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Random Facts concerning the Character Library


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I don't know what possessed me to go through the Character Library and tally up all the left-handed, right-handed and amidextrous characters, but after spending all that time, I fully intend to share my findings .


I believe I might do similar things, perhaps next time with hair colour, eye colour, etc. I'll post them all in here, rather then spam the forum with new topics for every tally.


Anyway, onto the facts and figures of character handiness!


As of October 1st 2007, the Character Library contains 94 profiles.


Of these, 59% are right-handed, 27% are ambidextrous, and the remaining 14% are, of course, left-handed.


I find it interesting that, according to wikipedia, AD's population of left-handers isn't too far off the number shown in various studies. (Source)


However, unless most of our ambidextrous characters were originally right-handed, we're pretty far of the supposed percentage of 85-90. (Source)


I guess such things have changed by the Cosmic Era, as amidextrous people seem to be more common then lefties, and really, being ambidextrous from birth is suppose to be pretty rare, and learning to use both hands with a relevantly similar amount of skill isn't easy. (Source 1, 2)


Well, that's that. If you've any more facts and figures you'd like me to work on, or have an suggestions for other things I can study, please let me know.

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