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Ethan Vandamar


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Full name: Ethan Solomon Vandamar

Nickname: None (As of yet)

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: ZAFT Trainee

Birthplace: Australia

Citizenship: Australian



Ethan is a clever young man, driven by an exceptionally strong sense of curiosity.


He is friendly and good-natured, but finds it difficult to make friends - he finds it difficult to trust people, and prefers simply to consider people as acquaintances instead, though those who do earn his friendship will find a very loyal, very trustworthy friend.


Ethan may not always be able to see a task through, due to his general inattentiveness, but will generally "try his best to try", and once he dedicates himself to a specific task, will generally achieve good results. Ethan is generally lazy, and will do as little as possible to complete a task, if he decides to complete it at all. Additionally, Ethan is addicted to a homemade drug his best friend called "Sunshine", a strong anti-depressant.


Ethan is generally optimistic, but once demoralised, his performance and mood will rapidly decline, often remaining so until he has completely failed in his task.


He is also a forgiving, patient person; he loves a good joke, and prefers to take most things less than seriously. Ethan is slow to anger, but will become aggressive once angered.


Ethan often decides to reflect upon his own actions during the quiet times, usually thinking about things he should and shouldn't have said, during past conversations; either that or he's thinking of a ridiculous "get-rich-quick" scheme.


Ethan doesn't think much of killing people, considering it a part of his current line of work, as well as something to do, but would outright refuse to attack the few people he calls his friends.


He enjoys parties, alcohol, and crazy mind-affecting substances, but will usually spend most of his time at parties spacing out, with a drink in hand. This is probably due to his constant substance abuse, but he also enjoys thinking about really useless things.



Ethan is terrible at remembering names.




Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 65kg

Hair Colour and Style: Brown, worn flat.

Eye Colour: Hazel

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Fair

Build: Moderate

Clothing: Casually wears long pants, shirt ,and a long sleeved woolly jumper, but will usually be seen wearing his uniform.

Handiness: Right-Handed




Mother: Kala Vandamar (Alive)

Father: Ben Vandamar (Dead)

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None.


Personal History:

Born as a first-generation Co-ordinator in a capital city, Ethan was brought up in a middle-upper class society. He attended private schools, and despite his promising ability in his early years, and even skipping 2 grades in primary school, he barely managed to graduate. After graduating, Ethan decided he'd had enough study for a while, and wished to join the military in hopes of experiencing something different; the military events of the past few years had cited his interest, and he decided his life was worth giving, in order to do something new.


His parents disagreed however, wishing their child to earn a stable, well-paying job, and die peacefully - after all, they had paid a significant sum of money to have their son born as a Co-ordinator, but to their dismay, and great disappointment, Ethan refused.


Tensions escalated, and his father soon after denounced Ethan as no son of his, cast him out of the family home. This upset and angered Ethan greatly - although he had loved his parents, and he'd believed they had loved him as well, their constantly conflicting outlooks on the future, and Ethan's own desire for adventure had caused him be overwhelmed by his temper, and fuelled with desperation, he murdered his father, gathered a few belongings, set fire to the family home, fleeing nowhere in particular with just the clothes on his back, a laptop computer, and a small Survival Kit, containing a knife, some frozen food, and a few first-aid accessories. He ended up running deep into some marshlands near his family's lands, and attempted to hide from police there, whenever they had came to investigate.


However, Ethan was arrested after a short search by police, when Ethan had finally decided to give up on his escape - frozen food doesn't last very long, whether it's in a bag, or in your stomach. Ethan served a 10 year jail sentence, before being granted parole, with military service required on a work and review basis- he thought of this as an unusally convenient outcome, for he'd been wanting to join the military for a while, but for once in his life, he decided not to pursue the subject.

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Sorry about that, I'm still debating whether to keep the murder in, or to make a small "framed someone else" scenario.


EDIT: Or another scenario entirely 


I assume the Academy part has it's own thread, so I haven't done that part in my "Background"

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PLANT Supreme Council, Nation Defense headquarters,

Aprilius One branch[/align]


On the Morning of November 1st of CE85, criminal Ethan Solomon Vandamar is accepted into the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, under special circumstances from the Justice Department and National Defense Headquarters.


In accordance with the law of Plant, this term of military service will be different from an average term. You will be required to finish every task you are assigned. Discipline or praise will come from the quality of work accomplished.


In the medical records provided by the police, you have been known to take illegal substances. You will be under constant surveillance, and will be forced to take random drug screenings. If you fail to comply with this order, your service will be terminated, and you will be sent back to Prison.



Commander Delfina Schneider, National Defense Headquarters


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