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Mobile weapons ala James Hawke


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Inspired by James' fake character profile, I decided I'd post up a sample of what NOT to do when you can use a custom mobile weapon.  I hope James doesn't mind me using John A. Cliche Extravagant for this little spoof.


General and Technical Data


Model number: ABC-DEFG123

Code name: Strike Freedom Extravagant

Unit type: Ultra-super secret production doomsday mobile suit

Manufacturer: John A. Cliche Extravagant

Operator: John A. Cliche Extravagant

First deployment: CE 80

Capacity: Single Seater in Panoramic cockpit in head

Height: 44.5 meters

Weight: 24.5 metric tons

Construction: Ultra-light Gundanium Alloy

Power plant: Micro-fusion engine, output estimated at 5 000 000 000 KW

Equipment and design features: Sensors, Thrusters, Wings of Light, Mirage Colloid, Phase Shift Armor, Geschemeidig Panzer, Zero system, T-link System, Hardpoints to attach to METEOR, N-Jammer Canceller, Extravagant custom-OS, living quarters in torso

Fixed armaments:

1x Lohrengrin positron cannon, mounted in torso

8x DRAGOON (Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlay Operations Network), using 8x standard bits

(2x beam gun), stored in wings of suit.

4x "Super Lacerta" beam saber, stored in arms and legs of mobile suit

4x "Igellstellung" 75mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head

2x "Valiant Mk.II" Linear cannons, hip mounted, fold out in use


Optional hand armaments:

2x Buster Rifle, hand carried in use, can combine to form a Double-Buster rifle

1x Nuclear Missile Launcher, hand carried in use


Technical and Historical Notes

After destroying his Ultimate Gundam Infinite Freedom in an action movie, John took some time off to design a new mobile suit; the Strike Freedom Extravagant.  Its power is unmatched thanks to its fusion engine, and no mobile suit has been able to match its speed, which is close to the speed of light.  Nobody but John can pilot it because of its complicated OS, which John personally designed for use with this mobile suit.  It also has a living room built into its torso, so John never has to leave his suit unless he wants to.

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