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New RP idea – Gundam Series


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This is going to be an rp that happens outside of the main story line, much like the Seed one that is currently running.  However, as the suits are known and the side stories have their own stories (Wing, Endless Waltz, Blind Target, Ground Zero, Battlefield of Pacifists, Last Outpost (G-Unit), Tiel's Impulse and Frozen Teardrop) What would be peoples opinion if this actually occurred prior to the known series, where the characters are there and help setup everything? Or would a side story with original characters, original suit designs, a series between Endless Waltz and Frozen Teardrop, or a crossover between another Gundam series.

Option 1: For the prequel, it could be set a few years before the series starts and shows how OZ formed and those against it. This would be original, using known suits, including Tallgeese and the 5 creators of the Gundams. Only issue I see, is that the suits would not be the research and this would be more or less fan made and completely original.

Option 2: This would take place between Endless Waltz and Frozen Teardrop. At the end of EW, Zechs and Noin head to Mars to work on terraforming and the time between EW and Frozen Teardrop. However all main char (FCs) suits have been destroyed. In Frozen Teardrop, the Gundams are rebuilt and piloted by the kids of the original pilots. But that is not out in an English translation and there are no images of the suits, except for the redone Wing Zero Gundam.

Option 3: would be a crossover series, however, the crossover one is happening with the Builder series as you have everything. And there is not much history to a prequel of Wing, so it would be more or less original.

Option 4: an original side story, like Last Outpost (G-Unit) that happens on some other colony, there are many at each of the 5 Lagrange points. This would be something original like Option 2, and could be fun for some original suit designs or suit designs from other Gundam series that are not out, I can name one that involves the suits that transform into various creatures; like a wolf, tiger, lion, et al, called Nostalgic Fiction Gundam Beast. This is neat as it takes Gundam and combines with Zoids in a sense. The suits are piloted like MS and the suits are not alive like in Zoids. It is a fully fan made and created series with stats on the suits.

Although, doing something prior to a known series could be fun and the incidents that do happen could be explored.  Again what is people’s opinion on this and any help would be needed.

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