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List of all Roleplays on the board.


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Hello everyone! This is a list, brief description, and status of all roleplays on the board.
Hopefully this will give all prospective players an idea of what’s available on the boards at this time. 


Iron Blooded Order – looking to reboot, seeking players to restart (see myself)

This happens in the Iron Blooded Orphans universe, happening in the timeline between seasons 1 & 2 of the show. Unlike the show there is no main characters in this iteration, and there is no Tekkaden. Instead factions have been simmering to the point of becoming a powder keg, with many factions vying to take the other out.  Will your character work for stability? Or ignite the flames of war?


For the Homeland - Active, Open to non-Orb Characters/ Faction leaders (see myself)

This is a Gundam Seed Orb centric roleplay, that takes an alternate look at the events of Heliopolis and how that cascades into the politics of the Orb Union on earth. Players will delve into the politics and intrigue of Orb while trying to preserve the Homeland from all threats foreign and domestic. How will ZAFT and the Earth Alliance handle an unstable Orb Union?


GBN 1.8 - Hiatus - Open for self started adventures (contact myself if you intend to impact the greater world/story)

This is based on the Gundam Build Divers show. In this story the battle network is beta testing a 1.8 update which sees our characters diving into the virtual world to explore this lifelike environment with their custom Gunpla. 


Fleurs de Noblese (GBN side story) – Hiatus, at player capacity

Three divers become unlikely allies, creating a player force that defies the odds. Will their individual pasts drive them apart? Or can this trio come together to shake the very foundation of GBN? 


Gundam OO redefine - Hiatus, at player capacity

This is a fresh take on OO Gundam, where the Meister have been replaced with completely different characters. Will they succeed? Or will Aeolia’s plan be derailed from what we know should happen?


Zeta Destiny - Active, (see Valiant)

This takes place immediately after the events of Zeta Gundam, but with many of the known characters falling during the Gryps conflict. Player characters scramble to recover from the devastation of the previous war and work to bring their factions  to prominence.



To make a storyline to play please send me a similar description to what is written above and create an OOC topic so I can link the two together.  We are always looking for talented storytellers to take the lead!

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