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Server downtime


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I apologise for the unexpected server outage, on behalf of the people who kept on spamming the shoutbox despite my constant reminder for them to keep chatter off the box and use private messages or the chat function instead.


The shoutbox has been removed because it was overloading the server the website is hosted on. To give you an idea of the magnitude of the problem, Advent Destiny was using up 2 CPUs worth of processing power, spiking up to 4 CPUs worth during the peak periods.


Due to the problems we caused to our hosts, they have decided to stop hosting our server.


Here's the email I received from the hosts yesterday morning:


Dear Jen Xi,


It has bring to our attention that your site, yshout is taking up a lot of the server resources and causes the

server to spike. The support team suspended the account temporary for 5 mins just now , and the load

was immediately subsided.


Kindly be inform that we can no longer host the site , adventdestiny.com as it is taking up too much of the

server resources that is affecting the proper functioning of the server. You can check the server load in

your account cpanel , and the load is currently hovering around  4 - 8 , and once your account is suspended,

the load will decrease to 1 within a couple of mins.


We will make a FULL refund for your hosting for this year and will also transfer the ownership of your domain name

to you. We will continue to host your website until 23 July 2007 , and would appreciate if you could provide us

the following details so we can prepare a cheque refund to you


1.  You full name (as in name record)

2.  Your mailing address



We apologise for the inconvenience caused and your understanding is appreciated.

Thank you








As you can see, the site would most likely go down until we manage to find a new host. I'm still in the process of negotiating with the hosts but I'm not sure how that would turn out.

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A quick question for the future regarding the shoutbox: might it not make more sense to just throw up a standard C-Box instead? You can find those thrown up on most invisionfree-type sites, so I'd imagine it's not too resource intensive. Of course, I don't know if that's true or not or if that would work with the site, but just a thought.


Unfortunately, it would seem there's not much to be done at this point except wish you the best of luck in negotiations with new hosts.

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What we had previously is very similar to what they use for chat in Gmail. It pulls new chat messages instantly rather than requiring members to refresh. Another advantage is that it actually pulls user data from the database. If you are logged in, the shoutbox uses your name.


I'm still gonna negotiate with the current hosts to see if they are willing to retain us on the server. I hope to bring you good news. For now, things would proceed as per normal on the site.


Enjoy yourselves. I'll do the worrying.

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