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Re: Gundams / Tech from other series

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Hrm, I hate to shoot down the conversions, but why would they need a Zero system where there already is a solution to the Spatially Aware/Newtype issue. The Advanced Quantum Processing System that was used in a variety of Seed Era units, and allows the average pilot the ability to control the weapons in simplistic fashion.

From what I read, you intend to use this system to account for X character not being those very few who are allowed to become New types/Spatially Aware. This system appears to give those base players too much of an advantage, by giving them a more automated variant of the Modified Q.P.S.

In the Cosmic Era, the remote weapons are no way like the UC counterparts, and move rather slow, and lack the elegant mobility of the Funnels or bits. There also is no indication in the Seed Novels/Manga/TV/Movies that Sting, or Kira couldn't utilize their Dragoon systems to max proficiency. Both pilots utilized their remote systems when they were needed, also in the Chaos's sake, it was badly viewed due to it being the "Bad-Guy" mobile suit. Of course to a viewer like you or myself we would assume that its Sting that couldn't take full use of such an intricate system. Destiny was horribly put together, and it would seem that Zaft was put into permanent god-mode for the entirety of the series until the last episodes.

Also, if you want to find another Zero System that has been used in Gundam it is the "Bio Computer" that was utilized in F91. Both systems transmitted tactical data from the Mobile suit to the pilot's brain, allowing for both the pilot, and mobile suit to take use of tactical data. The only downside for the Zero system is its psychotic-drug like hold on its pilot. Wing didn't explain this system adequately enough for it to even be a possibly for a conversion technology. Also, from the creative standpoint of the conversionist the way you intent to use it for has already been created 15 years ago in Seed's time line.

Another thing is the Mobile Doll/A.I. System, the question is the range of use, and the simple processing power required to utilize such a system to maximize potential. In the Astray Manga, we only see this during volume three during the Amatu vs Red Frame scenario. Kisato took off in the Modified Lagowe with the help from the Rehome's Holographic George Glenn, who's brain is connected to the ships system. Soon after engaging the Gold Frame, the Lagowe was knocked out of range of the ship, and effectively becoming useless.

Also,the way the link is established would also come into play. It would have to be extremely creative to get out of the effects provided by the numerous Neutron Jammers scattered around the Earth and space. The range would be too unconventional for widespread use, and would ultimately lose to X pilots who can operate autonomously.

Another point is that the Stargazer's A.I was pretty much in its infancy and required an operator to constantly input the data for it to react. Its options were pretty much simplistic in nature, and would require X Time frame of input for it to actually think for itself in terms of mobility. The Stargazer AI was destroyed during the battle around the DSSD Research colony when the Girty Lue class vessel that recovered the system was destroyed. So all the data gained from such a project would lie in those DSSD members who survived that battle. Many of which would most likely never give the plans of such to the Alliance for their unprovoked attack on their station. However, there is a slim change for the Alliance to create this technology, if they spent time on it in that huge gap from the end of the second war to the current year of the RP.

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