At the end of the war, since the Athha, Seiran and Sahaku families had perished, the next three noble families were pushed into power. The Torrens was one of the remaining noble families of the Orb Union. As her uncle declined any involvement in politics, Alvielle was chosen to be the representative of the Torren household, forcing her to quit her job at the government's monetary authority, Alvielle then took part in the ruling of Orb, along with the other households. She pushed for free trade with the other neutral countries and was much driven in making Orb economically prosperous. The next Chief Representative elected was from the Cragus household and he ruled for a good nine years before passing away. Yet before he died, he pushed for Alvielle, then already in her mid-40s to be the next representative.


The majority of the families did elect for Alvielle, believing in the judgment of the former late Chief Representative, and hence she becomes the Chief Representative of Orb. Alvielle took the task seriously and aims to defend Orb's interest from those who threatens it.

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